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What to Do With ISIS / IS ?

Updated on August 13, 2016

IS has their own flag, and multi-million dollar babnkrolls, thanks mainly to the US

So, IS robbed a bank in the literal "middle of nowhere", and made off with over $40 Million US in hard currency! Now, why in the world was there $40 Million at that bank, in the middle of nowhere? Did the locals really withdraw hundreds of thousands of dollars weekly? Well, the cost of a really good hashish has gone up, rather drastically... as has Heroin!

Now, the really sad part is that this "gift from Allah" (or, to be precise, the CIA...) was what allowed them to rapidly expand! But the real question needs to be why that money was where it was!

Now, a few videoed and published be-headings later, with more to come each week that the "infidels" keep bombing or otherwise impeding their quest for a Caliphate following their extreme, and one may say geared to their own ideologies of Islam, the Qur'an, and Sharia law... as well as their ruthless slaughtering of anyone not willing to join them.

So, what should be done?

Should IS be bombed into last century? Oh, right - that's where they live now...

No - they should be slaughtered while fighting - but arrested while surrendering - there's no need for the civilized world to slither down to their level, now, is there?

And, what to do with home-grown, radicalized terrorists? They should all be rounded up and charged with high treason!

But, why are all of these seemingly "normal" people in democratic and free countries joining IS?

Is it their new-found Islamic religion calling them to act out? No! That's the IS "brain trust" (a very, very minuscule thing, that is...) - most are doing it to be "martyred", or, in North American terms, to become infamous. The press is playing right along, by naming these home-grown terrorists every single day, in multiple stories and editorials.

Would you join IS?

Would you travel to the Middle East and join IS? Would it matter that you would either be a baby maker and cook, cleaner (for women) or a bottom-tier terrorist, likely headed for a suicide mission?

See results

In peaceful Canada, we've had 2 radicalized young men commit acts of IS inspired terrorism on home soil. At the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, no less. And, against unarmed members of the Canadian Armed Forces. One idjut even made it into the Parliament Buildings, our "White House", and opened fire, With an old (hey - even older than our Special Northern Rangers" have to use to protect our vast North.

IS put out a call to all of their followers, and all of "the Muslim Faith" to cut down the infidels (us) in the streets, using guns, knives and vehicles" - well, they're now 2 for 3 on that count.

Canada's federal police force, the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police - those known for "always getting their man" - which meant something different before so many members came out as gay... has a list of home-grown radicalized terrorists, supporters, and those on the edge - but refuse to do anything more than subtle and minor surveillance on them. These are treasonous people, not confused young men with mental illnesses!

Isn't it amazing that young girls are literally lining up to go to the Middle East to join IS, get raped my multiple men on a daily basis, have children, cook and clean? Especially when they were just going to do that here anyway, but here they'd only get welfare checks and baby bonus checks.

And way too many young men are joining IS to wage war. Is it because they got so over-confident playing first-person shooter games on the Xbox and PlayStation consoles like War Hero, Gears of War, and so on? Can they really believe that what they're doing is morally righteous? Really?!?!

Is this what our society has stooped down to lately? My God, Naziism wasn't quite as bad as IS, if you leave the death camps and the SS out of the picture. But - just wait for a while... IS is on their way to joining Naziism as the worst scourge of recent history on mankind.


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