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What the Attacks on Trump Represent

Updated on October 23, 2019
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Grew up on Cape Cod, Mass. Army Vet., Fmr. Director of Energy Conservation programs, RE Agent. Current residence: the Space Coast, FL.

Mexican flags flew while American flags were burned and stomped on by demonstrators outside of a Trump rally.
Mexican flags flew while American flags were burned and stomped on by demonstrators outside of a Trump rally.

This article was first published in 2016

Despite the lewd and crude methods and tweets of Trump, he still has a significant percentage of Americans (close to half) approving of his performance.

I know there are those that want to ascribe his popularity to racism, sexism, bigotry, and all those other labels, but for those Americans working to ensure they and their families have better days ahead, its not so clear cut.

Below is an article written back in 2016, prior to the election, that spells out many of the reasons for Trump's popularity with all those Americans that voted for him then, and why they will likely support him again in the face of some of the programs and political ideologies being bantered about by Democrats today.

The attacks on Trump are representative of the continual attacks Middle Class America has suffered for over 20 years from Washington. Laws and agreements such as NAFTA, CAFTA, Obamacare, TPP, that have destroyed, gutted is a better word, the business and industry that was the foundation for the American dream, for Prosperity.

I recently moved from one of those hardscrabble New York communities that is a prime example of the government policy failures which let Americans down. Where IBM once employed more than 10,000 workers in a complex which occupied nearly one fifth of the downtown real estate. Today IBM employs mere hundreds, not thousands, and much of the complex sits empty. But the computer industry didn’t go away, nor did IBM. It simply sent more and more jobs out of the country every year.

That tale is repeated with Kodak in Rochester and most of the other former manufacturing sites around the state. NY is a failing state because of the policies created in Washington, in addition to the State's own burdensome tax and worker's comp laws which make it the most prohibitive place to own a business in the Nation, if not the world.

If it had merely been failed state policies, IBM would have moved those jobs to NC or FL perhaps, unfortunately it is Federal law which endorses the exodus of jobs from America, and that is why those jobs are no longer here.

The support of Middle Class voters for Trump, is largely those who are understanding of what Washington has done, they realize from the passing of NAFTA more than 20 years ago to the passing of TPP last year, Washington politicians are responsible for the exodus of jobs to foreign lands; they realize that Obamacare was nothing less than a cost increase, and did nothing to save them money; they realize that allowing tens of millions of legal and illegal immigrants into our country does nothing to lower taxes or make jobs more accessible and available to them.

Unfortunately, not all of these voters realize that once again corporate media (beholden to the same 'establishment' that the majority of tenured Washington politicians are) is on the attack, and they are now doing everything within their power to label Trump, and his supporters, as racist, bigoted, hateful people. This is what the media does. They did the same to Bush supporters, then the Tea Party populist movement, and then Romney supporters, and now Trump.

Lost in all this, is the real message of Trump... which is anti-Washington politics (aka establishment corruption), the media, nor the international corporations, nor the entrenched politicians in Washington, etc. want you focused on those issues... they want you focused on racism, sexism, intolerance, they want to define who Trump is for you, and make you turn away from him. Because what he has proposed to do, because of who he threatens that holds power now, not because he is a blustering, unapologetic, non-PC candidate... if he were only that, he really would only have the support of the fringe extremists, as the media tries to claim, rather than a growing percentage of an awakening American populace.

Is this really so bad a main theme for Trump to run on?

I won't defend Trump's delivery method, nor the validity of all his statements, they are indeed inflammatory. But they are nowhere close to being full of racial hatred, there is nothing in his background that is a sign of extremism or racism.

Is he insensitive? YES. Is he melodramatic? YES. Is he arrogant, egotistical, and pampered? YES.

But he is nothing close to Hitler, and other than being an insensitive un-politically-correct blustering gale, not even within the normal defines of racist.

Now, anyone that takes a moment to do some research on the history of Hitler, from his impoverished background where as a young adult he lived in shelters, to his rants in Mein Kampf, will know that Trump is as close to being Hitler as Mahatma Ghandi was. The only thing Trump has ever been an extremist about is himself and his business. Like it or not, all the accusations of Trump being some evil racist out to get people, is just so much garbage the media and his political opposition has created.

Trump can Win and so can America

Despite what the media may try and say, there is a clear road to victory for Trump, just get out and vote for him. Make America Great for Americans again!
Despite what the media may try and say, there is a clear road to victory for Trump, just get out and vote for him. Make America Great for Americans again!

Trump is not a racist for pointing out we need to close our border, we are a welfare state that is bleeding jobs by the thousands every month. We cannot afford to lose good paying jobs AND continue to add millions of immigrants onto our welfare rolls, all this is doing is speeding the nation's economic downfall.

Trump is not an extremist for stating that we should have detailed, in depth, background checks before allowing ANY immigrants into our country. That he is focused on Islam, is not politically correct, but it is a reality of today's world that extremists bent on America's destruction are more often than not Muslim.

You don't have to like Trump, that's OK, don't vote for him. But don't put down those who do think he has valid points, or want to hear his views, and aren't willing to label him the next Hitler... they aren't extremists for not doing so... but you may be, for condemning them.

Does Trump have a right to hold rallies and have his opinions heard in peace?

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© 2016 Ken Burgess


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