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What it All Boils Down To

Updated on October 14, 2012

As time grows shorter before we go to the polls, the Presidential candidates, surrogates and their talking heads continue to point to the various federal programs they will cut in the name of future generations. They talk of dollars saved with the elimination of everything from PBS to school lunches. Where rhetoric may help decide this election; it is what many fail to see, that should be the deciding factor in who one should vote for President.

The next President will have the power to shape the future for women; the next President will influence what our health care systems will become; the next President shape what our immigration policies will be and the next President will help decide how much influence big business and corporations will have in our everyday lives for decades to come. With all of the politicking, promises, fear mongering, threats and inflated rhetoric; it will all boil down to the next President’s appointment of one, maybe two Supreme Court Justices.

Women's health issues concerning everything from contraception, to abortions to where a woman will or if will be able to obtain access to preventive medicine and health care will lay in the hands of one maybe two appointments to the court.

Will all citizens have access to quality and affordable health care or will health care become a privilege and not a right, will be decided by the one or two seats to be filled on the court.

What this nation’s immigration policy will become and who will be allowed to stay or who will be asked to leave, no matter what the circumstances are will be decided by the appointment of these one possibly two seats.

The concept of 'Corporate Personhood' was established by the current court’s ruling on ‘Citizens United’, going forward the Supreme Court may be faced with decisions on the use of Federal Lands. The future of national parks, who owns them and their stewardship, will be decided by future court appointments.

The ability of federal agencies like the EPA and FDA to make decisions concerning our air, water, the food we eat and the quality of the drugs we take, will be decided by future judicial appointments.

So when you get to the point that you can't take any more of the Presidential campaign or when you reach for the remote control to pound the mute button into submission or just as you are about to tune it all out and run in the opposite direction; think about what is really at stake in this election. Your vote can and will make difference. Your vote will define who we are as a people and what this nation will mean to the world for generations to come.


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