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What this Could be All About

Updated on September 21, 2012

What This Could all be About

It seems to me that everything is some sort of test as to whether we are following/thinking Biblical Code. The signs are all there: One group has no freedom, appears to be having more fun than us.......then there is the whole mental invasion/replacement by another psychic entity. I've come to look upon this as a hybrid scenario between "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" and some sort of technologically-based pre-Apocalypse. I feel in between these two realities. I Love God, but pretty much hate the way this "system" works. Could my problem be pride? If I conform to Biblical statutes I ALWAYS stay out of major harassment/electronic possession attempts. It is my sense of having free-will to do whatever I please that always gets me into trouble. But shouldn't we have that right? I say yes, but I seem to be a minority.

We live in a dangerous world where our thoughts and intentions are naked to some authority and then broadcasted to our environment. You can be super-nice and your environment knows it and treats you likewise - usually. We are all nonetheless being "tested" to see how inherently good we all are on a daily basis. Does it make me angry that this is apparently going on? Well, only as long as I can afford it.........then it's back to being who I'm supposed to be.

I've been through a ton of this electronic harassment: had multiple "invasion attempts", several "possession attempts" and tons of mind-control attempts. It probably would be easier to see life as a series of "moral calculations" instead of actual reality. I'm simply fond of pure free-will and the right to enjoy my decisions. Is that paying off for me in life: no, not really........but I'm still free and exercise my right to make "moral miscalculations".

My life is pretty much a drag, but I am still free and out of sheer will or luck: not anyones flesh puppet. I still have my momentary victories. Temporary alterations in neurochemistry allow me to override "the system" for awhile and I still have my fun during those times. Large amounts of DXM really help override this mental repression..........I'm using Levodopa and Deprenyl as anti-aging smart drugs and right NOW, this is working for me. How long will it continue to work: who knows? But for now, I'm free and pretty much un-hampered. So I'm trying to figure this out while life is enjoyable and free.

It looks to me like life is a series of moral dillemas...........and the key to getting ahead is to always make the right choice. Do I like this arrangement: NO...........but I might start making more sensible moral choices on the grounds that doing this will allow me to move forward in life instead of backwards. Our thoughts are readable and our feelings DEFINITELY ARE. You could base everything on logic and that combined with the fact that this is a Biblical Skinnerian Box possibly make it. Maybe.

I really don't want to do this.........but one side of reality is rather steeply slanted towards guiding us to make the wrong decisions and then proceeds to gobble up our minds. I bet some of you out there have had near strokes with this hostile intelligence that baits you to do wrong, then is waiting around the corner to pound your mind into mincemeat. Am I wrong? Not by personal experience. According to the Bible, very few survive this "tribulation". The last couple times were really, really maybe I've gotten at least somewhat wise to this and will try growing myself spiritually.

It's the "right answer" every single time..........but something makes making "bad choices" incredibly don't fall for it. Just think and do what you believe to be "the right thing" and I'll just bet life becomes easier for you. Once you are "out of the woods", keep going. I'm still mucking around in a polarized world like some willed combination of good and bad. Just call me nostalgic for those times when you could really enjoy yourself.........but even I am seeing the light. Keep moving forward people. There's no privacy, but you can at least save yourself by doing what you "should do" and not pick "the wrong answer". I'm still me: now do what you can to remain yourselves and move forward in the spiritual sense. It probably is the Ultimate answer to every choice you will ever make AND it just might save you from this "invisible menace".


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