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What's the Aim

Updated on March 24, 2013

Stepping into The Crosshairs?

This week, the Senate will take up the first major firearms legislation since the Assault Weapons Ban expired. In light of the Newton, Connecticut, school shooting, Congressional Democrats and the President see an opportunity to tap public outrage at the current policy.

I insist that Newtown was merely the last straw in a string of shootings that started in Tuscon, and continued through Fort Hood, Aurora, Wisconsin and finally Newton. But there were more than mass shootings, incidents like Trayvon Martin, and the murder-suicide in Kansas City also put America's firearms policy under fire. As well as the group behind so much those policies, the National Rifle Association. Their response and rhetoric has showed them to be out of touch with much of mainstream America.

But the NRA still has political clout, as was shown by the fact that many of the provisions that they found toxic to the manufacturers and insurgents they rely on. There will be no Assault Weapons ban and no limits on magazine size.

More than a few on the side of gun safety and sanity, like the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, saw this decision as a sell-out to the NRA. I think it was a case more of taking what you can get and taking baby steps. Also, some of the ideas that were rejected may show up as amendments.

Even as amendments, the bill will still show what the purpose may be, to show that the absolutists of the NRA have too much power and that working to vote NRA hired guns out of office is the only way to see America's firearms laws be more like those of a First World country.


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    • lovemychris profile image

      Leslie McCowen 

      5 years ago from Cape Cod, USA

      I'm keeping an eye on that Tea Party web-site.

      I was really stunned.

      And now I see where a lot of people here, and on twitter are coming from.

      As they said, and Sarah Palin said it first: Locked and Loaded.

    • TeaPartyCrasher profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Camp Hill, PA

      Good work LMC!

    • lovemychris profile image

      Leslie McCowen 

      5 years ago from Cape Cod, USA

      This is interesting, given Tea Party site....


      NRA report authors have apparent financial interest in schools spending $ on gun training + gear.

      Youth firearms initiative+guns in schools= MONEY!for the Gun makers. Little kick-back to NRA?

      It's not a conspiracy, it's a plan.

    • lovemychris profile image

      Leslie McCowen 

      5 years ago from Cape Cod, USA

      We have been saying ”we are as mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore”,

      those days are over!

      Time to lock and load!

      Tea is tired of the Obamites trying to gun grab so we are fighting back! We are writing big fat checks to fund the “Youth Firearms Training Initiative”and we are sending your Tea Party Team to Washington to go face to face with Congressmen!


      Get this: The Lame Stream Media’s Spokes-Holes are Official Haters of America’s Second Amendment, and they are working overtime to push for confiscating every last gun in America…and tossing you into prison if you don’t comply.


    • lovemychris profile image

      Leslie McCowen 

      5 years ago from Cape Cod, USA

      Look at this....they really believe it!

      "It’s now clear: Obama intends to use drone strikes to kill Americans"

      The aim of their gun-buying is to use them against the gvt.

      ......and us?


    • lovemychris profile image

      Leslie McCowen 

      5 years ago from Cape Cod, USA

      Hear! Hear!

      By Robert Parry:

      "Tea Partiers and their Libertarian allies fancy themselves the true protectors of the Constitution, but they consistently demonstrate profound ignorance of what the Framers were doing and why. It’s as if they are all summa cum laude graduates of Glenn Beck’s unaccredited online university.

      Their sloppy history might not be a matter of particular concern if the consequences weren’t so severe, such as how it has frustrated common-sense gun control by promoting a false interpretation of the Second Amendment – that the Framers wrote it because they wanted individual Americans to be heavily armed so they could kill representatives of the U.S. government."

    • TeaPartyCrasher profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Camp Hill, PA

      Just don't expect them to be ever seen that way.

    • lovemychris profile image

      Leslie McCowen 

      5 years ago from Cape Cod, USA

      Graveyard is right!

      Same day District Attorney is named in a case against white supremacists, he and his wife are shot dead.


      This is home-grown terrorism.

      And frankly, it's nothing new.


      Operation Rescue....

      Yeah...let's give them more deadlier guns: that will help.

      Just remember the TP rallies...the sign w guns on them and talk about bloodying the tree of liberty.

      They do know what they do......and thank god the Feds do too.

      And they won't be forgiven. For they usurp the meaning of "life and the pursuit of happiness."

    • junko profile image


      5 years ago

      TPC the far right has decided to ignore the left and the Democratic far left Black President. They know that nothing can happen to them until their reelections and by then the voters will not feel as they do today. The far right has a "Graveyard Love" for the United States of America, if they can't control America, nobody will control the Nation. They would rather see the Nation in flames then controlled successfully by liberals. THEY KNOW WHAT THEY DO AND SHALL NOT BE FORGIVEN FOR THE FALL OF AMERICA.

    • lovemychris profile image

      Leslie McCowen 

      5 years ago from Cape Cod, USA

      Second Prosecutor Shot to Death in Texas County


      Isn't this terrorism?

    • TeaPartyCrasher profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Camp Hill, PA

      That we need to work on reducing the influence of money in politics.

      And work on getting NRA and ALEC stooges out of office

    • lovemychris profile image

      Leslie McCowen 

      5 years ago from Cape Cod, USA

      The people don't want a lot of the things R's are doing...but they're doing them anyway. It's a take-over.

      They took over a whole city, and the people could do nothing. Outlawing abortion.....

      This gun thing is just another fascist move. 91% of every single American wants background checks...even NRA members.

      So--if it doesn't happen, what does that tell you?

      They took over Detroit--what does that tell you?

      They aren't listening to the people. It's a coup.

      Better vote Dem in 2014......your country is being stolen right out from under you.

      Guns for all: By law, if they get their way. Then they can jack the prices up to the roof. Kill someone? Don't worry about it: we'll slack the laws for that too.

      it's already begun: stand your ground.

      It's a bloodless far. They are ginning people up to kill, though: you can bet on that. Just listen to Beck or Jones.


      ALEC, NRA, Oil Co.'s, Big Biz, Big's not idiots we are dealing with. They know everything about you: Koch has best spy infrastructure on planet.They own the media.....they tell you what they want you to know.

      Eh--whatever: They are not for the wth do people support them for?

      Meanwhile, a prez who does support the people.....ummm, that's why we voted for him.

      He does want background checks, and no more assault rifles and high-capacity clips. But he won't get it. What does that tell you?

    • ImKarn23 profile image

      Karen Silverman 

      5 years ago

      Grrrrrr...this gun control issue has become a circus..a joke...a fiasco..a sham..(shall i go on?

      Nothing has been done other than selling out every gun on the shelves - and back-ordering MORE!

      The government SAYS they're all for gun reform but - guess what??

      This sequestration bullshit means only that MORE illegal guns are being spilled onto the streets EVERY SINGLE DAY!

      the fbi dept in charge of 'instant' background checks has been 'affected' by the 'cutbacks' - therefore - background checks aren't getting done within the 3 day limit..

      after 3 days - the gun owner can sell that gun - to ANYONE!

      they're talking out of both sides of their mouths, me thinks..

      and - WHAT exactly does clip size have to do with the 2nd amendment???


      keep em coming..

      as far as 'JORGE' goes - the president didn't bring this agenda to the table - the increasing and outrageous gun incidents brought it to the table! The People have had enough, and it's the gov't's job to follow the will of the people! 75% are for tighter gun laws..

      Basically - ya brought it on deal with it!

      or...not - apparently..

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      "Congressional Democrats and the President see an opportunity to tap public outrage at the current policy."

      In other words:

      You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it's an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.

      -Rahm Emanuel


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