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What's Dichotomy in Public Administration?

Updated on February 10, 2012

What is the Dichotomy in Public Administration?

Dichotomy can be defined as “a dichotomy is any splitting of a whole into exactly two non overlapping parts. In other word, it is bipartition of element which are mutually exclusive nothing can belong simultaneously to must belong to one part or both parts and everything must petition elements are themselves a dichotomy. They are either compliments or opposites. Separation refers to between administrator and politics. Administer of development should not be influenced by any station as an age political party statement. Administrator should not be involved in politics because as a people that responsible to protect the Public Administration.

For example, the colors black and white represent a classic dichotomy: either something is black, or it is white, with no room for overlap or alternatives. Dichotomies are used in a number of ways and in an assortment of fields, fromphilosophytobiology, and learning to think about dichotomies can be important. It is also a good idea to learn to identify a false dichotomy; adichotomywhich is not, in other words, a true dichotomy. People are always judge by the way they look, speak, move, and the color of their skin. No matter whom you are; rich, middle class or poor or are being judge. According to Elijah Anderson essay “Street Etiquette and street Wisdom” and bell hook’s essay “A Place Where the Soul Can Rest”, class, race, and sexism creates a division in the dichotomy between blacks and whites.

The word is derived from the Greekdichotomia, which means “splitting in two.” Humans have obviously been using dichotomies for centuries, as they can be valuable tools for quickly identifying things and thinking about the world, although the danger of dichotomies is that they can quickly lead to oversimplification. This issue has been a common topic of discussion in many fields for thousands of years (Sarah O’Neill, 2010).

So, in a modern government, public administrators hold the most important power. They implement or execute public policies. Public administration reflects efficiency and judicious criteria of a government. It also shows the sources of information and idea of the government in solving problems that occurs in economic, social and political aspect of the country.

Significance of Dichotomy In Public Administration:

Dichotomy holds a very important role in public administration. It provides good condition in every aspect for an administrator. By this statement, it ensures the professionalism of the worker by separating his/her political ideologies and his/her responsibility as a public servant.

Other than that, it provides more freedom. This freedom can be obtained by the administrator itself or even the public. For the worker, it allows all of them to have their own choices to believe what they want to believe. In this case, it is their political views. While the public has their freedom to voice out their opinion or seek help from the government when in need. For example, a single mom with two kids heads to the Welfare Dept to get monthly incentive. She is eligible to apply because of her situation.

Dichotomy also can reduce the span of control of a politician. This is to ensure that politician has limited power and not doing anything he desires. Dichotomy limits a power of a politician thus creating a better, harmonious and fair administration in a government.

It is also a medium to minimize misunderstanding between people and their government. The public may refer any governmental acts and policies through public administration as it is their job to channel information from the government straight to the citizen. Any confusion can be referred to the administration which has relation with the issues. For example, anyone who needed information regarding the new plan of “Bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia” or BR1M may call the Treasury Dept.


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