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Why the Democrat Political Platform is Raise Taxes!

Updated on February 15, 2019

What is the Platform of the Democrat Party for 2020?

The main reason is because they want to be opposite of anything that president Trump. Trump and the republicans lowered taxes so the democrats want to raise taxes. So far the democrat platform looks like the losing platform of 2016.

Gun Control or Gun Elimination

Gun Control to Remove All guns from the Citizens, by nullifying the right of gun ownership from the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution. Open Immigration to any and all, and don't put up a Wall. Divide the US socially, and racially.

Make President Trump Look Bad

Mak president Donald Trump look bad, but at the same time Increase taxes so the democrats can continue to give handout to all the immigrants, mostly the illegal immigrants. Paying for their votes through handout has been the democrat party platform forever and giving them the right to vote by giving them a path to citizenship. Giving the illegal immigrants free education, free medical, driver licenses, welfare and don't let them get caught voting in our elections. Give the convicted illegal alien felons sanctuary so they won't be deported. A democrat voter like these illegal aliens can't vote if they are not in the country? Or can they? Look at all the references, I made to democrats and giving to non Americans, and Illegals.

Start and keep More Wars going

As they did during the Obama era get out in the world and stir up some more wars. Making an enemy out of Russia, just because Russia also tries to sway elections as does the Untied States. But, in doing that they also gave the Russians who apparently were our Allie when Sec of State Hillary Clinton and president Obama allowed the Russians to get 20% of ALL US Uranium production. Then president Obama also gave hundreds of millions to Iran in cash, followed by billions. Now, thanks to Hillary and Barack Iran can well afford to buy the Uranium from Russia. After all, Iran's nuclear weapons programs need the Uranium.

And their goal is that if they can reason with the voter to get their vote, they will get others that can't vote, vote for them to cancel the real voter vote.

The New Democrat Party

The Democrat Party in 1860 brought you the Civil War? In 1964 the democrats again divided the country over the blacks, but this time they only treat them as if they were animals segregating them from white people. African Americans have made too many strides and they now want to identify with the more successful people that vote for the Republican Party.

Illegal Aliens give the democrats the loyalty at the polls that the black voters used to give them. Now the democrat party has to Import new voters. Illegal, or legal, or even dead, it makes no difference to the Democrat Party as long as they vote democrat.

Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton

What about Joe Biden?

Does Biden have a democrat platform for 2018? 2020?

What about Hillary Clinton?

Her platform is that women are subservient, the black voters are not voting for her, and Donald Trump is still President of the United States, even though she still thinks that she won the election in 2016. Nothing new since her 2016 platform, and there would be noting new if she entered the election in 2020. The 2020 is an interesting number not so much for an election, but the obvious reference to eyesight. Where 20 20 is great eyesight, and applying that to the 2020 election can be a test of the eyesight of the voters.

How many people will see clearly, vividly, and sharply on the election?

Is Adam Schiff part of the democrat Platform?

What is the platform of the democrat party?

The simple answer is there is no platform for the democrat party. It is now over 555 days since Donald Trump was inaugurated as the 45th president of the United States. Today the democrat party platform is no different than it was in 2015. That was the Democrat platform that was also the Hillary Clinton for president platform.

That platform boils down to "I am not Trump", and its many variants. Such as I hate Trump, We are not Trump and so on.

Hillary Clinton loses the presidency and the she and the democrats can't believe they lost to Donald Trump. And they also lost a lot of seats in congress. They never would believe that their Hillary Clinton platform for the presidential election would be a big contributor of why she and many democrats lost. She also had the slogan, we are stronger together. Who is we, and why does that make it stronger? No one knows and so that may be a decisive reason why a lot of voters skipped voting. And the ones that did vote liked the platform of Donald J Trump. He had one, and he campaigned on it, while Hillary was no where to be seen on the campaign trail. She didn't do a news conference in 2016, and she didn't campaign in the swing states. She just sat this dance out, and then wonders why she lost the race.

The democrats since Trump became president still adhered to that losing non platform of we are not Trump. And they doubled down with each attack on Trump. Basically, anything the president Trump did or didn't do was fodder for the democrat non platform. Along with their democrat biased main stream news media that use what ever they can find as fodder for their non platform campaign.

When the mid term election come up this year, what will the democrats be able to say concerning what they have done for the country, and the American People?

Because for four hundred and eleven days they have done nothing beneficial for the country and the people.
They are not interested in National Security. They are not interested in the American People or America. They have chosen Illegal Aliens over the American People. They have even shutdown the US Government for DACA. And DACA wasn't a creation of the US Congress, it was from an Executive Order penned by president Obama.
It is admirable that they don't want the acts of their criminal parents who illegally entered the country to bar them from the country. Yet, not all these illegal under 30 are innocent little lambs. Many are criminals in their own rights, and many are on the country welfare.

The Republicans and president Trump are not heartless and they offered a pretty good plan for them. Yet, it wasn't good enough for the democrats and they allowed it to shut the US government down. DACA wasn't even on the budget agenda, and yet it was used by the democrats to punish the US by shutting down the government.

Can anyone come up with a list of accomplishments that the democrats have made in the last 411 days. If that stymied you, then what did they do during the eight years under president Obama?

Again, it is the same answer, nothing. Instead of the Democrats actually formulating a platform for the 2018 elections and beyond. They have doubled down on the We Ain't Trump non platform. What does that even mean, much less how is that going to help the Country and the people? The simple answer once again is that it doesn't and it won't.

The obvious question that is Why would anyone really want to Vote in any more democrats? They have wasted their time in office by boasting that they will resist everything the president Trump is doing, thinking about doing, and even what he had done. They have spent their little time on accomplishing something, but it wasn't for the people or the country, it was for the Illegal immigrants, and Muslim refugees. And they don't really care about National Security or the Wall. But when there is a mass shooting they immediately along with the pseudo democrats the Main Stream News Media start on the gun control mantra.

We know for a fact that no president before Donald Trump ever solved the mass shooting, or did anything about the gun control. And gun control is no solution, especially when there are over one hundred million guns already in the possession, and the Drug Cartel running guns across the open border.

What do YOU believe that is the Democrat Platform for the 2108 election and beyond


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    • bradmasterOCcal profile imageAUTHOR

      Brad Masters 

      10 months ago from Orange County California BSIT BSL JD

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    • bradmasterOCcal profile imageAUTHOR

      Brad Masters 

      11 months ago from Orange County California BSIT BSL JD

      March 9, 2018

      There is talk today about former VP Joe Biden being the glue for the democrat party in the 2018 election.

      Do you have any thoughts or questions about this?


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