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What's With The Debt Ceiling

Updated on May 6, 2011

Congress Before A Citizens Hearing

Congress can compel a citizen to come before them to give testimony any time they want to. I have to admit that I would love to call congress before a Citizens Hearing. It would be great to see some of these overbearing elitist squirm before some hard questioning.

"Alright Mr. Congressman could you please explain to the committee exactly why you placed a debt limit on the Government only to raise it? Doesn't this seem to you to defeat the purpose of a debt ceiling?"

"Well, you as a citizen just don't understand the complexity of our economy. The downturn has left us with no choice but to raise it or we face certain financial disaster. Under ideal circumstances a debt ceiling is appropriate, but today we face unique challenges."

"So, Mr. Congressman, what you are telling the committee is that you could not forsee that the rate you were borrowing money that we the citizens have to pay back was going to hit the debt ceiling and so now you find yourself in this emergency?"

"We were facing crisis so we had to spend the money..."

"Exscuse me Mr. Congressman but it isn't "the money" it is the citizen's money."

"We'll that is a matter of semantics but the point is we needed to spend the money to avert a crises."

"And how did that work out?"

"I understand your sarcasm, but I feel the spending was well worth it because if we hadn't spent that money the terrible condition we are in now would have been that much worse."

"That is a matter of conjecture, sir, but since congress set a debt ceiling it would seem that they, being the august body that they are, would have done so for very good reasons. It also seems that either you are incompetent at your job if you set a debt ceiling but then simply raise it every time you reach it. This is like trying to cure a heroin addict by giving them more and more heroin."


Congress Doesn't Get It

Our congress has become a bloated glutenous creature that is intent on devouring all of the money in its quest for power. Each party's number one concern is gaining control and power rather than service to the people of the United States and this results in a declining America being pushed beneath the waves of greatness by greed and a genuine lack of integrity.

Once a nation is convinced that it is only fair to have part of the citizenry pull the load, it becomes unbalanced and begins its decline as a great nation.  We have a junkie as a government and it is addicted to our money. 

A Solution?

As electorates, we have prosecuted our elections on ignorance greed, and guilt and that is exactly the type of government we have gotten. It can't stop spending money and doesn't even realize that it makes a mockery of itself in setting debt limits only to violate them.

The solution is a very difficult one since we are all involved in this debacle. The solution is an educated, not propagandized, electorate that has the strength to elect statesmen to government and not incompetent, power greedy elites.

We need to put Uncle Sam on a serious diet!


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