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What is the Importation of 5,000 Signal Jammers for?

Updated on May 27, 2012


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mobile phone signal jammersignal jammersCOMELEC Spokesman James JimenezCOMELEC Chairman Jose MeloNTC Deputy Commissioner Jaime M.  Fortes, Jr.
mobile phone signal jammer
mobile phone signal jammer
signal jammers
signal jammers
COMELEC Spokesman James Jimenez
COMELEC Spokesman James Jimenez
COMELEC Chairman Jose Melo
COMELEC Chairman Jose Melo
NTC Deputy Commissioner Jaime M.  Fortes, Jr.
NTC Deputy Commissioner Jaime M. Fortes, Jr.

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IT is stated in the that in the US and Europe, civilians are barred from selling and buying signal jammers. Here in the Philippines- no less than the NTC deputy commissioner has said that except for the military, anyone importing , selling or using jammers will face charges. In other words, no Filipinos- except Filipino soldiers- are allowed to import, sell or buy signal jammers So it's very clear that it's only the military and no other is given the authority to make full use of the jamming device;

COMELEC spokesperson James Jimenez has said that the poll body has received reports that some 5,000 signal jammers had been sneaked into the country. This means these gadgets were bought outside and shipped to the Philippines through the back door. They bypassed proper channels. We are sure it's not the military's importation because if it's theirs. the goods will pass through proper channels- not through illegal entry points. Besides, why would they resort to an anomalous transaction when they're clothe with full authority.

I am of the opinion that this sinister plan was hatched by unscrupulous politicians who want to derail the holding of the national elections on May 10, 2010. At this point in time, I can say that there are corrupt politicians who abhor the holding of the automated elections because they're not used to partake in a clean and honest elections. These corrupt candidates prefer the old traditional way of voting because they've already master cheating to be certain of their victory. If the COMELEC changed heart in favor of the old way of voting, they'll be the first to jump and shout with joy.

With signal jammers, they could potentially disrupt the signal and transmission of vote results during the automated elections on May 10, said the NTC Deputy Commissioner expressing his alarm. However- COMELEC was quick to response that "no signal interruptions during vote count transmission" is going to happen . This was also the poll's body response to unverified reports that some 5,000 units of cellphone signal jammer gadgets have already illegally entered the country. The ABS-CBN News, February 2 quoted SMARTMATIC- TIM, the poll automation provider, as saying  "Walang dapat ikatakot kahit may signal jammers" (There's no need to fear even with signal jammers)..

Are there signal jammers already in the country? TV channel ABS-CBN in its news report yesterday includes a police raid conducted in a store along Florentino St. Sta. Cruz, Manila proved positive results. A man probably the owner was holding a booklet of invoice, who said 4 units of signal jammers were bought from him as of the day before. However, the buyer's names were not indicated in the receipt. How will COMELEC know the whereabouts of the 4 jammer gadgets?

The plan of the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) to have owners of signal jamming devices registered their gadgets is a laudable move. Perhaps it may assist the COMELEC pinpoint possible culprits in case jamming or disruptions are done during transmission of election results. Will the owners of signal blockers voluntarily register their units? Will signal blockers that are now currently in the hands of unscrupulous persons be registered? Do our government- particularly the COMELEC- has a present count of these electronic gadgets that are in the stores and now secretly offered for sale? Obviously, signal jammer or blocker is a hot item now because of the forthcoming May 10. 2010 Philippine elections. But after elections- I presume- this particular gadget will gather dust in the shelves.

The truth of the matter is signal jammers, blockers or scramblers are not intended to do harm. They were invented for a grand purpose. Following are places and situations during which a cell phone jammer can come in handy: (1) board meetings; (2) churches; (3) concert halls; (4) conferences; (5) cinemas; (6) educational institutions; (7) executive offices; (8) libraries; (9) malls; (10) religious places; (11) public transport; (12) restaurants and (13) seminars.

Despite this looming threat to the conduct of the May 10, 2010 Philippine elections, I personally predict that this first automated Philippine elections will be carried out successfully. GOD is our side and I have full trust and confidence in the COMELEC and the men and women as well who are entrusted with the keeping and maintaining of the integrity. peace and order of this coming national electoral process.


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