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Whatever Happened to Chris Christie?

Updated on April 12, 2016
Lilith Fair profile image

Lilith Fair is a freelance writer living in the Southwest. Her articles often address issues of race and the nature of politics.


Chris Christie's Walk of Shame

Some are wondering what happened to New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, after he was released as Trump's hostage. There are those who suggest Christie is still doing the walk of shame, after getting into bed with the devil. Christie finally resurfaced only briefly on Tuesday, taking credit for saving employers $200 million in taxes, thanks to his administration's unemployment anti-fraud program. Christie's self-inflicted pat on the back did not keep Republican Presidential candidate Ted Cruz, from reminding everyone of that very special place in hell that awaits Christie for ever backing Trump.

Hostage Christie


Cruz Expresses Sadness For Christie

Ted Cruz stated on the Glenn Beck show today, that Christie was in fact, "trapped in his own private hell", after his endorsement of Donald Trump. Cruz went on to say that he was fond of Christie and felt sorry for him. He added that it was difficult watching Christie be humiliated. Cruz made a hilarious reference to Christie standing behind Trump holding his jacket. Cruz went on to say that he could see by the look in Christie's eyes, that he was silently screaming inside. It's doubtful that Christie would appreciate Cruz's observation, or his pity for that matter.


The Party's Over

No tears should be shed for Chris Christie, for he is a shameless opportunist who believed he could ride Trump's flaming coat tails right into the White House. Christie and Trump are cut from the same ragged cloth. Both are bullies and blowhards and have little if any class. How awful it must be, as the Governor of a state to be instructed to address Donald as Mr. Trump. And how humiliating it must have been, to be commanded, in front of reporters, to "Go get on the plane and go home", after dutifully standing by Trump's side. Perhaps Governor Christie did not know that when you lie down with dogs, you're bound to get fleas.

Get Along Little Doggie


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    • Lilith Fair profile image

      Lilith Fair 2 years ago

      No, unfortunately it doesn't look like that's ever going to happen. There have been a number of petitions circulated, demanding his resignation, but nothing has come of them. Sadly, that's politics.

    • profile image

      Titanslay 2 years ago

      Any news on an impeachment? I know local papers were asking him to step down because of his neglect for his own state. I'd like to know what happened to that, if anything