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What makes a good President?

Updated on July 10, 2011

So what exactly makes a good President...Charisma? Decisions? Looks? Does the person himself make the President or just his decisions as a President? I am shocked when people say that a certain President was a great President, but if you look into their lives, they were selfish men. What is it going to take to change our leadership? Let's look into the lives of a few of our Past and Present President.

Clinton- I have heard time and time again that Clinton was a very good President. I don't really see it that way. I truly believed that had he acted the way he should of, September 11th would of never happened. There are many scandals, which you should take the time to research, other than the Monica thing. However, I do want to mention that. Allowing him to stay President taught our children (well really my generation) that you can cheat on your wife and still get to be President...In other words, have fun and you won't really lose anything. Our President is the #1 rolemodel. They need to realize it and learn that you have to give things up in order to be a President. My question is...if he was spending that time with Monica, what was he really supposed to be doing at that moment. They talk about how a President's job is constant, that there is no break but Clinton had plenty of time to spend with her. His wife is another story that I'd rather not tackle right now.

Bush- Well there are many mixed feelings with him. Although I can't say he was the best President (since there was probably alternative motives to some of his decisions), I will say that he at least acted. He didn't sit back and do nothing. I still remained shocked when people bring up the weapons of mass destruction. They say that the reason we went was to find them, and we did not. Unfortunately that's not true. I personally have seen the pictures and clearly remember seeing a quick mention of it on the news. But the news is very good at tricking our people. They spent months of talking about not finding them, then they only mention it once in less than 20 seconds. I'll have to write a blog on the media...cause that's a sore spot for me. This war has been hard...I personally know it more so because I come from a military family. My brother has served in Korea and Iraq with the Army. He got out after his time was done and after a year went back in because he WANTED to go back to Iraq. My husband will be deploying next year and I barely missed my deployment because I became pregnant. Back to the President though. He spent time going overseas to visit the military. I felt as if he actually cared about us. His wife was kind and those around her couldn't help but liking her. Of course there are controversies around him but I do think he at least tried his hardest.

Our new President, Obama- One word describes him...Weak...Now I know I will get responses back saying that I only say that because I'm white and he's black. Not true...not even close. My selection for President, had I had my way, was Alan Keyes. Don't know who he is? He also ran for President but was no where mentioned because of the whole Obama vs. McCain. If this had been a white on white, I do not think Obama would of won. His political views weren't the best. Now back to hear it everywhere. I'm amazed that his first conference overseas that he goes to, he can't even bring up what he was wanting to. Have you seen the news from overseas about him. They laugh at us. What's done is done. I have seen nothing but more taxes for us middle class people. While we are struggling, he's enjoying a nice vacation. I wish I could have a vacation. I'm too busy preparing for these taxes. He hasn't been in office all that long and he already has controversies about him doing certain bailouts and special favors to businesses that supported him during his campaign. Do I think he will be re-elected. No...if America smartens up. We need to get away from looks and focus on the politics itself. We are in a terrible economic situation, yet he pushes this healthcare plan which will cost a lot of money. It does need to be done yes, but not at this point in time. Let's save our country before we throw it to the wolves. His wife is also said to be extremely rude to those that work at the white house.

So what exactly makes a good President? I think that we will not see a good one until we steer away from the republicans or democrats. I do not believe that either party has us in mind. I believe that they are all selfish and want more for them. We need a strong leader that cares about America and doesn't care about what will go in his pocket. He will consider all options and choose the best for America, and not for him.

Now it's your turn...What do you think makes a good President?


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    • Dennis AuBuchon profile image

      Dennis AuBuchon 4 years ago

      Great hub

      Being a good President is making decisions for the right reasons. We may not always agree with them but we do not know all the details on which decisions are made. In addition standing up for America and looking out for our best interest and our security. I also liked, pinned, tweeted and voted up.

    • pageantgirl31413 profile image

      Heather Nickless 7 years ago from England

      I completely agree. I believe that he was a great president.

    • spease profile image

      spease 7 years ago from Minneapolis Mn

      I think what makes a good president is being positive, standing up for America, doing what is in the best interest of the country, regardless of the fact that you may not get re-elected. Ronald Reagan was what makes a good president. He was always positive about America.