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What's in Your Wallet

Updated on November 3, 2014

Our politicians don't know how much you make because they rely on others to do the research

Our politicians don’t know how much money you make on an individual basis because they don’t take the time to research the facts. They don’t really know or think about the fact that all of the tax money we pay comes out of our wallets, our pocketbooks and out of our jean pockets as well. What most of them care about is their special pork barrel items that get passed to help their communities out.

It does not matter that our employers take the money out of our pay either. because they pay it to a special tax account and the owners don't pay that much attention to the details. It also does not matter that employers don’t give as much back to our communities as they could to provide a better standard of living for their own employees, and families of their own communities. Of course that would make them look like they at least care about their employees.

Employers could use their power to provide access to supplemental insurance for employees, but they don’t take the time to look into doing that even when they are presented the opportunity to do so for free. Receptionists refuse to give bosses messages, bosses refuse to take the time to look at something when it can be presented to them in a ten minute meeting. The employer loses here because that type of choice could make an employee stay or leave the company.

After this new election we all need to challenge the status quo to hurry our officials to make practical improvements to our political systems to create more freedoms and guidance to an abundance of achievement for all. It is our responsibility to take them to task for what we need in our communities, we must move ahead to achieve better neighborhoods for all of us.

One honest politician can influence many with their own personal persistence and kindness towards the people that he or she will serve in office. We need as a nation to find out which people will be honest and be more progressive in creating a better nation.

As workers run from one job to another covering three jobs at a time, they barely have time to see their families, or share meals with them. It is like we are worker bees who have no life but to satisfy the queen bee. That is no life to have, it is highly impractical to keeping a family together and in harmony. All of those things are important to having a productive quality of life. Maryland needs a more productive economy besides just healthcare. Maryland needs more engineers, more IT people and larger corporations not receiving large tax breaks.

Yes, we have had a good number of people who have been employed this year in Maryland, but what about the pay for these people? What is the pay scale, is it $20,000.00, $40,000.00 or $60,000.00, or even more or less? That makes a difference wether people can eat with their families, or not and their quality of life not only for their families, but, for the business’s as well.

Americans are fed up with the political system status quo simply because they are sick and tired of all of the racial backbiting that has been dispensed onto President Obama. Even though the progressives voted him into office, the rest of the country was not ready to release their racial attitudes or give him the benefit of the doubt at all.That has so far been his legacy as well as not giving up rather staying focused has been his best quality. If we could just get the congress and the senate and the house members on the same page we just might be able to turn back some of the damage that has been caused by congress not working with the president in the past 6 years. At least he has paid attention to minimum wage laws and passed the Lilly Leadbetter pay act to our admiration. He has kept his focus, we need to stand by our main man who has the power.

Your pocketbook and wallet
Your pocketbook and wallet | Source
Your Wallet
Your Wallet | Source
Your Wallet from your jeans
Your Wallet from your jeans | Source

Should our politicians be forced to work together to form a consensous

Should they have a consensous

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Md Residents Went Early to the polls to the tune of over 45,000 people

Md Residents Went Early to the polls to the tune of over 45,000 people

DC Residents Went Early to the polls to the tune of over 25,000 people

If these two groups are that far ahead of last time voters, then the nation can't be far behind.

© 2014 Diane Knaus


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    • dianeknaus profile image

      Diane Knaus 3 years ago from Anne Arundel County, Maryland

      No billybuc, Don't give up we just need to reorganize, just like Obaa did the 2nd time around. He beat the bad guys. If my gut feelings are right, Hillary Clinto will be the nest Prsident. Why, because she is politically smart and she know s the ropes mush better than the newer republican senators. They have had no sucesses of any kind, only stirred up trouble.

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 3 years ago from Olympia, WA

      A very clever title and right on with the message. I am rapidly losing faith in the political process. I hope we see massive change soon.