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What Did Voting the Democrats Back Into Power Do for the Country and the People? [F1 078]

Updated on June 17, 2019

What will be the result if you put democrats back in power in the US congress?

The midterm election has been over for two months did it turn out the way that you wanted it?

  • What have the democrats done during the eight years under president Obama?f congress?
  • What have they done during these two years under president Trump?

What can the democrats do better than the republicans and president Trump?


Assuming your blue wave happens in the 2018 midterm election.

OK, you are a democrat, or an independent, or even a republican and you are going to vote straight democrat on November 6, 2018.

For Democrats

As a democrat what is it about the two years of the Trump presidency and the republican congress that you would like to change with your blue wave.

Be specific what areas or issues of today are important for you to get changed.

For example, is it the economy, the unemployment rate, the job situation? What is it and how would the democrats change it to make you happy you voted democrat?

As an independent

As an Independent

As an independent in the midterm election, it doesn't matter how or who you voted for in the 2016 presidential election. What is important now is why are you voting Democrat in the 2018 midterm election?

The same question that is asked of the democrats now goes to you to answer. What is it about today that you deem necessary to change by voting against the republicans and president Trump?

How would the democrats being in power in congress do things differently that president Trump and the republicans have done in the last two years?

As a Republican

Again, not knowing and not caring how you voted in the presidential election, why would you want to vote Democrat in the 2018 midterm election? Did the republican party let you down, did president Trump let you down, and if so, in what specific way did they let you down?

The big question then is how would the democrats in control of congress change the things that you don't currently like that have been done by the republicans and or president Trump?

The political priorities of the democrat party

Whether are democrat, republican or independent but are voting democrat in the 2018 midterm election, what issue is most important for the democrats to change from what it is today?

Democrats in recent months have focused on three issues

  1. The first issue was who was going to become the next Supreme Court Justice
  2. Next is open borders and immigration and illegal aliens.
  3. Was the bombs mailed to thirteen high level democrats and how they were the result of president Trump and his use of speech in his rallies and in his tweets.

Issue number 1 The Supreme Court

Did you object to either or both Supreme Court nominees selected by president Trump?

Is this a big issue for you that you vote democrat in the midterm election to give the democrats a chance to put in their own nominee? Is it because you didn't think that the Trump nominees weren't qualified for the Supreme Court, or was it just that they might be conservatives.

Did the judge Kavanaugh hearing sway you one way or another.

Should Supreme Court judges by political or should they make decisions based on the US constitution? Did you want the democrats in control to force out any more Trump nominees, and insert someone more liberal?

Issue 2. Next is open borders and immigration and illegal aliens.

  • These are all related, so treat them as one issue.

If you voted to get democrats in power, then you want open borders, you don't want to change the existing immigration laws, and you want as many people to cross the border into the US without any resistance. You think that these people have a right to come into the country without all recognizing the existing immigration laws.

It also means that you believe the US should take the sanctuary cities, and states and make sanctuary national in scope.

Can you explain why foreigners are your concern but Americans and legal immigrants are not? What have the democrats done for America, Americans and Legal immigrants in the last ten years?

Issue 3. Was the bombs mailed to thirteen high level democrats and how they were the result of president Trump and his use of speech in his rallies and in his tweets

The basic feeling and actions of the democrats to Donald Trump have been contentious since he entered the presidential race. They got worse when he won the republican primary, and even worse when he won the presidency from Hillary Clinton. And who would have thought that it could get worse but it did after his inauguration and even worse since then. There are no signs of it getting better.

The bombs that were mailed to the democrats by what appears to be a pro Trumper has brought the democrats resistance and goal of removing him from office to a head.

So, do you want the democrats to get in control of congress to finally make that democrat goal a reality. Do you want the next two years to be filled with more congressional hearings and special counsel and investigations with the sole purpose of taking down a sitting US presidential?

And if that is your goal for voting democrat in the midterm election then what is your expectation of what will happen to the country, the economy, the jobs, unemployment and all the other good things done by the republicans and president Trump?

If the focus on a democrat controlled congress is to take down the president, then how will the democrats getting anything done in the next two years?

How will the US prosper when everyone from the rest of the world decides to cross the US border and get freebies currently given by the democrats. And these people don't care to be Americans, they just want the freebies and the money to send back to their own country. Without an allegiance to the US, you will also want them to become US citizens or at the least give them the right to vote in our elections.

What is your reason for voting democrat in the midterm election, and what do you think that the democrat controlled congress will accomplish for the US, Americans and legal immigrants?

If you don't know, then why are you even voting?


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    • bradmasterOCcal profile imageAUTHOR


      2 weeks ago

      In the meanwhile, lets talk about the democrats running for congress.

      Warren the apparent winner of last nights ten little Indians pun intended, was really mad in her tone, but she palefaced in contrast to Bernie who looks insane.


      Your health is not in the hands of equal quality of care, whether you buy into the socialist a government run system, or the classic private system. The reason is that all doctors have the same licenses but they don't have the same experience, competence, track record or knowledge. The point is that finding a doctor is different than getting a doctor from a pool of doctors.

      When you find a good dentist, a good mechanic, a good repair person, a good any kind of person, you want to keep them. When ACA came into being president Obama agreed with my opinion here, but as the ACA became law, the truth came out, but it was too late then. You lost that doctor, you lost that plan. You know who didn't lose and kept everything, the federal government workers because their plan was to de facto gold standard plan.

      The democrats don't want to spend a dime on the Wall to protect us from many threats like the gangs, the drug cartel, child sex trafficking and even the terrorists. Remember what only 19 terrorists did to our country.

      But the threat for healthcare is very real. For every illegal alien that gets into the country, the democrats want them to be covered by the same government run healthcare system.

      This is not a free healthcare system by any means. It is not an effective healthcare system when the government runs it. Look at all the fraud that came with the Medicare system. That fraud didn't help the sick, it help the criminals letting them use Medicare as if it was a bank robbery, but without guns, just a stroke of the pen or keyboard.

      The cost is in several Trillions of dollars each year. Yet, the democrats couldn't spend even a Billion for the Wall. A Wall that when it prevents more illegals coming into the country actually saves money because we don't have to pay for free education. And we prevent illegal drugs coming into the country, a country that lost the war against both gangs, and drugs several decades ago. These illegal drugs cause many kinds of sickness, mental illness, and even leading to suicides. It also supports a network of gangs to distribute and protect their illegal drugs. The shock wave from that ripples to every part of the country, and it then becomes a local and state issue, not just federal. Our prisons and jails have filled up to the point that judges are releasing prisoners across the country. This is not the second chance that helps us, it is the second chance that they get to do their criminal activities another time.

      The only worthwhile thing about the ACA was the preexisting condition, and I submit that could and should have been handled with a single bill in congress. It would have been implemented quicker and more effectively.

      The democrats now want you to believe that President Trump and the republicans want to kill that preexisting condition win. But, that isn't true, anymore than anyone will get rid of Medicare or SS.

      Canada is not the utopia for free healthcare, and remember the old saying you get what you pay for. To which, I always add, if you are very lucky. But there is no chance and the history of Canadian healthcare bears out that this is an effective healthcare system. There are just so many doctors in any country, and you do the math and see how many people outnumber the doctors. There are also so many hospital beds and see how fast you can get one when you need it, and how fast they will get you out of it, dead, alive, or still sick.

      A good friend of mine married a Canadian and she moved to Canada. Her husband was an electrician and over the years he messed up his knees to the point the he had trouble walking and he was in pain all the time. It took him two years to go up the queue to get the operation. And because she was still an American citizen she went across the border to the US to get her healthcare treatment.

      Remember before the ACA became law, congress was asked what is in the ACA legislation, and the reply was we will have to pass the legislation before we will know the details. Is that what people want from a government run healthcare system?

      The government is not a business and it has no real acumen in running a business. Healthcare is a business and look at the bang up job they do with Medicare and SS. Do you want to spread their business expertise farther with taking over all the healthcare?

      Look at how they run the National Highway System, the National Infrastructure, the Railroads, and the ACA. Look at how they brought NASA to a stop, and our astronauts had to bum a ride off the Russian rockets to get to the International Space Station because we no longer had a space shuttle. Much of what NASA was doing is now in the hands of private companies.

      And does that make you feel confident about the Feds running anything else, especially something that your life depends on?

      This Sander, Warren dream is a nightmare for the rest of us. You are going to be taxed to where even if you were deep into the middle class you would need this socialist program. The rich are never affected by the federal government. The rich will be using concierge healthcare that they have been using for a long time.

      And as long as the Internal Revenue Code allows them to bypass Income Tax at any marginal tax rate, they will continue to get richer. But, your chances of surviving death or debilitation go way down'

      The quality of healthcare today is dismal, and it won't get any better with government taking over healthcare.

      If we were going to spend Trillions of dollars a year, it would be better spent to cure disease. And if the money was outside of the for profit companies, we might be able to find some cures. The current healthcare system doesn't want to find a cure because that is a major loss of their huge profits. Right now while the healthcare is private, these insurance companies practice medicine without a license by telling the doctors what you are and aren't going to be able to do for their patients.

      We have a doctor shortage in this country, and in the world. Adding more people, well if you can't do the math, you shouldn't be voting.

    • StevenHall4646 profile image

      Steven A Hall 

      5 months ago from Holbrook

      Democrats gaining a little power did give them a sense of ego which can lead them to become more radical. If that happens, we will see a 2nd Trump term.

    • bradmasterOCcal profile imageAUTHOR


      9 months ago


      Yet, the democrat core will vote for them?

    • breakfastpop profile image


      9 months ago

      Voting the Dems back in power would destroy our nation in every single way imaginable. This is not an overstatement!


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