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Can We Live In A World Without Crime? Is It Possible? + Crime Statistics

Updated on April 17, 2017
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Compu-smart has a wide range of knowledge and wisdom and loves to write about the subjects he feels passionate about.

How crime affects ALL of us every minute of every day

We all carry keys right? When was the last time you locked your home or car? Or in-putted passwords to stop someone from hacking into your accounts? Or the last time you had to keep an eye on your belongings such as your bag, phone, and of course, keys? Exactly! but that's nothing as to how crime effects us daily.

We pay extra on a daily basis because of theft. As a result, prices are higher when we go shopping and insurance premiums inflate.

There are thousands of ways fraudsters and tricksters scam us, sometimes for years without us ever even knowing! - Friends, family, cleaners, the nanny and even strangers will steal our personal belongings. Some are milkers, stealing small amounts of money from our wallets and purses. Shop workers deliberately over changing or short changing us. Workers 'and' criminals stealing stock from retail shops ruining and even bankrupting businesses which in turn makes the things we buy cost more.

Being scammed or robbed can be devastating, especially when the loss of sentimental items are stolen, where lives are ruined by mindless criminals.

The Internet fraudsters who sit at home scamming us. They steal our identities. When shopping On-line, we need passwords, Anti-Virus and Spyware software and Firewalls. It's absurd, and all because of greedy criminals!

The fraudsters who will sell us fake, dangerous products without any care of people's health or safety just to line there never ending greedy pockets. Were not even able to touch items we want to buy from shops without them being removed from metal or glass cases, and having security tags removed from items like they were the Crown Jewels. Unfortunately, most people growing up these days won't know any different.

Terrorism - The World's Biggest Threat

The worse kind of criminals - terrorists, aka cold blooded killers destroys lives on a daily basis. We're always being warned about the possible attacks that could happen any time, anywhere. We cannot even fly to another country without security checks, intrusive X-Rays and searches - limits and restrictions as to what we can and cannot carry through customs - having our personal property searched when we enter certain public buildings.

That's why the Police and the necessary resources are needed to combat the rise of terrorism and all other serious crimes until a time comes where people can live a normal crime free life.

Outrageous "UK" Crime Statistics - 2015 - Current cost of the UK crime alone.!

  • Crime cost the retail industry £605 million pounds.
  • Violent crime costs the economy 125 billion pounds a year.
  • Murder cost the economy £1.3 billion.
  • Theft cost the economy £4 billion pounds.
  • Burglary cost the economy £6 billion pounds.
  • Britain's military defence budget cost 63 billion pounds.

War - What Is It Good For?

What If There Were No More Crime?

In such a world, there would be no need for the Police, Army, Air force, Navy or any of the hundreds and thousands of establishments relating to war and crime * No need for security agencies like MI5, MI6 the FBI. No magistrates and Crown courts * Prisons or police stations, No security guards at our airports, business's and borders. No guns or weapons of any description.

If there was no crime: What would happen to....

  • The 10 plus million people presently imprisoned worldwide in the thousands of prisons and related institutions.
  • What would all the guards and personnels that work in them do?
  • What would happen to the businesses and shops that sell security products and services? What about the manufacturers and the factories that produce concrete, locks, iron and steel for security purposes? Would they suffer?.
  • What would happen to the employment figures, the economy? I think It's too impossible for anyone to comprehend.

Who is to blame for all the criminal behavior we see today?

  • Is it the parents who lack discipline to blame, or does the responsibility lie with their children? Should schools and politicians take more of a responsibility?
  • We've had crime and wars for centuries, so how did mankind become so unkind, and continue to do so? That's the million dollar question.
  • What's the solution? Harsher sentences? Capitol punishment? Better education? More economic fairness? Or just more security!
  • Could better sophisticated technology be used to deter crime before it even happens?
  • Could scientists discover the part of the brain that is responsible for someone's badness and evil, and could the courts could authorise a surgeon to have it removed for persistent offenders? -could their DNA be rewired.

What is the answer? Is it really possible to live in a world without crime?

Criminal Nature - The Animals

It's not just humans that are dishonest. In the animal kingdom nature has many prolific criminals. Penguins, (video below) will steal knowing full well they are doing something wrong. The great Frigatebirds, and Gulls chases other sea birds and steal their food. Squirrels are extremely skilful and often steal seeds and nuts from their squirrel neighbours. Some species of monkeys use human like behaviour to steal anything and everything they can get their hands on.

Stealing Penguins

John Lennon - Imagine

Imagine what the world would be like if everyone were law abiding citizens

If there were no thieves, no fraudsters, no sexual or violent attacks, no robbers, no terrorists, no murderers.........yes, That sounds magnificent.

Imagine a world where there are no assaults, neither physical nor verbal, neither sexual nor emotional. * What if there were a world where our kids could play freely and safely, the elderly and all those who are vulnerable would have nothing to fear * Imagine a world without greed where people could be content to work hard for a living without being so materialistic and always wanting bigger and better * A world without hate where there's only kindness and love, where children are well protected and where countries can get along, where there is no war, no poverty * A world where people don't have to suffer at the hand of the wicked, where there are no victims ever. No people dying unnecessarily, and where nature alone has the right to take a life. Imagine that!

If the majority of people and society can live a crime free life, why can't everyone!? Personally, I find it impossible to comprehend a world without crime but, if it were to come about, what a wonderful, beautiful and richer world this would be...right !?

Video: Louis Armstrong - What a Wonderful World

Would you like to bring back capital punishment?

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© 2012 compu-smart

What's your opinion on crime and criminals

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    • profile image

      anonymouse 3 months ago

      Theoretically there is a possibility of it but in reality no, for there to be no crime there can't be any type of negative emotions. Good (if) Bad , Bad (if) Good (imples) GOOD = BAD. Life has no value if there are no challenges. What always surprices me is that people always think that theree is a global GOOD and BAD but if you look deeper you will see everything that has a bad side always has a good side and vice versa. One exaple would be terrorism it is part of the soloution to overpopulation doesn't necceserily mean this is why people do it but it could mean, reality, sustainabbility, stabability and mental sustainability of the human race on a global scale needs it. There are thing's in life which we may not want but Life in general needs...

    • profile image

      kirtee 20 months ago

      i like it

    • profile image

      Not Happy! 3 years ago

      Someone stole my iphone today at the library. I turned my back for 2 seconds and its gone. Last week someone stole my bike from outside my house and I'm sick to the teeth of these theiving bastards. The problem we have here in the UK is the laws are far to lenient and if the punishment ws to lose a finger each time their caught, I think the theives would think twice about nicking other peoples property.

    • profile image

      Crime is for losers. 4 years ago

      To hell with it and people who support it. I'd love to live in a world without crime.

      I'm with rajan on a world with no crime since I'm tired of all the bad people in the world.

    • profile image

      at rajan jolly 4 years ago

      thank you for typing that. because of your post, you're one of the people who i like in this hub. not those crime lovers. and so, i salute you.

    • rajan jolly profile image

      Rajan Singh Jolly 4 years ago from From Mumbai, presently in Jalandhar,INDIA.

      I agree, this world would be a much nicer place to live if there was no crime.

    • profile image

      Ausseye 5 years ago

      Hi P Smart:

      Not possible ??? Alas we live with DNA directed brains

      The socio-psycho-paths number but 15% but rule the world

      Because we can not fathom their inhumanity

      Thank humanity we can’t

      But the majority have the best morality ….but alas the least control.

      Just a planet in the universe of life destined to absorb it’s inhumanity of some.

    • jose7polanco profile image

      Jose Misael Polanco 5 years ago from Los Angeles

      Not possible a world without crime... Crime calls attention to social ills so we can know what we are doing wrong and create solutions for it. Crimes are part of human nature just like any other natural need, crime has existed on both poverty and prosperity, war and peace. Also crime makes society full of diversity and therefore is healthy. Follow me, i have published several hubs about it.

    • Alana Warren profile image

      Alana Warren 5 years ago from Derby

      I agree that in some instances the moral implications to someone committing a crime can be compelling. It is hard to reason with certain crimes that have various degrees of emotional attachment whether it is in the consequence or the reasoning. If someone is forced to steal because they are starving, or kill to survive there are extenuating circumstances attributed to them crimes. For instance in times of war if you kill the enemy it is not a crime, but recent changes in the law suggest that to recklessly kill the innocent during war is. The general dilemma is that the degrees of crime differ and so do the conditions surrounding its perpetration. Therefore you are right in saying that crimes are forever changing based on societies. Generally as civilisations evolve their behaviours and attitudes change to moderate what constitutes a crime and what isn’t. Before 1991 for example rape within marriage in England was not a crime, the moral implications of such a heinous act made it possible for those subjected to such offenses to press charges. This is also because by 1991 the archaic attitudes towards women being property in regards to men during their marriage had changed, and women’s rights had been significantly reformed. Crime is subject therefore to interpretation and is continually evolving; new crimes are created as are previous ones abolished. To function in the absence of crime is a perplexing predicament and hard to envisage.

    • Alana Warren profile image

      Alana Warren 5 years ago from Derby

      I previously touched on this subject in relation to International Law; though it would be nice to imagine a place without crime I am somewhat sceptical to its existence. A person cannot fully create a utopian society, I think it would need to eliminate both prejudice, class structures, and create a truly equal nation. Adaptations of such regimes as Communism tried to create an entirely equal nation to eradicate the divide between the poor and wealthy, desirably to then end crime. Unfortunately many of these ideologies never truly come into fruition because there still needs to be a power to take control. Ultimately if there is one power the country is still not unified and thus cannot remain stable. This leads to the formation of dictatorships that jeopardises our freedom. If we want liberty and freedom then we need to balance it with order and conduct. However the sacrifice we make in our choice for freedom is crime, because there are a minority of people who cannot control their behaviour and unfortunately people suffer for the bad choices these people make.

    • Josak profile image

      Josak 5 years ago from variable

      I think not, "crime" is the subset of human progress, all the revolutionary ideas started out being crimes, democracy, questioning the divine right to rule, throwing off oppression, resistance to violent governments there are good crimes and bad crimes, "crime" is simply whatever we consider to be bad in this particular point in history, there was a time when homosexuality was a crime punishable by death as was pre-marital sex and in the future our crimes will no longer be crimes in many instances.

      Our founding fathers were called terrorists too. I think the world would probably be worse off without crime. Now certain crimes sure, but even then, should the person with the starving family not steal? Should the person fighting fro freedom not kill? It's a frightening manipulable world where everyone obeys the law.