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When Christmas was Christmas and America was America

Updated on November 7, 2015

When Christmas was Christmas and America was America we used to enjoy PEACE. Both peace at home, peace at work and peace in between. Now we are worried about getting a conceal carrry license, worried about how we get out of the car at the gas station and wondering if someone approaching us wearing a hoodie is about to drop us dead.

When Christmas was Christmas and America was America, we didnt worry about these things. We protected our border, we prayed in school because we just DID. No argument, no debate, you did it because thats how things were.

Today we have kicked God out of school, we have no borders and we are planning every step outside our cars when venturing outside the garage of our homes. Its really sad.

You would think the entire country has changed but it hasn't. The big fear is being drummed up by our media and theyve done a good job of making you think that you are old fashioned and need to keep your mouth shut. History has shown in the past few years that if you dare speak up, they will expose you to the world as a hate filled homophobe.

Its a work of art. It really is. How 3% of our population has driven the remaining 97% into silence out of fear.

Let me scare you even more.... As we wake up and realise that we need to vote a different way to keep our morals, to keep our country, to keep Christmas....the ones who seek such drastic change are piping in millions of people into this country from 3rd world regions in an attempt to stay in power and to destabilize our country so that in time, we are REALLY the minority and we REALLY have no vote.

Today we still do and unless we take ELECTION DAY as holy as we do a church day, there will be no church. Attending the church you had the freedom to attend a few years ago could get your head chopped off....literally.

This is the way we are going, folks.

Our current president has done nothing but to divide and anger this country. He's allowing terrorists across our borders and every decision he's made over the past 7 years has been on the side of the criminal, not YOU and ME.

Today the criminals have more rights than we do. If they rob you, put a gun to your head and you defend yourself you are going to jail. If they invade your home and you defend your family you are scrutinized by their media which will lead to your going to jail.

If they rob you, dont shoot them in the back. They were defenseless! What sense does that even make?..and we accept this as "ok"? Take a stand and this election year. Remove the element of evil that is invading our country once and for all. STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND VOTE! Today your vote still counts. At the rate we are going, Marshal Law will supercede your vote. Voter fraud will go unchecked (it already is). Take back our country, lets make Christmas about the birth of Christ without fear of being kicked out of our neighborhoods.


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    • TheWingless profile image

      TheWingless 2 years ago

      My apologies to a commenter who challenged my article as being of "radical" viewpoints. If you want to repost your comment I will make sure to add them to this page.

      My response to him:

      Have I ever been robbed at a gas station by a black person wearing a Hoodie? No, I was robbed in the parking lot of my son's apartment complex by two WHITE people wearing a hoodie. Where in my article did I mention race of any kind? You see, a hoodie is the garment of choice today for most crooks. Back in the day it was a ski mask. Those who wore it then knew no race anymore than those who wear hoodies today. You, my friend, seem to have a hang up on race.

      I dont need a history lesson from you. If you can read my short article and turn it into a tirade about race, then any history lesson you might give would be tained as hell and I am simply not interested.

      You seem to have some security issues in regard to race. For that I am truly sorry but my viewpoints dont center around race.

      I was commenting on the criminal element in this country and how the government seems to be passing laws to favor them and not us.

      If the mere mention of a Hoodie made you nervous, I apologize. Truth of the mattter is, my ignorant friend.....a criminal wearing a hoodie doesn't mean he is black. It means he is a criminal wearing a hoodie.

      When he has a gun to your head and takes your wallet, keys, prescription glasses and let the cops figure out what his race is. From my perspective, the hoodie guy was a criminal...which is this case was 2 white male's ages 18-19.

      It makes me feel no less safe.