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To Broke.. I Mean Too Broke

Updated on June 13, 2012

Printing Press Ruins Economy

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Money is an issue.

They say money doesn't bring happiness, which is true, but money sure does make life easier. Being broke is not that fun, although you can have fun. It seems like the bills keep piling up and never end. You are living paycheck to paycheck just struggling to survive. It is unfortunate and perpetuated by a system of credit.

It is very hard to live these days in this world. With an ever expanding debt bubble that is about to burst on the world economy will come. One day our dollar won't be able to buy a penny. This is why I am broke, my money was stolen through inflation. They inflated the money supply and now it is buying less and less. I can't pay my bills without debt and either can the government. How can this system be sustainable when it is spending more than it takes in. Take for instance the public transportation system here in San Francisco, It spends $600,000,000 a year, yet it only takes in $300,000,000. This just proves government is not good at running anything. Not only that, a lot of the green companies that President Obama funded went bankrupt.

It is a sad world we live in. If only we could make things better for everyone. What we need to do is investigate how our country was founded. If you research the framers, you will see how they envisioned our country to function. Just read the constitution and the bill of rights and you will learn so much.

We need to learn to adopt correct fiscal policies, such as sound money, and no printing of money. We need to cut taxes and get rid of the minimum wage. The reason we need to end the minimum wage is because it lowers the amount of jobs. If jobs could pay whatever they wanted more places would hire. So a kid in high school who lives in a lower income area won't be able to receive a job because of lack of skills with a high minimum wage. If the job could pay him $2.00 an hour, he could do a lower skill level job and work his way up to the ladder. Also, If the government didn't print the money it would retain its value and $2.00 dollars could buy a lot.

If I had money I think it would make me happy. It sure would alleviate some unnecessary stress that is building up everyday. I really wish I was living comfortable, getting by just isn't cutting it anymore.

When your broke you start to think about the system and why things are the way they are. I have come to realize it is excessive spending and never ending debt that ails us. I just hope I stay broke in my apartment, and not broke on the street.

Well it is what it is.


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    • brackenb profile image

      brackenb 5 years ago

      You are so right!