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How to Fix the US Congress! [F2 409]

Updated on June 20, 2019

Don't Read This Hub if You Think That the US Congress is Doing a Great Job For America, and its People

It was congress that failed to protect the US on 911, and it was also congress that failed us in 2008. While these are two big events, they are not the congresses only failures. The shorter list would be the list which show where they didn't fail us.

The United States Congress

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The United States of America

This country of ours is called the United States of America, and it was created to take the individual states that were once the provinces of England and make them into a country. That was back in 1787, but 232 years later the words remain, but they no longer fit.

The founders of the United States of America.

The object of these founders was to have the states do the real work in the country. They wanted a small federal government but as we see today the federal government is far from being small. In the old days, there was a phrase, "don't make a mountain out of a mole hill". That is the equivalent of another phrase "don't make a federal case out of it".

Today, everything is a federal case, and the powers of the states as given them under the 10th amendment is dwindling. That is because the 10th amendment says that the states basically control whatever is left after the federal government has taken what it wants. The Supremacy Clause of the US Constitution overpowers the 10th amendment.

This century alone the federal government has usurped the states rights and made many of them federal issues. For example, marriages were the sole domain of the states, and the states could have different laws and rules for marriages in their states. But in 2008, the SCOTUS deemed same sex "marriage" as a federal issue and decided that all states in the US must allow same sex marriages.

Marriage except for the paper work of licensing should not be under the government purview, and definitely not under the federal government.

United as in the United States

The word "United" followed by the word "States" is a conjugation that has been missing for a long time, certainly in this century. Although, in the 1800s these states were no longer united as slavery was a major issue that separated the southern states from the northern states.

This separation of states would unite states but it would create two different countries the North and the South US. It also led to a Civil War that was won by the north, but like Humpty Dumpty it would never be put back together again. The band aid that was put on the country at the end of the war was called the Civil Rights amendments. But even 100 years later these amendments didn't cover the wounds.

Congress is not our local team, it is our only team

Congress is our only national team, and even though through the House of Representatives there are wins and losses to the locals. The big game is played for the country.

When Congress loses a game, the whole country loses. And the search for the guilty doesn't change that loss. What it should do is improve the performance of the congress. That seems to work in the baseball world, but it doesn't appear to be a help with congress. That is the creation of Congressional Gridlock. Instead of being one team, playing for all the people in the country, the congress battles its two leagues, and the loyal party voter thinks that Congress is two teams. Their team, and the other is not only their opponent but their nemesis. The problem of the gridlock comes from neither political party having the same agenda. The rules of baseball are uniform, and even though each league has some variants in their rules they can still play in the World Series. This is something that professional baseball players, teams and leagues can do that is almost impossible for it to be done in Congress.

The bottom line is that rooting for the democrats or the republicans is a losing proposition. It is not that one side will win, but that the other side will lose. The only way for the US to win is to not root for one party or the other. The political system in the US while having two parties doesn't give us two choices. The way that the system is setup is for only one side to win. And which ever side wins, the people and the country lose.

Idea Concept an All Star Congress

The goal of this hub is to postulate another paradigm for the United States Congress. If you have to ask why, then you don't know how badly congress has been they have hurt the country and the people. Neither major political parties have the goal of serving the people or the country. Congress has always been run and manipulated by the rich and powerful in this country, but in this century these manipulators have stepped out of the shadows. They openly and without fear of rejection by the people have shown their agenda and goals. Their agenda is to run the country without the resistance of the people or the limitations of the US Constitution.

Both of the democrats and the republicans have the same goal of power, and they only differ in how they will use their power. Unfortunately, neither party will use that power for the people or the country.

It is the party that is the problem and the politicians that are elected to office are just the messengers of the party. The party uses their loyal party voters to get their candidates in office, then the rich and powerful backers of the party then control the actions and the goals of the party.

A new paradigm needs to bring the country back into the democratic republic designed by this country's founder and their template US Constitution for doing it. We have one congress being filled by two major political parties. When either party causes the country a loss, all of congress loses along with the people and the country. The inevitable search for the guilty doesn't restore the loss to a victory. The only way for the congress to win for the country and the people is to act United. That is after all the concept that founded this country.

However, especially in modern times, the political parties have made congress look like a political civil war. Yes, there can be differences, and the interests of all the states need to be taken care of but these differences need to be resolved in light of how it affects the whole country. That is the basic concept of what I am proposing in this hub.

Filling congress should be more like filling prestigious colleges, where all of the best from the nations high schools are competing for the view available spots. This gives them the best of the best, and once in college they no longer are rivals based on their previous schools. They now represent one school, and the same should be true of congress.

This articles idea was conceived from the professional sport of baseball. Even though the number of teams have increased and the National League and the American don't strictly play within their league that made the concept of this article even better.

One US Congress but with 2 minds going in different directions.

The idea also came from what I have always thought that the people treat congress as not two parts, the House of Representative and the Senate, but also the two different political parties the Democrats and the Republicans. The voters and people that don't vote still consider the Congress as having two teams. The teams are not formed from the two parts of congress, but from the political parties holding their office in those parts.

There may be a conceptual level of difficulty in comparing the US Congress to professional baseball teams, but the similarities are there. Players in the big leagues are professional baseball players. The politicians in congress are also professionals. Professional baseball players can be in one of two leagues. The professional politicians can either be in the House of Representatives, or the Senate.

So far so good.

To get to the next comparison, there will be a little stretch.

The baseball players when they get picked by a team, they represent that team and the geographic of where the team is located. The team also has given them a league. Politicians are elected to either the House of Representatives or the Senate. They would compare to the two leagues in baseball.

Here comes the stretch.

Team location of the team is a location much like a political area of the members of Congress. The baseball team is limited in its locations by the number of teams there are across the country. While the congress has one location for a state, and hundreds of locations within each state. Here is where party voters, either democrat or republican, and to keep it simple we will leave out the Independent party.

These voters for the most part are loyal to their party, be it democrat or republican. Just as the baseball fan is loyal to their team of choice. A loyal baseball fan believes in their team, and they believe that their team is better than their opponent teams. At the end of the season, their team is going to the playoff or not. If they are not going to the playoff, you hear the saying, Wait Until Next Year. That is also similar to the loyal party voter. When they lose and election, it was wait until the next election. Well, at least that is the way it used to be in the last century.

Here is where we diverge in the comparison between baseball and congress.

In baseball, when our favored team loses, it is a game, and baseball doesn't change because of the team loss. Yes, it is a tragic loss to the loyal baseball fan, but it is local to their team. And because only one team in each league wins, and only one of those teams wins in the World Series, Most of the loyal fans whose team lost feel bad. But baseball is OK, it has a winner from the World Series and that is the goal of the game.

The All Star Congress is the neutral colored light in back of the red and the blue

All Star Congress

The United States Congress is the team to represent the US in the world of teams. It has a manager that we refer to as the president, and we have umpires, that we call Supreme Court Jurists. They all work for and represent the country and its people.

Sometime in July every baseball season both leagues pick their best players to compete in the All Star Game. While there still is only one congress, maybe we can adapt this ability to pick the best players from both leagues. This would be different in baseball because in order to have a winner, you need an opponent. Congress on the other hand doesn't need an opponent within its own. Their opponent is found in the other countries. It is also found in the problems and issues in our own country. These then are the real opponents. Congress and the loyal party voter don't seem to realize that view. To the loyal party voter, the opponent is the other party. Having different view points from the democrats and the republican is not a bad thing. The bad is that they can't pick the best solution, they want their view to be the solution.

This is where the All Star Concept comes in.

Traditionally the voters have only two real choices, the democrats or the republicans. Voting for independents is about as worthwhile as voting for yourself. The reason for that is that most people when they are born into a family, they not only get a home, they get a religion, and a political party. If the parents are ardent sports fans they also get a team and a sport. Many of these people don't ever change from what they were given by their parents. That is also why the loyal party voter is so dedicated to the party, just like the sports fan is so dedicated to their team. To make this congressional All Star Team work, we need a new paradigm that escapes the bonds of our birth, and our continued loyalty.

In reality, there is only one team in congress, but it is not an All Start Team. It is the money team. Both parties are bought and paid to work for them, and not us, by the money donors. It is the bought and paid for politicians in congress that are loyal to only one, and that is their donors. We the people, are enticed to vote for them because of all that is given to them by their donors. The new paradigm would get rid of the donors, and replace our choice with what have they done for us, or what are they going to do for us. Neither the democrat nor the republican party will allow them to work for us. These politicians only pay attention to us, to get them elected. Once elected, we are not on their list. If you are not on a list, then they don't have to do anything for us. In addition, to stop being a loyal party voter, and having undying loyalty to a party that uses your vote to get into office. We need to get the good politicians from any party and vote for them.

But even though they are the best, they can't do their best if tethered to either party. We need to draft them to an independent party, and we can even call it the All Star Independent Party. It will of course only work, if we change our loyalty to the country and the people as opposed to the party. The party doesn't have the same goal, but an independent that you vote for must have the same goal. A congress filled with the All Star Congress will no longer do the search for the guilty, they will do the search to solve the problem.


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    • bradmasterOCcal profile imageAUTHOR


      17 months ago

      This is the second hub that Hp has deemed featured after my many redrafts. I still don't know what makes the difference


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