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What now for Syria and Israel - Hubpages blog

Updated on July 17, 2013

Another Syrian - Israeli war ahead?

With the now documented Israeli attack on Syrian territory near the capital Damascus, many politicians and journalists are beginning to worry that what was a national closed civil war, may become a full scale multinational war, which in due course might even attract the intervention of a P5 nation, such as China or the USA. If the Syrian government truly retaliates open was is sure to become fact. The United Nations have at this point not been able to act due to the opposition of China and Russia to sanctions on Bashar Al Assad. The situation has become a full grown humanitarian crisis with 60 000 dead and 2 million displaced. There has been alleged use of chemical weapons from both parties and also of weapons of mass destruction. NATO has promised to intervene if Turkey falls a victim of "stray" fire.

With the Israeli bombing which reportedly destroyed Russian missiles heading for terrorist groups in Lebanon, Israel has shown its readiness to intervene with respect to the contested territory of the Golan Heights. Lebanon has agreed to aid the Syrian government in such a situation. If this was to happen. a minimum of three nations would be involved, officially creating multinational war. While Russia condemned the attack, President Obama stated that the bombings were needed to stop weapons falling into the hands of terrorists. This occurrence has created great tension between Russia and the USA again.

Although at this moment nothing is sure and there has been not one further act of war from either Israel or Syria, was is imminent - Extremists say that a 3rd world war will begin, while pacifists only believe that nothing will happen as nothing did after the Israeli attack on Syrian territory in 1974. Lets hope nothing does, so that the crisis in Syria can be resolved without having to worsen it beforehand.


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    • profile image

      richmond62 5 years ago

      Having lived and worked in Israel a couple of times I fail to understand why other countries are prepared to support Israel's racist and expansionist politics, which were so much in evidence when I was there. What happened to millions of Jews during the Second World War should not be used as a tool by Israel to justify its own behaviour. Every time a statement condemning Israel's behaviour is made it is slammed as "anti-Semitic"; which is, if course, arrant nonsense. After all every time the USA does something other countries don't like (and it does quite a lot of that) the USA does not accuse those countries of being "anti-WASP".