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When Funny Becomes Boring

Updated on March 1, 2012

Dennis & Judi

When "Funny" Just Turns Boring

I have A wicked sense of humor and if something is funny..well its just damned funny even if it is at my expense. I listen to an afternoon show (at work I can only get two channels and unless I want to listen to the same 5 songs all day long...) and every day its the same thing over and over and over...and I don't feel angry or insulted - just weary...its boring.

I know if I called in just to say, I'm not even just make me feel..... tired..I will be disparaged for being too sensitive or too politically correct. And that's not it at all...its just plain B-O-R-I-N-G.

Its always racial or gay this or that (yesterday's was how funny it is that if a black person drives or walks through one of the host's neigborhood they are constantly stopped and harassed) Today it was black people, Asian people, some Hispanic people, some sort of Middle Eastener, and gay people.

Today there were a hilarious rendition of Chinese accents and one hilarious question: "What would prefer? Your son to smoke or be gay." Well smoke 5 packs a day and get lung cancer, of course. But god forbid be gay and alive and healthy - better dead than gay I guess.

Also, another brilliant question: "Did you ever say anything offensive, (but you are so innocent and clueless in the year 2007 where you truly have to be dead to not know anything about race, or color, or religion, or sexual orientation with all the media information out there in every conceivable format or two years old) that you just didn't know it was offensive and some overly sensitve, politically correct boob had the audacity to finally just say ENOUGH or worse, be insulted!

In this day and age? I am sorry, no one has the excuse of saying well I grew up in a small hamlet where there were no (take your pick) or my parents, uncle Bob, mom, dear old grandmother was a (racist, bigot, idiot take your pick) that I didn't know any better to say (take your pick) or do (take your pick). You did know better and you just wanted to say it out loud to see how far you were going to get away with it. Its all ha, ha...we're just joking and you are an idiot not to get the joke. *wink *wink If you take the bait and call in, you are shouted down and ridiculed for the moron *you* are.

There is no hole or hamlet on this planet earth that is not accessible and available to see and learn about other people and cultures in this world (and OMG public libraries are still around and free I hear) not to know that when you say and do certain things, its just plain stoopid and offensive and makes you look like an uneducated, uniformed idiot.

Sorry, I just felt I just couldn't stand them today. And am talking about Martin and Rossi (although now its Cassey & Rossi) and Dennis and Judy on Proud to Be New Jersey 101.5). And is all okay because he's Italian and she's Jewish and they occasionally make fun of Italians and Jews see?


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      Linda 9 years ago

      She wears too much masqara and its very clumpy..