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What would you ask Vice President Joseph Biden?

Updated on January 2, 2013

Many people have many different questions for Vice President Joseph Biden and also for the President Barack Obama himself. These questions range from the topics of immigration to employment to environmental protections, and of-course lets not forget about national security matters. Now, I understand that no president or vice president can do it all. I completely agree with that. However, there are definitely some questions in my mind at this point about the state of the United States of America.

I feel that this country is hardly united at the present moment at all. In fact, we have not been more segregated in the longest time. The gap between the rich and the poor is ever increasing and no one seems to be able to do anything about it. I have never seen so many homeless people on the subway in my life. Homeless people are everywhere. Even in the richest neighborhoods they are now all over the place hoping to find larger donations from the well off crowd.

The reason why there are so many homeless people is because the government is wasting funds supporting lazy people who have a million children and spend their whole life on welfare. If these people came here illegally or just choose to have an unusually large family for some other reason, well, maybe they should take responsibility for their actions. Maybe if we did not feed all these irresponsible lazy folks, they would actually start using birth control and get a job. Now I am not saying that everyone on welfare is this type of person. However, many people are.

As far as education and government assistance programs for the poor who really need it, those are just hardly there. Other than private funding, students from poor families have nowhere to turn to and do not have a way to sponsor their education. The government needs to stop talking about helping people in need and start doing something.

What about the issue of gun control? When some white kids and teachers got shot in a rich neighborhood suddenly everyone noticed that we need to change our gun control laws. Well, how about the daily shootings that happened in poor neighborhoods filled with African Americans. Gun violence has been around in these areas for years and no one cared. Well, I doubt the government will do something about the guns. President Obama talks a lot but does not do too much too soon. I am sure he is limited by a bunch of interest groups, but still I feel like he is wasting time.


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