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What Is the Impact of Television on Teenage Pakistani Girls?

Updated on November 22, 2017

Not only do the dramas have huge impacts on the viewers, but the advertisements shown on television also have their own influences over the viewers. Adolescents (generally known as teenagers) represent the part of the population that easily gets influenced by the media industry.
TV dramas and advertisements are rapidly changing the standards of beauty, love, lifestyles and life partners and this has led to increased anxiety among Pakistani teenage girls. Ideals are not just being created by the TV industry, but they are also being converted into our standardized cultural norms. Portraying the girls as objects of sexuality and sensuality (Hazir & Khan, 2014), TV media is promoting the thought amid the teenagers that without the active involvement of their sexuality in their lives, they would not be able to attain true happiness in life, be it emotional, social or financial.
This above mentioned standardization of novel norms have increased anxiety in teenage girls as they now need more money to beautify themselves (Berberick, 2010). TV advertisements presenting vast variety of creams, cosmetics and related items are making the scenario worse with every passing day. In the same way, teenage girls are also trying to find the perfect guy on their own, an aspect totally opposite to native culture. The rates of teenage girls running away from homes to marry the “love of their life” represent just one output of that enhanced anxiety. It is imperative to make the teenage girls realize that the women presented on TV are not true depiction of feminism. It’s being “Who you are” instead of “How you look like” that matters the most.

© 2017 Faryal Ramzan


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