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When Freedom Of Fun Affects Freedom Of Peace

Updated on November 20, 2014

It is a problem that has arisen more and more of late.

Respect has become non-existent in this world we live in.

When I was younger, if we had loud music blaring from our vehicle, we would be pulled over and issued a citation. Usually, after the ticket, we had to deal with our parents taking the stereo system, and possibly the keys to the car.

What happens these days is if issued a noise citation at all, the child goes home and later the parents show at the police station wondering why "their" kid was getting "picked on."

We drive down the road and cannot hear ourselves think because the car next to us has music? (noise) blaring so loud that the windshield in our car is throbbing. What is even worse is the language used in this so-called music.

Here in Puerto Rico, a person can get 6 months in jail for cussing in front of women or children, but you can play the music as loud as you want, with the language you want.

Hmmm, common sense hard at work???

courtesy of pixomar
courtesy of pixomar

Our Music Battle

This hub isn't just about people playing loud music in their cars. No, this goes even deeper than that.

Some think that I may be stepping on eggshells by writing this, but it isn't like I haven't walked on eggshells before. Let me explain...

For quite some time, we have put up with loud music coming from a bar that is about 1/4 mile away, at the bottom of the mountain.

Last night was the straw that broke the camels back.

It was even louder than before. Our nerves were a mess. We endured until midnight and then the police were called. It was at that point an explanation was given that we did not expect.

José Ramón Soto Rivera

He is the Mayor of Canóvanas and has been for quite a few years (since 1993).

His nickname is Chemo Soto. He is quite well known for trying to hunt down and kill the chupacabra.

Chemo's daughter is Lorna Soto who was a Puerto Rican Senator. His son, Christian "Chemito" Soto Jr plead guilty to trafficking in drugs.

The Mayor Gave Approval

"Sorry, we cannot do anything," the policeman said on the other end of the phone line. "The mayor you elected gave permission for that bar to have music blaring until 2 am in the morning."

The discussion went on and on, but in the end, nothing could be done because the Mayor of Canóvanas, Puerto Rico said that they could.

Right after the call, we heard the leader of the band with a loud call say, "Guess what people, we are playing loud until 2AM!" It was almost like they had been called and told about our call.

I have been told that we are fighting against "bad" people. Well, bad people or not, God is most powerful and He stands with us.

The Mayor has allowed this; we hear cars peeling out, gunshots at times, and I am sure drugs are also rampant down there.

There are many rumors about this Mayor, but they are rumors, so I will not say them. One thing that is truth is his son was arrested some time back for dealing in drugs. It is also a known fact that he is paying the ex-mayor of San Juan $100 an hour to be his consultant. With the economic situation in Puerto Rico, is this right?

I made a video last night for you all to see. You be the judge.

I ask for your comments on how you would handle the situation.


It is wrong and something needs to be done.

I must admit that I am really hoping Chemo reads this...but does he know English?

He has promised sidewalks and a bus system. All we see is loud music in a bar. No sidewalks and no bus system.

What would you do?

© 2014 Greg Boudonck


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