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What's Working for Me Now!

Updated on August 17, 2012

What's Working!

What's working for me now? Obviously not trying to shut out every ache, pain and disturbing thought by using Kratom. I've found that a shielding-technique (helmet made from Shield-it-Super) combined with a legal stimulant known as Adrafinil is restoring me to pre-electronic-harassment mental states.

We all know the constant tired feeling, yet being stressed out of our minds whenever that isn't happening. It is like we are suffering from a mild illness that nobody knows how to treat. Well, here's some much-needed help. Adrafinil, a legal stimulant known as a "eugeroic" is very effective for bringing back the old know: the creative, productive, hard-working and expressive being you were before this happened. I've mentioned it in previous articles, but at the time was only using them to lift harder and run faster. Little did I know that this helpful medication could be used to restore normal mental functioning after extreme stress!

I would not have discovered this had my mother not brought me up here to Ontario for the summer. I found that when I took my Ritalin, I was able to turn back into my old self...........but only for about 2 hours! I used up my entire supply before it was time to get another prescription. Well, that is because Ritalin has a very short half-life (1-2 hours I THINK). In any case, I realized that I needed something with a longer half-life and perhaps less intensity. I already knew about Adrafinil..........then I found that they offered it on E-Bay for 89 dollars for 50 grams of 99.9% pure Adrafinil. Now I have a mild stimulant that lasts longer, really helps get me out of that LETHARGIC state we all know and understand. You also do not notice your ears ringing as much and if you do that it is tolerable, not horrifying!

I always sleep with my Shield-It-Super helmet on. It limits the ability to tamper with my dreams. I do take Ambien to get to sleep, but watch out for overuse! You will find that if you are wearing the Helmet AND taking Adrafinil that: you won't have to take as much, the ringing is even more muted, you'll be awake enough to ignore the unwanted negative thoughts and HAVE SOME THOUGHTS OF YOUR OWN. Seriously, I've spent months just listening to music to block this shit. It brings back your energy, lowers your social fears, restores confidence and basically enhances the mind. I would say after the traumatizing experiences we've all been through, this medication will help restore normal mental functioning!

My next projects include: A Faraday Cage and Phenibut (a GABA agonist able to cross the blood brain barrier). Stalkers change their tactics, so we must become researchers exploring ways to make our minds more functional and vital. We must always continue to Shield ourselves. I find that they cannot control my dreams if I wear the helmet to bed. I recommend taking a refrigerator-box and triple-lining it with Shield-It-Super.

I had really screwed myself by deciding to nullify my perceptions. When you do this, your behavior so closely resembles that of a drug-addict that no one will believe in you. More Kratom made the pain go away and I could talk to people who were "in" without freaking out. I felt that I had found a "vaccine" for my condition and continued using higher and higher amounts until I was attacked when my tolerance was sky-high. The NEW WAY is not to hide from your perceptions, it's to invigorate the mind so as to overcome whatever is making us: tired, depressed, socially-uncomfortable, physically miserable and mentally-stuck. This way, we can be productive citizens again instead of invalids.


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