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Melanie Trump

Updated on October 19, 2016

Hillary R. Clinton is a hard working woman who have spend most of her life allocating for women and children around the world. I am sure she have made a lot of mistakes but who is perfect, making mistakes is the key to getting it right. Donald Trump campaign has been nothing more than insults to all women from Rosie O'Donnell to the eight women who have came forward, saying they was groped and Kissed. Some of Trump supporters thinks his behavior toward women doesn't matter but their are hundreds of little girls being abused everyday by men like Donald Trump.

Mrs. Trump finally broke her silent defending her husband on CNN my husband is the real deal, he says it like it is. The women who are accursing Donald of groping and kissing them are lying I know my husband.and said what Donald told her to say. I was disappointed at the Boyish locker room things was said. I told my husband the things he said was inappropriate and unacceptable . I heard many different stuff nothing more than boy talk she said, Bill Bush" egged " my husband on.

Weeks after the story broke while didn't Mrs. Trump defend her husband ? Is Melanie Trump so dense that she believes that her husband has never made unwanted sexual advances toward any woman.

Donald Trump, the Billionaire plays by his owe rules, as we have seen throughout the debate. He found away to get around paying taxes for eighteen years and he calls Hillary a Crook.

Donald Trump, have used three wives to benefit and pleasure himself, when he get tired of them he dumps them and move on to the next one.

Can Donald Trump Make America great again? No! with his Aptitude he will destroy the creditable of our nation.


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