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What Really Happened?

Updated on May 5, 2012
Bobby Dale Jamison-pictures from missing posters
Bobby Dale Jamison-pictures from missing posters

The Jamison Family

Bobby Dale Jamison

  • Age: 44-now, 47

  • Birthday: August 4, 1965

  • Height/Weight: 6'3-6'5/160lbs-170lbs

  • Distinguishing Characteristics: Caucasian male, brown hair, brown eyes, may slouch, red birthmark on or near butt, tattoos on chest due to radiation therapy, and burn on inside of left leg from motorcycle accident.

  • Clothing/Jewelry: Silver wedding band with infinity symbol

  • Medical Conditions: Disabled-back problems due to a vehicle accident in 2003.


Sherilynn Leighann Jamison-pictures from missing posters
Sherilynn Leighann Jamison-pictures from missing posters

Sherilynn Leighann Jamison

  • Age: 40-now 43

  • Birthday: November 5, 196

  • Height/Weight: 5'6/105lbs

  • Distinguishing Characteristics: Caucasian female, brown hair, brown eyes, may use last names-Hightower, Jennings, Mangum, and/or Walling, navel and right eyebrow pierced, has breast implants.

  • Clothing/Jewelry: Yellow shirt and blue jeans.

  • Medical Condition: Disabled-chronic neck and left shoulder pain. Mother says she also suffers from bipolar disorder´╗┐

Madyson Stormy Star Jamison-collage I made from some of the pictures from her missing poster
Madyson Stormy Star Jamison-collage I made from some of the pictures from her missing poster

Madyson Stormy Star Jamison

  • Age: 6-now 9

  • Birthday: August 1, 2003

  • Height/Weight: 3'10/50lbs

  • Distinguishing Characteristics: Caucasian female, (dyed) blonde hair, brown eyes, front 2 baby teeth were missing at the time.

  • Clothing/Jewelry: Pink shirt with small flowers printed on it and blue jeans.


The Jamison Family's abandoned truck.
The Jamison Family's abandoned truck.


On October 7, 2009 at 10:00 a.m. the Jamison family packed up their truck and went to Panola Mountain in Red Oak, Oklahoma, the place they were looking at to buy land. On October 16th at 3:00 p.m. a hunter finds a deserted pick-up truck that is locked with a dog inside. He said the dog didn't appear to be doing well so he called the Latimer Police. When the police arrive they break a window and do an inventory on what they find. Inside the truck they immediately note that they find cell phones, a wallet belonging to Bobby Jamison, a purse belonging to Sherilynn Jamison, and jackets. The police did an immediate search of the area and found nothing. On October 17th, the police use a gps found on Bobby's cell phone to see were they went. They found footprints (obviously the Jamison's for Madyson's footprints were easy to spot) and followed them along with the gps up to a rock. They discovered a picture of Madyson on Bobby's phone that shows Madyson sitting on the rock they were led to. The Jamison's than walked back to the truck and seems as if they just vanished.

The police later found $32,000 in a bank bag that was stuffed underneath the driver seat; the police now tape off the area as a crime scene. The police note that there appears to be no sign of a blood, broken glass, shuffle marks on the ground, pieces of ripped clothing, etc. The police also discover an 11 page letter written by Sherilynn that seems to be lashing at Bobby with a lot of hate, but at the ends states that Bobby is a genius.

Part of the search team.
Part of the search team.

Search teams are brought out-hundreds of people, helicopters, dogs, and horses. But the area is very dangerous and makes it hard to search. The dogs seemed very interested in the area around the truck and at the top of a mountain. They also seem to spend a lot of time around a huge water tank. The police have it drained but find absolutely nothing. The multiple searches that were conducted of the area come up with nothing. By November 1st the investigators are completely stumped, the evidence seems to lead in all directions-foul play, lost, murder/ suicide, and willful disappearance.

Notes (taken from the show "Disappeared")

  • Wife's .22 pistol is missing-the house and truck was searched but it is nowhere to be found.

  • If it was a murder/suicide than where are the bodies? They have to be somewhere in the area and you can't really hide your own dead body.

  • Missing posters are hung-no reward posted?

  • The Jamison's are said to have a strong spirituality. They attended a prayer meeting days before they went missing and the priest said they told him they could see spirits at the house. Sherilynn said she say angels coming in the house and talking to Madyson, one's name was Emily. Bobby said he say 3-4 spirits on the roof and even asked if there was a special bullet to use on them. But Sherilynn stated they didn't scare her.

Niki Shenold on left.
Niki Shenold on left.
  • Sherilynn's best friend Niki Shenold stated that she was clueless as to what they were talking about but later online writes that she knows they are dead because she can see Sherilynn's spirit and her daughter can see Madyson and Sherilynn's spirits around their house.

  • Sherilynn tells their neighbors that she's a witch and spray paints weird things (something about witches not liking their black cats killed) on their metal storage until outside the house.

  • On October 23, 2009 a lead comes up. Surveillance cameras are on the house. Bobby's mom states she had them installed because Bobby's father had threatened his family. The tape shows the Jamison's packing their truck in a "trans-like" state. It shows them each going in and out of the house at least 20 times. What the police never note is that it shows a man in a white shirt going in the house and about .4 seconds later a man in a brown shirt coming out of the might be just me but it's nearly impossible to change that fast.

  • Were they involved with drugs? Psychologists and police think the surveillance camera shows they are and when you find $32,000 you automatically think drugs. The police say there is a huge problem with meth in the area. But family and friends say that is wrong and unfair to assume. The police search the house and truck and come up with no traces of meth.

  • The police start to dig deeper into the Jamison's lives and find out that Sherilynn is bipolar. She didn't always stay on her meds and best friend Niki says that it was like she was 2 different people. When she was on the meds she was happy but when she stopped taking them she was angry and hateful. Police say that this played no part in the family's disappearance.

  • Police later find out that in July 2009 they had a live in handyman since Bobby had a vehicle accident and couldn't do as much work around the house. It's said that the handyman made his wife and daughter uncomfortable and the man told Sherilynn that he's a white supremacist and thinks people who are not all white should die. (Sherilynn had talked about her Indian blood.) She than takes Madyson into another room and returns with one of Bobby's guns and puts the gun to the man's head and tells him to leave. She even fires live rounds near his feet to scare him off. The police notice he has an extensive police record but when the FBI track him down (thanks to a prescription bottle of his found in the Jamison's truck) and bring him in for questioning, it ends up that he has an alibi...therefore the police are back to square one.

  • Investigators follow up on every lead but still have no suspects.

Israel Beauchamp from the Latimer Police Department.
Israel Beauchamp from the Latimer Police Department.
  • The Latimer police's current theory is that they were trying to leave the mountain when someone (who they may or may not have known) made them stop and took them. They believe that it was a premeditated crime. But they need bodies to solve their disappearance. They have used as many resources as possible and the media source has slowed down to a trickle outside of the immediate area.

I also found other notes that were discovered and posted online

  • It was cold that day so the family wouldn't have left their coats in the truck. (If they're not exactly sure what day they went missing though, than how do they know what the weather was like?)

  • They owned two timeshares in Mexico and several in the U.S.-none have been used since the disappearance.

  • Bobby and Sherilynn were plaintiffs in 2 civil lawsuits-one against Bobby's father and they also planned to sue Madyson's school where she attended before they took her out for homeschooling. Nobody is quite sure why they took her out though.

  • Both parents lost an extreme amount of weight months before they went missing.

  • They were experiencing financial problems-it's said that Bobby told his wife he knew were to get a lot of money fast but he wouldn't involve her in it.

  • The police found letters indicating that the family was "obsessed" with death.

  • There was never any nation media attention. (I found out about this 3 years after the fact because it was an episode on the television show "Disappeared.")

  • The case was placed in cold case files 60 days after they went missing.

  • Niki Shenold spends most of her time running down leads and appears in interviews trying to help generate awareness about the case....The person who spends the most time and energy trying to find them yet curiously no reward out for information!

  • A resident from the Panola Mountain area states that they saw tire tracks leading away from the Jamison's truck...if so than why didn't the police investigate the marks and figure out what type of truck the tire tracks could be from?

Panola Mountain area
Panola Mountain area
  • There is a lady who shows various properties on the mountain for a real estate company but she said when she offered to go with, Bobby didn't want her to and said he wanted to use his gps instead. The area is literally in the middle of an exteremely "low-traffic" remote area, why say no?!

  • It is also noted on the surveillance camera that they loaded a brown satchel into the truck but it appears that it was nowhere to be found.

  • There is also no listings of the Jamison family on the FBI's list of "missing persons"

Last picture ever taken of Madyson.
Last picture ever taken of Madyson.


  • Foul play-someone knew they were going to be up on the mountain and premeditated their disappearance. Madyson looks uncomfortable in the picture on the cell phone so someone else must have taken it. (...I don't believe that.)

  • Lost-the family got lost while walking around on the mountain.

  • Murder/Suicide-Sherilynn "abducted" her husband and daughter and shot them both and then killed herself.

  • Forced out at gunpoint-the person who flagged them down forced them out at gunpoint so they had to leave in a hurry.

  • Willful disappearance-the family wanted to start a new life so they just up and left. Nowhere does it saw that a family has to tell anyone where they are going.

My Theory

I believe the Jamison family left at their own will. Why?

  • They locked the truck doors...if someone was taking them in a hurry why lock the doors? And why make the poor dog suffer?

  • How would they have been forced out at gunpoint when Sherilynn had a gun as well?

  • They left cell phones...they can't be tracked if they have no cell phones on them.

  • Why would somebody abduct them when they are literally in the middle of nowhere and could have all the time in the world to do whatever they wanted to do to them?

  • There is no evidence what-so-ever that suggests that a crime took place.

  • They left their coats in the car but they packed a brown could contain jackets and money.

  • The family has posted missing posters but hasn't offered a reward...if $32,000 was found why would you NOT put it towards finding your missing loved ones??

  • Also, it when you look up you will notice that there is no Jamison family member listed on the FBI's "missing persons" database. I know they don't always post everybody but a whole family not being listed just sounds a little odd to me...Did they contact the police and tell them they are okay but not to tell anybody?

What do you think happend?

See results

If you have any information on the missing Jamison family please contact the Latimer Police Department at (918) 465-2161


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    • topbrass profile image

      topbrass 3 years ago

      The Jamison Family's REMAINS WERE FOUND three years later and positively identified in July 2014 via DNA. Their bodies were within three miles of the truck; someone took them away and killed them. So many people made ridiculous and even cruel claims about them faking their disappearance. They are victims of foul play - murdered by whomever the police theorize stopped them on that remote dirt road. Very sad ending.

    • profile image

      Georgina 4 years ago

      There's so much factual information regarding this case that is not in the public domain. So to answer some of the comments on here, let's start with the money: A lot of people are putting to much emphasis on the 32k found in the truck. Only Bobby knew about the 32k in the truck

      which he was hiding from Sherilynn because of her bad spending habits. The 32k came from a land sale which he owned with is dad, Bobby senior. It's quite plausible as he was on meth he could have forgot it was there, it was in his truck prior to the disappearance. Witness protection program: by definition to qualify for witness protection, a person must be under live threat by a high-value target of a criminal investigation and also trials are public, so you'd think after 4 years their testimonies would appear in an open court.. hasn't happened! for there's 4 key questions that haven't been eliminated: 1. Why did Sherilynn's best friend Nikki lie about the last time she spoke to Sherilynn?

      2. What's is going on with Madyson's front teeth - they are missing in that laste fateful picture? did she come to harm prior?

      3. The family will theory and Madyson being the sole heir to Bobby Jamison sr estate, is there a motive for Jack Jamison

      the uncle to have got rid of them? and/or why would they run away and want to disappear when their daughter Madyson is in a

      position to acquire a wealthy estate?

      4. The accident and Bobby Jamison back problems, wouldn't he require access to a doctor for medication? how is he getting

      his medication if they are indeed in hiding

    • profile image

      Nicole Stewart 4 years ago

      If they had that much money and no one could explain where it came from then pretty much the only option is drugs. If not drugs, something illegal.

      That fucking bag of money is what is killing me about this case. I can believe that they left willingly, I can believe that someone knew they were going to be up there and wanted to get them, I can even believe that they are in witness protection to a point except that that damned money throws all of these theories off. If they were starting a new life, they would take it. If they were targeted, I would assume that the people targeting knew that they had money and/or drugs on them and would have taken it. If it was witness protection... well I can't even begin to guess how the governments big bloated brain works but it seems that leaving a bag full of 32,ooo dollars would not be involved in their disappearance scenario. The only things that really makes complete sense is that a crazy person abducted them and killed them for no other reason than to abduct and kill them, but I still find that hard to believe given all of the strangeness. A very strange case indeed.

    • profile image

      mystery pete 5 years ago

      Do you think the weight loss is linked to a drug problem, and they were going to buy a quantity to resell? Then for whatever reason, the deal went wrong? Whether or not they willingly left with another party, you would have expected their abductees to have searched their vehicle for money, or at least returned to do so, tho.

    • profile image

      bigprof 5 years ago

      yep viper3, i'd bet on witness protection too. the part w/respect to the husband & wife losing an extreme amount of weight suggest they were preparing for a change of appearance. Was this losing of weight something they kept hidden, or did they openly talk about dieting or exercising? i think the same of the McStay family of San Diego. Witness protection, depending on the case, may not tell local law enforcement in order to avoid corrupt cops. Also, WP has no responsibility to inform local media, or people who arent immediate family

    • profile image

      just wondering 5 years ago

      I thought it was strange that they obviously had their phones on them while hiking on the mountain (taking a pic of the little girl), but for some reason just moments later they leave their phones in the truck after stopping on the road... anyone else think this was strange?

    • profile image

      frog 5 years ago

      where they was at, theirs 1 lane road they was leaving and pulled off road someone else was coming up the road someone knew they was gonna be their why lock doors my guess cause of the money in the truck they went with someone thinking they was coming back, they left the dog money coats cell phones and if your going to another place thinking your coming back and with 32,000 cash in truck wouldn't you lock doors? i think they was lured there i think whoever came up that road they went with thinking they was coming back.

    • profile image

      alba 5 years ago

      r67viper - it is just what i thought

    • profile image

      SE 5 years ago

      This is definitely a strange case. So many things could of happened but I think they are still alive somewhere and in hiding for several reasons. I've read that Bobby's father had threatened to kill Bobby & Sherilyn which is why they had the Surveillance Cameras on the house. Bobby had either turned him in or testified against him in Court and was afraid he would come after them. His dad has since passed away but just days before they went missing there was a Huge Meth Bust & apparently Bobby and his Father had ties to these people. Those are two very compelling reasons to get the hell out of dodge, I think anyway.

      Oh & that Niki Shenold, she is something else. All I can say is Google her and read her comments about Investigators who have volunteered to help her find her Friends. Everything is all sunshine & rainbows until they tell her they think the Jamison's are alive then she goes bat shit crazy on them, bashing them all over the internet. I'm sorry but what kind of a BFF would WANT to think her Friends are dead?!? Even better, WTH is she doing with all that money she is raising selling T-Shirts & other stuff for cash?!? She certainly isn't giving up any of that money for a reward & why even do these Fundraisers if she has absolutely NO HOPE of the Jamison's being alive?!? She's some Friend all right.....SMH!!

    • profile image

      r67viper 5 years ago

      Would bet my $ on witness protection !

    • KJhusak profile image

      KJhusak 5 years ago from Akron

      Taking the dog would be too obvious that they left at free will. And leaving the money would help it look like they were taken. Plus why would the kidnapper stop to lock the truck doors? THAT doesn't make sense.

    • profile image

      annann 5 years ago

      I don't see a family forcing their kid to walk away from their dog, and leaving 32.000 under the seat. Someone took them somewhere--someone who didn't know about the money and/or why the family was there.