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What is destroying our Society today?

Updated on August 27, 2017

The three eyed monster: an introduction.

There is a monster out there that is destroying our society as we know it. No, it is not the President, or his rivals. It is not the Democrats or the Republicans, or even the Russians. What is destroying our society is this three eyed monster. I use the term three Eyed to really me each aspect of this monster starts with the letter I. The first is I, the idea that the whole world revolves around you and nothing else. You are the most important, or in some circles, the only thing that matters is you . Do we see that today? Think of how much garbage is left after a protest, the protest makes them feel important\special, but that is it. They do not care about how the waist will affects others, because it is really only about them.

The second I is isolation. People say they feel lonely in crowds, and even lonely with a group of friends. Why is depression on the rise? If you see the current trend of smart phone use at dinner tables, at gatherings, or even a way for people to escape society\reality. These days people have 1000 friends online, but could not pick any of them as they walk the sidewalks of today’s cities. Isolation not only leads to loneliness, but a reduction of empathy. People care less about their neighbors, unless that care revolves around something they care about or about them (the three eye’d monster is also a cycle!). Isolation also enhances narcissist behaviors and traits. Lastly, isolation causes confusion. People not only isolate from others, they isolate from current events, or daily living. Why did the Presidential election come as a shock, people isolated themselves from polls and news. Most shocked stayed within their views only, whether it was reading, in person, or video. Isolation is dangerous.

The last I is insecurity. Merriam Webster defines insecure as the following, “Not confident or secure, not highly stable or well adjusted, or not adequately guarded or sustained. Wow, you can see evidence in our society today. Notice how protests are becoming more riotous these days? People who have no foundation, do what they have done in the past when a decision does not go their way, they lash out. We call them temper tantrums, but what else do those people have to fall back on? An old term is grounded. If electricity is not grounded, there is a real risk of fire or destruction, same goes for people. Why are people isolating themselves when a differing opinion comes their way (it is a cycle!)? Debating these days is either harsh or considered evil\hate if your opinion does not line up with others on the opposite side. If there is no security, then fear, anger, and false assumptions also develop in the person.

All three of these "I"'s are seen today, and yes there could be other things attributed to the issues of today, but these three things seems to be more prevalent. Take a look at social media, what does that environment produce? Well, it is all about the person, that person is basically isolated, and if you feel insecure about anything, just drop out of it. Social media seems to strengthen the monster and not weaken it.

Does this monster live in every city, or even every street? Is there a cure? How does one become less selfish, isolated, and insecure?


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