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The ethics of weird science

Updated on May 6, 2013
Montage of some highly influential scientists from a variety of scientific fields. From left to right:
Montage of some highly influential scientists from a variety of scientific fields. From left to right: | Source

The true role of science

I do believe that science was the end resultant of the drifting mind of the mathematician and vice versus, and mostly the common play in which a mathematical minds analytical ability simply going adrift off into the differing dimensions of thought probably. Who knows?

No one truly knows which came first though, at least when it comes to that of mathematics and science. However, what we do know is, one cannot exist entirely without the other, and that means they both are a necessary evil as well as a good for the mathematical minds of this world like Albert Einstein, and as well as the strictly scientific ones.

As time has progressed over the centuries, most mathematicians were also considered to be mad scientists, whom were always fiddling around with nature, and the natural order of things, as well as creating what appeared at the time to the common man as senseless experiments, but were to definitively lead humanity out of the dark ages, and into the light or as they once called it the age of enlightenment. This was also considered to be called the renaissance period for those people who lived in the European segment of the globe, and staked claim for all the findings and developments of science, philosophy, art, and all back then in ancient antiquity.

This type of arrogant misdirection actually for the longest time had made them appear superior and to be the masters over all other nationalities of people, but it was merely a mental projection of those who had claimed their victory definitively after conquering many great lands. Science however derived from a much more humble sophistication millenniums before such a global take over, that had occurred during, and after the dark ages. History is loaded with huge pit falls, omitted information, misconceptions, redirects, and great lies as well besides some obvious undeniable facts.

This is a truly cool magnetic effect known as the Meissner Effect

The Meissner effect causes a magnet to levitate above a superconductor
The Meissner effect causes a magnet to levitate above a superconductor | Source

From Harsh history to Levitating objects could things get worse

This occurrence in time of great scientific change and advancements also brought forth the rise of imperialism, which come to think of it is the direct result of a massive amalgam of empirical formulas of sorts, which the ancient master minds & heads of each nation would organize their mathematicians strategic planning techniques to think out prior to any invasion, any retreat, any surrender, and most of all any global alliance.

It all boiled down to that of numbers, and who had what, who owned what, and the likes. This had most to do with what became well known by many as ownership of property, of land, and of people, also at one time given the title of slaves. (Without the scientific mind tools wouldn't have been invented to create shackles, to create the high powered weapons used to capture these enslaved people, also known as the gun.)


Science lead to ownership of possesions, of stuff

People we’re property at one time, and the selling of souls had commenced, all in the pursuit of higher statistics for the purpose of control or power, where a thing known as money was also yielded, cropped, and sewn into existence as to fully represent that of one’s physical worth.

In all actuality this would become an amount that each individual, under the scrutiny of any governed body would soon be taxed upon, and in every given situation, these new law makers or so-called landlords, would choose to conjure up. Today this has evolved into what is currently known as the economic system, and legal systems of every countries government in which these masterminds (Math magicians & Scientist) had originally drawn out for others who simply fell into their physical domains, and had been forced to accept and or abide by, or be tossed to the side as well as potentially exiled completely, maybe even killed.

The actual fact is, many of the other continents around the globe have already experienced their very own age of enlightenment many ages before such an uprising, but their languages were very different, and their traditions, customs, and cultures were as well.

One things for certain they had discovered many things about our human nature, that of lands, creatures, and the likes long before, it all was recorded down in the history books for the record. This is also seen by looking at their ancient ruins, and architecture. Recently credit has been given to much of the indigenous people's responsible for many of the scientific findings, but a bulk of the truth has been lost in antiquity.

A scientist in her lab coat.
A scientist in her lab coat. | Source

Science has its dealing with wicked purpose

The real underlining truth is that indigenous people from all around the globe, have been ignored and never given true credit for their findings, and only the ruling class of people were able to fully express and dictate as to which what ways, and where everything originated from both scientifically and mathematically (As for the naming and classifying systems of the sciences is concerned and the likes - such as the periodic table in chemistry).

The sad part is, that much of it didn't originate from them tough political scientist and bull dogs, much of the knowledge had been stolen from lands that were destroyed during their quests, and crusades to conquest over everything in their pathways on earth, in attempts to rule us all.

They say the tongue is mightier then that of the sword, but I beg to differ with that saying, in all actuality the invention of weapons such as the gun, and cannon was the very reason why all of these historical unrighteous acts, as well as deeds of falsehoods have actually been possible.

The physical might of men alone, could not bring fourth such a travesty of epic proportions, that indeed did occur such as the ruthless slaughters of entire populations (by many wicked tactics of genocide, or by means of ethnic cleansing) in the name of science, using mathematics, and the likes as a wicked advantage to formulate take overs and major league inhuman destruction of vast proportions.

End resultant is our modern day state of consistent chaos and disorder, in humanity, in the economy, and dealing with moments of war.

Examples: World War I, World War II, Wars on Iraq & Afghanistan using technological weapons like drone aircraft, and robots and all the wars against humanity many many ages ago ever since the gun, bombs, explosives and missiles systems were invented. Just look at the ancient ruins to see such a logical proof that is undeniable indeed, and no matter who committed such wrong doings upon humanity, science and its ethical implications or applications has a huge historical connection to modernity, and what social ills we all must deal with today.

Where's the ethics in weapons development? Where's the politicians at trying to save humanity at such times, thinking of war as a sort of solution is utterly preposterous in my honest opinion & killing isn't the answer. All questions to ponder on that all stem from this thing known as Weird Science.


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    • CloudExplorer profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Pugh 

      6 years ago from New York City

      Thanks @Carol7777, yes this topic is definitely a hot one, I decided to try and hack down a bit, its tough to discuss certain long and forgotten moments of scientific history.

      I just wonder why they never spoke of such things when I were in high school or grade school.

    • carol7777 profile image

      carol stanley 

      6 years ago from Arizona

      I just found this kind of interesting. You have taken a controversial topic and made it quite interesting. Stepping out of t he proverbial comfort zone...Well you often come up with unique material. Thanks for sharing this.

    • CloudExplorer profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Pugh 

      6 years ago from New York City

      I understand that we all have the right to our very own opinions and this article is such from little ole me, and its not 100% factual, this is why it is posed in the title as a question, and ends on the sense of leaving more up to be questioned, and to ponder on. If it was factual, I would have stated it as such, and so its quite OK for you to have disagreed with my form of logic's here.

      I haven't added any wikipedia references to any of it or any others besides my the links to my other hubs, and this all purely came from my mind alone, and I hope it suffices as enough info of relevance for the web gods who run this bad boy, because the lord knows a great deal of wrong has been done to humanity, in the name of many things, not enough has been said about it all, and so I stand to do so, no matter how butt hurt the truth may appear to be on the screen here.

      Whether it is good or bad is yet another question to then ponder on as well, and many folks will see both sides to the coin. Science is a weapon no matter which way we see it, some weapons are forged for good, and some for bad in my honest opinion.

    • maxoxam41 profile image


      6 years ago from USA

      You seem to refer to science as evil but without its input, the world would not be what it is! You can't associate Curie, Pastor, Tesla to war, it would be simplifying the problem.


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