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What’s next for the Republican Candidates? Delegates in Arizona and Utah

Updated on March 23, 2016
Republican front-runner Donald Trump rallied thousands of supporters in Fountain Hills ahead of Arizona's presidential primary on Tuesday.
Republican front-runner Donald Trump rallied thousands of supporters in Fountain Hills ahead of Arizona's presidential primary on Tuesday. | Source

With the idea of a contested convention surrounding the Republican party, front-runner Donald Trump will look to further increase his delegate count on Tuesday. The Arizona primary and Utah caucus being held tomorrow will indicate whether Trump is able to increase his lead or if Ted Cruz will be able to catch up as they both race to 1237 delegates. The most recent poll implemented by FOX 10 on Sunday has Donald Trump with a solid lead at 46%, Texas senator Ted Cruz trailing at 33% and Ohio governor John Kasich with 17% of the vote in the Grand Canyon state. Although several pro-Cruz television and radio advertisements have helped the senator boost his support in the last few days, it seems very unlikely that he will pull off an upset. Trump, who has been endorsed by Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, current State Treasurer Jeff DeWit, former Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, former Attorney General Bob Corbin, former State Treasurer Carol Springer, and former State Senators Lori Klein and Robert Blendu, will try to seal his 23rd win in Arizona’s winner-take-all primary Tuesday night and add 58 delegates to his total count.

Ted Cruz talks with Sean Hannity in a special one-hour live sit-down with in Arizona
Ted Cruz talks with Sean Hannity in a special one-hour live sit-down with in Arizona | Source

However, Utah is a different story. According to Y2 Analytics, Ted Cruz has an insurmountable lead with 53% of the vote. Kasich is in second place with 29% of the vote while Trump is last with only 11%. Like Trump in Arizona, Cruz has landed a few endorsements of his own in Utah. Governor Gary Herbert, Lieutenant Governor Spencer Cox and Senator Mike Lee have all endorsed Cruz ahead of the caucus on Tuesday. In addition, Mitt Romney has revealed that he will be voting for Ted Cruz and has also made robocalls urging voters to support the Texas senator. Cruz has done very well in every caucus thus far and will try to trounce his competition. If he hits the 50% threshold, he will acquire all 40 of the state’s delegates. If Kasich splits the anti-Trump votes enough to prevent Cruz from hitting that threshold, the delegates will be distributed proportionally.

If the Presidential election were held today, which candidate would you vote for?

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