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Conspiracy Addict Checking In

Updated on July 4, 2016

Now give this ghost a name.

I have created a ghost. An apparition, of a sort, meant to satisfy a craving to disappear into a mirage. To nurture the desires of the unfulfilled and cure the resentment of not being rare. For not having clear purpose or never truly impacting the world. Ive always wanted to be more. Who of us don't?

A woman in the crowd floated a new Benghazi conspiracy. "Has someone in the GOP leadership gotten their fingers involved in watering down some of this to benefit Secretary Clinton?" she asked. Nobody rebutted this idea.

I Am Ajax

I named my ghost Ajax. For the deadpool villain who viciously stands by his rebirthing into a superhuman. Hell bent on never being his old self but only of power and strength his mutation serves. For the greek Ajax, strongest of the Acheaens. Named for his strength as a warrior and fearlessness. A cousin of Achilles. Seemed fitting to put myself into an ego so dramatically opposite from who I am. I am not powerful. I am not unique. I hold no grand talent. It disturbs me so. There is no grandeur. No element of greatness. Lame.

My ghost says the things I would not, lives the way I would not - could not. Ajax is power. Ajax has no limitations. Ajax is my mind set free. Not bound by normality. Not chained by reality. A true alter ego.

I know the power of the mind. I know the power of the voice. I know how many of you feel it - the boredom of not being great. Trapped inside a body not strong enough. Lost in a society not smart enough. Doomed to minimum wage and mortgages. Blinded by media ridiculousness. Buy this. Watch this. Eat this. Be offended by this. War and play amoung each other so not one person can make any sort of impact on any one issue. Just a mass flow of dull.

Operation Ajax Confirmed False Flag Attack

Set Your Mind Free

Do you want to change the world?

See results

Wasteland of dead-end dreams and silver linings

Knowledge is power. You have to be a sponge - vigilant and aware. To make a nudge you have to gather like minds. Alot of them. Alot of people who want to move but their feet are cemented in apathy. Ideas held on tongues fearing ridicule or a loss of privacy. People who are waiting for one person to save us when its the collective that must prevail. We are putting much too much into the hands of our "leaders" and boy they are banking off our neglect. Our neglect to be patriots to the bone. Not a patriot of just this country but of the world. To advocate its defense. To force its preservation. To force the preservation of us as a species. I want to set your mind free. It needs to grow. We must sharpen one another. And not with the senseless and mindless but with the critical and absolute.

Mediocrity is Cringe Worthy

I created a ghost and it is an extension of me. I imagine it perched on my shoulder. Its the icon of my potential.
This is my world. This is my mind. Its cluttered and scattered, a wasteland of dead-end dreams and silver linings.

Im always up to something and I'm bored being mediocre. It's maddening wondering if I missed the train or if it hasn't come for me yet.
I have been watching what people are doing to gather their fan base on media. I think, how do I attract people? What parts of me will they gravitate to? Do I have a pull at all?
My only consolation is I am not alone. We are all in a crowd waving our hands violently, begging to be seen. For whatever ends - to be loved, to get money, to change the world.
I just want a void filled.

Army of Thinkers

I have my ghost. I need my audience. I need the ones who feel that sickness in their bones that something just isn't right with how this whole thing played out. That something in your life is just missing and you feel alone with it. You feel small and weak. Maybe you had dreams ripped from you. Or no dreams at all because you have been only survival. Going from one breath to the next.

I have been watching the world closely. How people are gathering followers in all mediums. The things they do, what they say. Video, blogging, friending, tweeting, selfies, gaming, just webs of people looking to connect. I wonder often if I could weave from those webs my own following. I know many people who think alot like me but a rare few who think exactly like me. How soothing it would be to discover a multitude of bright minds sitting dormant. I want to draw them out. I don't know how to find you yet. Perhaps if I pour everything I am into this you will find your ways to me. Maybe we will change something together, change each other. That movement in my being that screams I was meant for great things - I will no longer suppress it. I will nurture it as a prophecy.

My mind jumps to and fro as will my messages. Knowledge is power. So I feed myself voraciously. And I will feed you too. The mind must be exercised. And survival in these years to come will depend on what you can take in now. You strip yourself of the habits the Elites so love you to follow. You open your eyes to the truly critical rather the socially popular. And you prepare. You prepare yourself. You prepare the ones you love. You tell everyone you know what you learn and you do so hoping it spreads like fire. You will be saving lives. There are titan walls between us and our aggressors. They are the world order, there is no battlefield that will give us victory. So we do not go to war. We gather close, lay low and be still and steady. We protect one another, teach one another. We do everything we can to break the blinders of the common citizen. And when the day comes and the veil drops more of us will embrace the raw beast inside and more of us will survive. And of those who survive will be our next age of great thinkers and movers. The smarter we are, the smarter they will be.

There is much to do.

When your body is too weak and society is too dumb. When you want more than clocking in a time clock. When you want to protect and defend instead of watching Kardashian dollars pile.
That's the time your mind is the only thing to become a beast
And we all get together and network and help each other. Then we make money. Then we create movement.
I want to talk to you about movement. Go ahead and wiki or Google the word. It is significant, critical. MOVEMENT. Study it. Let it swing focus to politics. Study listed individual humans who have and are swaying global issues on world wide scale. Ill get you some links. Then my ghosts we will discuss secret society. This one gets me tingling. I have a massive thrill to learn about secret societies so I thought we could learn together. Comment your ideas or favorite society. As always I have centered myself in the conspiracy world because I believe the minds that most fit mine are those who question everything and see the media entity banking on our diversion. The study of the diversion is how the smarter of us excell. Why is our government endorsing false flag? Why is a possible future presidential candidate making movement by manipulating information a theorist drools over? Because, my ghosts, Trump has targeted fifty percent of us. Thats the statistic people. Almost half of us have a lure to being engaged by conspiracy theory. Perfect place for Trump. Perfect place for Ajax. Why not follow the steps of a billionaire?


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    • Misfit Chick profile image

      Catherine Mostly 

      2 years ago from Seattle, WA - USA - The WORLD

      Did you read all the way to the end of my hub? There is help there... a place to begin again, if you want to. That is what that entire article was about, how to move on from wherever you are at. Abe tells people to 'be themselves' when they raise their kids, because they purposefully came to YOU; and you attracted them to you. They KNEW who they were coming to when they came to you; plus, you know yourself, well. You are BEYOND 'worthy'. Just 'relax, and go with the flow'. You're FINE. You really really are. My email is in my profile if you want to talk more in private. :)

    • Ajax 2016 profile imageAUTHOR

      Ajax 2016 

      2 years ago

      Honestly I aspire to be a novelist. I have written mostly fiction. But I started hearing a voice inside me and it is faint and mysterious and intriguing. I just can't make out what it is saying and why I feel it is so important to translate. I was drawn to conspiracy because I always have been. In no way is it my limit, only a stepping stone. A pause to rest my feet and try to focus some of this energy in me. So I can quiet my being and perhaps that voice will rise from a whisper to a roar.

      I do not know where to begin. I have created a persona, my ghost, my guise so I can conquer my insecurity and be someone in my writing that I have never been in my reality.

      Ajax is a beginning. I hope to something that changes my life. I feel I was meant for greater things. I am tired of squashing this. I want to be more. I dont want to be poor anymore. I don't want to be insignificant.

      More than seeking followers I am frantically searching for that one or several people who can help me create a new life. For now I remain Ajax but there is a soul here with a story to be told, I just want to share myself with the right ones so I am not ripped apart any further.

      For now a brief glimpse.

      I am a woman.

      I am a mother.

      I am scared. I have a very heavy burden of providing for two pieces of my soul trying to learn to be human. And it is on me to teach them this world and prepare them, and its daunting and troubling.

      I need help.

    • Misfit Chick profile image

      Catherine Mostly 

      2 years ago from Seattle, WA - USA - The WORLD

      Love the way your brain works - yup, you're one of the RARE 'normals' like me. Take heart, we are slowly growing in number - sometimes it takes a while to find each other. :)

      One normal person - no matter how dull they supposedly are - can make up for multitudes of crazy and/or out-of-touch people. Belief is the key, and you have LOTS of belief in yourself. You're tuned in and contageous. Congrats.

      "How soothing it would be to discover a multitude of bright minds sitting dormant. I want to draw them out."

      My advice: Relax - lead with the feeling of the already-accomplished desires that you can't see. How will it feel to have a community of people who are following you and each other to co-create a fascinating stream of unconventional knowledge?

      Think about it, build it, believe in it - they will come... ;)

      "This one gets me tingling. I have a massive thrill to learn about secret societies..."

      I have actually done quite a bit of research into some of these things; and you're right - they are fascinating. Don't let yourself get too hung-up on the maddening details about any of them, however - that steals your joy and diminishes your creativity, both individually and collectively.

      My advice would be to treat the process as if you are acheology students looking into any other fascinating past culture in history - because they are becoming history, slowly but surely - mostly because of people like you.

      Now is a good time to collect stuff for the museums. :)

      Btw, I'm a fan of David Icke and Anonymous, both. I'm a 'fan' of a lot of those kinds of progressive thinkers - that doesn't mean that I would follow any of them like a religion. Always keep things in perspective - follow your inner bad boy.

      I'm HAPPY to 'fuck sh*t up' with you. :)


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