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Simple Suggestions for Commuters and Government when Heavy Rains Fall Down

Updated on July 10, 2016
When heavy rain pours down, a collection of water flows and it will be called flood.
When heavy rain pours down, a collection of water flows and it will be called flood. | Source

The Experience.

“El Niño is better than La Niña”. This was the line I heard from one of my co-passengers while trapped in the middle of heavy traffic and heavy rain. Somehow she had a point considering our situation but on the farmer’s point of view, I think rainy days are like blessing for them.

Going back to the situation, it was my first time to experience heavy rain in downtown area, and it was terrible. Jeepneys were congested which a vehicle could move forward a meter per hour and build-up of floods on the streets was rapid. It even came to the point that I had to cross a street with above-the-knee level of flood with unidentified floating objects. Think whatever you wanted to think and for sure you could get what I meant. Hehehe…

This is what might happen when heavy rain pours down.
This is what might happen when heavy rain pours down. | Source

When Heavy Rain Comes Down.

With that, these should be expected when heavy rain comes in downtown area and some part of Cebu City, particularly in SM City and Mandaue City, in Tipolo and Subang Daku:

  1. Roads will be congested. Expect that you will be unmoved for hours.
  2. Canals will overflow. You will surely get so muddy wet if you decided to just walk. But if the jeep would dare to go on, then chances would be you’ll be sent to your destination after long hours or the jeeps engine would pass out and in this case, you need to walk through the floody street. Careful with the manholes.
  3. Be home late. You would spend forever waiting for the jeep to get on and for the jeep to move. And the competition of getting a vehicle to ride on is really stiff. Others tend to just walk. Mind you, it is not tiring because you will never be alone. There will be lots for sure. Who knows you could meet your forever while walking.

Umbrella is a must.
Umbrella is a must. | Source

What To Do.

There are things we have no control of but we can prepare few things to avoid its negative effect on us.

  1. We could actually bring with us umbrellas all the time. It could even be used to protect us from too much sunlight and in rain. So whatever the weather is, it could be helpful to you.
  2. You should have something to eat inside your bag, e.g., candies, biscuits, water, etc. So whenever you feel hungry while being trapped in a traffic jam, then you have something to nibble. If you could find a nearby food stall, then grab the chance to eat because you need that to carry out the long walk that might be waiting for you ahead.hehehe
  3. Bring with spare plastic bag, so you can wrap those valuable items which could be damage if got wet.
  4. Communicate. You can ask someone or you may join the majority of where they are heading. Do not ever go anywhere alone especially when walking unless you know well the place. Most importantly inform your parents or sister or friends that you might be home late so that they will not get worried.

The Government Should.

After being ready. We also need the support from the government unit. After all, they are after for our welfare as the citizen of the country.

Immediate Remedy:

  1. The local government unit should determine those highly flooded areas and should make contingency plan as to the route of the jeeps. This might be with the help of LTO. Allowing jeeps to take safer routes avoiding the floody roads in case of heavy rains. The information and the contingency plan should be disseminated to the drivers and to driving public.
  2. Other possibility would be, during heavy rains, jeeps should stop for a while and let government buses to fetch the passengers from a common point. For example, E-mall to SM then another bus from SM to SM Consolacion or SM To Total. This is for the passengers to pass through the highly flooded area. Jeepneys will just wait to those dropping points and to continue sending the passengers to their home. In this way, there would be less congestion and for sure people would arrive earlier to their home and less wet.
  3. For the public, you should be disciplined to line up and to patiently wait. Do not huddle up.
  4. For private cars, they could take routes which are on high lands.

Long term Remedy:

  1. The DPWH should try to analyze and properly design drainage system particularly the size with respect to the maximum volume over time that would rise up during heavy rain. Aside from the size, they should also determine the number of inlet of the rain water of the streets as well as the size of it as the volume of rain water flows.
  2. For the public, simply be responsible on your wastes.

As to La Niña or El Niño, well those are extremes, I just hope that we could be responsible citizen to our country and most especially an inhabitant to our mother Earth. It is already bleeding so let’s take good care of our environment while it is not too late yet.


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