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What do you believe would happen if the United States had NO Government?

Updated on June 15, 2011

United States and The Government

Many people wonder if we had never had any Government in the United States where would we be. We could be like some countries, running around killing our own, we would not have help to send to the many people who need it, rather from storms, fires, and or war. The only war will be with the citizens of the United States.

               This is truly a thought as we tend to complain, even if we voted in a certain President and then we figure out he or she ( as a ‘She’ is going to be there one day), but we vote them in and want to vote them out. However, we cannot do such a thing. Would you prefer having no President at all? Do you believe we would be like other countries and have one specific violent, crazy, and uncaring person to boss us around, worse yet killing one of another. This is horrible to think but so true.

Why would the countries fight the way they do? For the same reason I said the above, violence, killing, murders, etc. Without government, we would no longer be a country. There would be no one to protect, represent a look over the areas that we the people never see, or hear of. How would the average person coordinate what may be happening, and then we would not have any government services, this including disability, retirement, food stamps, health care, and aid with money?

These little things are what we would remember, and lose, but then what? Our homeless would quadruple, our children would starve, we would have no police, they could not handle a place that is ran from people who do not have even one little idea of the big picture of what our government really does try for us.

Do I like the government decisions? No , not always, but now I know as you that rather we like their actions or decisions would it not be better than the worst case scenario without government. So let us try to understand better, judge less, because we are not in the government or the President but either way it does not matter. We need our government and we need to know that it is not what we always believe them to be. 

The Flag is More Than Stars and Stripes

God Bless America and The Government
God Bless America and The Government

Government and Presidents

Would you be happy if there were no Government or Presidents?

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