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What is organizational leadership?

Updated on May 28, 2014

In general terms we know what leadership represents at least in our own minds but when we get into the details of the types of leadership, I am not sure whether overall we understand what is involved. Organizational leadership involves various aspects of an organization, company or even government entity something which is desperately needed within government functions today.

One of the big elements of this type of leadership is the need to ensure the processes are not only defined but that they are effective. Processes created in any type of environment must accomplish the purpose for which they were created. This involves analyzing each process to determine not only if they are effective but if they are understood by those who must perform them.

Monitoring performance is a given or at least it should be in all entities especially government which recent news stories have brought to light that this aspect of government is sadly lacking big time. As an organizational leader performance indicators must be monitored if the organization is going to be successful. Performance of the organization as a whole but also individuals who make up the organization is important.

The concept of organization leadership and our expectations may be different as individuals have different methods of leadership qualities. What we ourselves define organizational leadership to be varies between individuals. We as individuals have in our minds what we define certain concepts to be and while there may be similarities with regards to our definition there will most undoubtedly be differences.

Personalities also enter the picture with regards to how individuals embrace their leadership responsibilities in an organization. Some individuals are comfortable with being leaders in an organizational setting and may even be born to be leaders. Other individuals must learn through their experiences and interaction with leaders as they develop their talents and expertise. We as individuals always have expectations for individuals with whom we interact. Organizational leadership is not restricted to management level positions as there are usually many individuals within an organization who have talents to be an organizational leader. It can be as a team leader or just a leader within a certain element of an organization.

Each of us in our interactions with our co-workers end up becoming the expert on specific tasks for which individuals come to you for resolution of issues. This does not detract from team leaders or management as we sometimes become the expert for various topics or issues within an organization. There are times when we see a need to understand certain aspects involving functions which affect all of us and we work to become knowledgeable about specific topics or issues. This is one way which we can grow and become a better asset to the organization or entity for which we work.

Organizational leadership within government seems to be lacking in many aspects both at the state level and federal level. Individuals in charge of specific entities appear to know little about how to correct issues in an agency or department for which they are responsible. Granted individuals in charge may not know about every issue which surfaces but it is their responsibility to be kept informed through their levels of management underneath them. Individuals in charge of any entity need to make sure that the mission and appropriate processes are in place and are effective. When an individual takes over an entity they should review what is in place to determine what changes may need to be taken. If known problems exist they need to be addressed upfront not years down the road when it becomes a media issue or critically affect the mission or objective of the organization. Lack of action related to known issues is a failure of operational leadership at all levels.


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