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Donald Trump Is In It For The Long Haul, And We're All Doomed

Updated on July 12, 2015

Donald Trump, atrocious hair and all, is somehow thriving in the polls as the 7,985 Republican candidates running for president look for a surge before the debates begin.

But how can this be? How can a man with absolutely no political experience, a racist view of immigrants, and a terrible record on "traditional values" be doing so well with Republican voters?

According to a recent Public Policy Poll from North Carolina, via, Trump holds a 4 percent lead over Jeb Bush to lead the polls. Mind you, this comes after the public relations fiasco he found himself in when he called Mexicans "rapists," and "criminals" when discussing illegal immigration.

The troubling part is that Trump stood behind his generalizing points-of-view, adding the proverbial slap to the face of the Hispanic population by saying he would still win the Latino vote.

Then, to the surprise of anyone in possession of a fully-functional brain, Trump's numbers began to soar. It's no surprise that Fox News piggybacked on Trump for his extreme, racist views of Mexicans, with Bill O'Reilly saying he was "highlighting a problem that is harming the nation."

Apparently classifying an entire group of people as "rapists" and "criminals" is "highlighting a problem that is harming the nation," yet O'Reilly, and almost everyone else at Fox News, denies the existence of climate change, an actual threat that has been harming the nation for decades.

They like Trump because he's candid; because he couldn't care less what you think about him.

You know who else is candid and couldn't care less what you think about him? That independent senator from Vermont named Bernie Sanders.

You know, that guy who's spent his entire life fighting for equal rights, affordable health care for everyone, a solution to climate change, and a stronger middle class. Obviously, Fox News and the rest of the right-wing media will refuse to acknowledge Sanders' existence, but he's the blunt candidate America needs to be listening to.

Not Trump and his publicity stunt of a campaign.

Then again, Trump is striking a chord with a healthy amount of Americans who share the same racist views that he does, and therein lies the problem.

It's comical that a guy with no political experience can be leading Republican polls for the office of leader of the free world. Then again, he's cut from the same cloth of every other Republican candidate. He's anti-gay marriage, thinks climate change is a load of hooey, and would prefer the minimum wage to stay at an unfathomable rate.

This phenomenon of Trump surging through the Republican polls like the California drought they refuse to acknowledge is a sad, sad reality.

Trump is catering to the base of the Republican party, and he's doing quite well. This has to alarm other Republican candidates, since a man with the same amount of political experience as your average Joe is resonating the best with their voters.

Unfortunately, Trump seems to be in it for the long haul. As long as he's spewing the same hate-filled, out-of-touch message his voters want to hear, we'd be wise not to ignore him completely.

If only we could.

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