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What the Hell Is Going on in Canada?

Updated on December 9, 2019

It seems like Canada is turning into Florida 2.0 these days. You may or may not have heard about Canadian transgender woman Morgane Oger. Morgane (who has political power in Canada) has associated with two predatory individuals, Jessica Yaniv and Lisa Kreut. The disturbing thing is what these three have in common (besides being biological males who claim to be lesbians, and having a long record of harassing women). If you do a little research it's not hard to find that both Lisa and Jessica have engaged in very hateful and misogynistic behavior.

You are probably aware of the Jessica Yaniv situation, also known as the "wax my balls" suit. Basically, Jessica Yaniv is a grownup Eric Cartman. Lisa Kreut is most know for making lesbophobic statements, spreading lies about Meghan Murphy, and making an autogynephilic video where he describes his desire to violently assault and enslave lesbians.

Lisa Kreut with Morgane Oger
Lisa Kreut with Morgane Oger

Morgane Oger has contributed to covering up Jessica Yaniv's creepy behavior. It wasn't until Jessica's racism allegations came to surface that high profile people (like Morgane) showed any interest in covering this story.


Besides showing clear signs of autogynephilia, these three also have immense hatred for Meghan Murphy and her followers.

Meghan Murphy
Meghan Murphy | Source

Meghan Murphy is a Canadian feminist and journalist who got banned from Twitter for violating Twitter's "hate speech" policy. A few people have defended her, but the majority of people either don't care, or have supported Twitter's decision of banning her. Jessica Yaniv took credit for personally having Meghan banned. The picture below is a screenshot of the tweet that supposedly got her banned (along with her other controversial tweet which read "men aren't women tho").

Meghan Murphy's "transphobic" tweets
Meghan Murphy's "transphobic" tweets

Keep in mind Jessica hasn't received any suspension or warning even though he's responsible for having dozens of videos, blogs, and accounts deleted just for talking about his predatory behavior or using his original name (Jonathan).

About Twitter's policy:

Under Twitter's policy, users can be banned for referring to a transgender person by his or her biological sex instead of gender identity. So for instance, if you were to refer to a transgender woman as "he" or "him" that's a huge no no according to Twitter. If you were to say "transgender women are male" that could result in a suspension or ban, even though transgender women ARE biological males.

I don't know why this is controversial to anyone, or how these facts are labeled as hateful. I think it's pretty clear I'm not a huge fan of Twitter's rules, and fortunately I'm not the only one who feels this way.

I bring up Twitter's policy for a reason. There are plenty of examples of transgender people engaging in harassment. In fact, Morgane Oger has contributed to the harassment of the oldest women's crisis center in Canada. Morgane has tweeted over a dozen times about this shelter, and has talked about the possibility of it being de-funded or shut down, just because they only allow females.

Morgane claims this shelter is engaging in "discrimination on the basis of gender identity" by only allowing females in their facility. Keep in mind there are many shelters that have allowed any man who says he's a transgender woman to enter their facility (and that has created problems for the women who were staying there.)

Morgane Oger's tweets
Morgane Oger's tweets | Source
More of Morgane Oger's tweets
More of Morgane Oger's tweets | Source

Lisa Kreut who goes by the pseudonym Hailey Heartless, has tweeted negative things multiple times about this shelter as well. It irks me that so many people like Morgane and Lisa are inciting hate against some of the most traumatized, vulnerable, and defenseless people in society. Whether they want to admit it or not, women deserve spaces that are female only.

But because of the obsession with gender identity in the world today, women who are homeless, have been assaulted, and are dealing with PTSD are essentially being told that their trauma and fears don't matter. This needs to change.

Lisa Kreut's tweets
Lisa Kreut's tweets | Source

Along with attacking women's shelters, both Lisa and Morgane have tried finding ways to silence Meghan Murphy and her supporters.

Lisa Kreut who self-identifies as a “transsexual dominatrix” is a biological male. Hailey Heartless whose legal name is Lisa Kreut (formerly know as Ryan Kreut) has compared women like Meghan Murphy to nazis and fascists.

Posts from Lisa Kreut's public Facebook account
Posts from Lisa Kreut's public Facebook account

Jessica Yaniv has assaulted people, slandered Meghan Murphy, and has engaged in predatory behavior. Yet, Jessica has received no jail time or suspension from social media. This is important to talk about because trans predators (like Jessica) are often very good at bending the laws to work in their favor.

Lisa Kreut is a perfect example of someone who is very active in the community and is therefore able to get away with doing disgusting things. Because people like Lisa, Jessica, and Morgane are so active in their community they are able to change policies and laws and silence, censor, and harass their opponents.

Morgane Oger's response to VRR being vandalized
Morgane Oger's response to VRR being vandalized | Source

These people often operate like a cult and shouldn't be aloud to change policies that affect women and children. It's sad that people like Meghan get labeled as "hateful" for thinking it's a bad idea to allow convicted predators into women's shelters, bathrooms, and prisons.

“There's a woman in Canada I talked to who was staying in a woman only recovery house. So she was recovering from addiction issues and they let a man in and forced her to share room with him and she had to leave because she felt so scared. Like she couldn't sleep, she felt so uncomfortable and weirded out so she had to leave. You know she's in recovery she's already dealing with enough right?” says Meghan Murphy.

At this point I think we need to take the internet away from them. Either that, or put them in time out in a huge padded room.

© 2019 radicalravenclaw


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    • Wesman Todd Shaw profile image

      Wesman Todd Shaw 

      4 months ago from Kaufman, Texas

      Fidel Castro's illegitimate son being Prime Minister, and an absolutely disgraceful person - that's got to set the tone for the rest of the nation.

      He's not just a clown, Justin is the entire freaking circus. I guess there are smaller circuses, however, as you're highlighting them here.

      I really don't care at all about the feelings of these humans. Men don't become women. Women don't become men. End of story.

      Twitter is a swirling cesspool of filth.

    • Leonie Zurakowsky profile image

      Leonie Zurakowsky 

      4 months ago

      Two fracking idiots - Ogre tried to dox me for standing next to a factual sign and Sadist had me banned for linking to his entry on the website Gender Identity Watch (was shut down) which showed his 'deadname', Ryan Kreut.

      The site also mentioned his anti-VRR actions while he was still a member of the Hospital Employees Union and convinced many other unionists to stop donating to VRR. This was before he started to pretend to be a woman. (Hope I don't get banned for this!)

      As for Ogre, his first public protest act, just SIX MONTHS after starting on cross-sex hormones was to protest the commemoration of the women who died at the Montreal Massacre in 1989.

      Nice look Ogre. It's like VRR is his personal hill to die on.


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