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What is so important about the "Royal Wedding"?

Updated on April 28, 2011

 The day is almost here, the day that everyone is so excited about and I cant figure out why. As a person who lives in the good old USA, I don't see how this "Royal Wedding" is such a big deal. All that is in the news is this stupid wedding between beauty and the beast. Well that and the NFL draft, and Obama and his birth certificate. Nothing in the news about how China is giving us billions and billions of dollars every day to keep our government paid. 

Back to the wedding. First off they say that this Kate Middleton is a "commoner". I could have sworn up and down that we are not back in the 1500s. It is 2011 Britain, get over the caste system already. Second, we have nothing and I mean NOTHING to do with Britain. They could care less about the USA and how we are in need of help as a country after we saved them from being wiped out during WW2.

Out of all of this I want to know one major thing. How did William, as ugly as he is, attract such a hottie? my guess is that she is a gold digger, and him being half retarded has fallen for it. That or she is there to teach the people of Britain some manners and get some eye candy for the people. Personally I am just tired of all this hype over two people who in the eyes of god are the same as the bum who lives under the bridge. Come on people worry about your country and stop being like every other sell out traitor who leaves the USA for Britain. Long live the USA, Screw the future King and Queen!


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    • tony0724 profile image

      tony0724 6 years ago from san diego calif

      Trust me I don't care !