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What is the best idea for a new political party?

Updated on March 11, 2014

What is the best idea for a new political party?

Single issue or broad consensus on a general theme?

If you look over a list of all the hubs I have done, then you will see a LOT of hubs with a title beginning: "The case for" a new political party or "The [blank] Party". These are trial balloons to see what reaction one gets when one runs it up the flag pole to see who salutes if I may mix metaphors. Hey, there is actually a Pirate Party in many countries so anything is possible. In my opinion, the libertarians blew their chance when they got into bed with the Republicans. The Green Party could still make a go of it but they need much better marketing and PR. See the comments at The Case for a Ground Party, a hub which has had the most views despite a truly boring name.

The hub receiving the most comments is The Case for a Science Party. This tells me, though the sample is small, that not all hope is lost despite the existence of the anti-science Tea Party and the anti-science Republican Party. So what is the best idea for a new political party? Well it is not like I have not presented any ideas.

 Some rights reserved by marsmet471
Some rights reserved by marsmet471 | Source

What is the best idea for a new political party?

What is the best idea for a new political party?

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Single Issues

Single issue parties have a necessarily limited appeal since only those who care about the issue will get involved but their strengths include focus, energy, ability to move fast, and ability to bargain with larger parties for concessions. In fact, larger parties (such as the Democrats and Republicans) get MOST of their ideas from single-issue groups whether those groups call themselves parties or not.

the most important single issues today:

  • freedom
  • privacy
  • space (Will Americans lead in space industrialization, space agriculture, space mining, space transportation, space finance and space technology and will Americans lead on the final frontier as pioneers and settlers or will the USA abandon it and let the Chinese and others cash in on what our tax dollars paid for?)
  • peace
  • education
  • anti-tax (eliminate all taxes)
  • fusion
  • anti-fission
  • anti-petroleum, anti-coal, anti-fracking, and pro-alternative energy
  • anti-Koch Brothers
  • survival
  • morality

What is the single most important issue today?

What is the most important issue today?

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Attempts to find consensus and broad appeals

Why the heck would one want to find consensus (general agreement ) and broad appeals (appeals to a broad cross-section of people)?

Why be general instead of special interests?

Why appeal broadly instead of to narrow interests?

Answer to all of the above questions is that people want new major parties. Proof that people want new major parties in the growing number of people who classify themselves as independent. Even pollsters buy into the old paradigms because they ask either/or questions trying to force people to choose between two bad choices.

For example, asks:

"No dependency on foreign oil, we must drill our own nature preservations" Agree or Disagree

I refused to answer because the choices are oil or oil. Foreign oil or drilling in Yellowstone or Yosemite or the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (popularly known as ANWAR) or knocking down the Washington Monument and replacing it with an oil derrick or perhaps bulldoze the Vietnam Veterans Memorial and have a strip mine for coal. The powers that be think we are idiots. Well, we are wising up because we are tired of being fools for them. As for LiveCitizen's stupid question -- NO DEPENDENCY on foreign oil and NO DRILLING. America needs to lead in alternatives or there will be more Solyndra's as American solar companies are bankrupted by Chinese solar companies dumping cheap foreign solar panels on the American market. While American consumers have the right to buy the cheapest solar panels they can find, they also can choose to buy American-made solar panels. Romney does not tell you this because he favors outsourcing. And we do not need idiots like Sarah Palin (probably on the payroll of the oil-drilling Koch Brothers) running around yelling: "Drill baby drill !" Her own state of Alaska is one of the most environmentally damaged states in the Union and she does not care. All the people claiming to be independent or third party or alternative are not. Some (like the Tea Party) are bought, paid for and owned by the oil companies. That is NOT a third choice nor a third party because the Republican and Democrat parties are also owned by the oil companies.

Okay, I have beaten that example to death to make a point. Why consensus? Why broad appeal? Because we need general agreement and the ability to appeal to a lot of different people in order to create a major political party that is a genuine alternative to the Republicans and Democrats. As I have just said, if the money is coming from the Koch Brothers or ExxonMobil or even foreign intelligence agencies (the Supreme Court ruling actually legalizes this !!! ), then it is their political party and we are just the puppets. No one should be surprised that the Tea Party members do not know who pulls their strings when they do not even understand simple things like climate change or that the Patriot Act ended freedom and privacy NOT Romneycare. We need an informed genuine alternative.

So what might be some general ideas for a major political party?

  • Freedom -- the Four Freedoms (you history majors already know what this is)
  • America -- only downside is that there are or have been several parties calling themselves the American Party and most of them were racist
  • The United States -- emphasis on unity and The State of the Union
  • Popular -- for some reason Populist parties tend to head toward demagoguery and being led by demagogues. But this could be corrected by a party organized around opinion polls of independents (rather than Republican pollsters or Democrat pollsters). Also a lot of internal education (about the history of populist movements), leadership training. and a code of ethics could also be mandatory within such a party.

  • Citizens -- A party that cares about citizens and not about "rights" of illegal felons. Every illegal takes a job away from a citizen. What about the rights of citizens? Why do corporations have rights and not individual citizens? Didn't the founding fathers warn about foreign entanglements and finding excuses to get into expensive wars that citizens have to be taxed to pay for? What about our crumbling cities? Don't we care that foreign cities are clean while our cities are falling apart?
  • Civilian -- as in civil to each other, as in civilized and as in civilization. We have seen what happens to countries like Egypt, Burma, and Argentina when the military is allowed to run roughshod over civilians. People are shot by THEIR OWN ARMY instead of some invading army. This is still going on in Syria. War is incompatible with a strong economy, no inflation, low taxes, cheap energy, clean air, clean water, affordable health care, good schools, freedom, and privacy. Pretty much anything you want out of life becomes unavailable or out of reach when there is always a war going on somewhere.
  • Consumer -- Our courts are so anti-consumer (that's you) that it makes headlines when Chief Justice Roberts makes the first pro-consumer decision in his life. And now the big health companies are marshaling their brainwashed hordes to fight even one pro-consumer decision.
  • Independence -- independence from foreign oil, independence from domestic oil, self-reliance, political independents, and Fourth of July are some of the themes
  • Moderation -- there has to be something better than conservative Republicans who obstruct everything (even their own ideas served up to them) and liberal Democrats who do nothing.

The Nazis have taken over The Reichstag

Better put them on an Imperial Diet because of the Imperial Presidency.  Actually, that's The Capitol in the background.
Better put them on an Imperial Diet because of the Imperial Presidency. Actually, that's The Capitol in the background.

What is the best idea for a new major political party?

What is the best idea for a new major political party?

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  • connecthedots profile image

    connecthedots 5 years ago from U.S.A.

    I like this topic. I may do a hub on it, if I can find the time. I've felt since the last pres. election cycle that we need a replacement party for the Republicans. I am a progressive Democrat, but I recognize the need for a 2-party system (or more). The GOP is out of touch, devoid of new ideas, and morally bankrupt, in my opinion.

    You have good ideas here. Voting up.

  • Toni_Roman profile image

    Toni_Roman 5 years ago

    Your idea makes too much sense. Therefore, no one but me will listen. I hope I am wrong.

  • Nick Hanlon profile image

    Nick Hanlon 5 years ago from Chiang Mai

    Let the people vote on every vote before congress by having an internet referendum.Register the votes,set up the website and let the votes roll in.