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When Our Voices Became Meaningless

Updated on April 7, 2016

The Day We Lost Our Voice

It became clear to me and hopefully other voters that we literally have no choice in who is going to become our next president. With the initial rise of Donald Trump we learned that the RNC and our elected republican officials in Washington don't really care about the voice of the people. The party his literally spent every day reminded us that if the magic number of 1237 isn't gained by Donald, they will essentially pick our president for us. This immediately speaks to the need of 1 person 1 vote to actually mean something.

I was so infuriated by the process I wrote to the RNC, Donald Trump, MSNBC about it...guess what no response. That is ok, as it made me fell good. Here is the idea below (letter to RNC)

Good Morning,

I am emailing you today with great concern over the tactics the republican party is willing to use at the upcoming convention. I would like to note that I am not a supporter of any of the three remaining candidates but understand the true process of electing a candidate in any party should be up to the people, and not up to committee. We live in a modern age in which the individual should have the voting power not the delegates. This system you have in place for a brokered convention is old. If you so choose to use it let me bring up rule 40 which states a nominee has to win "8 states" to even qualify to be on any ballot at the convention. Which means if Donald Trump doesn't hit the magic number of delegates but is the only one to qualify the party in theory should have no choice but to back him.

If the party does not intend to allow the candidate who received the most support from the voters to be the president, then they should openly put there support behind a former Republican Governor who so happens to actually be running for president (Gary Johnson). I have to believe that the party is more open to him being president then Cruz and/or Trump.
That being said, if our current system is so rigged that the voters in the end have no choice we are in fact not a democracy at all. It makes us no different than other countries that truly do not give the voters a choice.

I have herd the media, candidates, and other current republicans speak to how the "majority" of voters do not wantDonald Trump for president. If that is the best argument the party has let us put simple math behind it to show how the voters themselves like/want him to be the nominee more then any other candidate.

Candidate Votes Percent

Trump 7537086 39.41%

Cruz 5476968 28.64%

Rubio 3389965 17.73%

Kaisch 2719319 14.22%

Total (4) 19123338

This shows that based on the voters Trump is by far the preference of the voting class. May I also point to the Fact that in 2012 through Super Tuesday Mitt Romney did not receive over 50% of the votes either. He actually just made that threshold in the end with (52%) of the total votes. Actually at this point Mitt had won roughly the same percentage of the overall voters as Donald Trump roughly 38%.

If this party hopes to remain a viable option for the voters, it must pick whoever the majority of the voters end up selecting. The majority in this case is the individual with the highest percentage of the overall vote. If not you might as well just become a third party or throw your support behind a third party candidate.
If you do decide to try and create a brokered convention that ultimately give the party a different candidate all Donald himself has to do is run as an Independent and what the party attempted is destroyed.

I am hoping to get a response from the GOP. If not I am more then happy to start a signature campaign, send letters to candidates myself, or go to the media.

Thank you,
Sean Cote

This was written on March 16th in case people want to challenge the numbers.

After this I learned of another dilemma on the Democratic side. We learned of the superdelgeates (essentially a 20% head start) for Hillary to become the nominee. This seemed unfair and infuriating as well. When I asked the voters they did not seem to mind this crazy and illogical idea.

What happened....Bernie when on a run, and now has essentially said he will go to the DNC and overturn the voters as well.

Conclusion our parties have rigged the election against the people, just in case they don't like how we vote. This should not be allowed anymore. It is time for us the voters to make a choice, allow the parties to decide for us, even though they have elections; or to tell them no more 1 person 1 vote.

I would prefer the 1 person 1 vote approach. If we aren't going to do that just do as the libertarian party does they decide the nominee, after that point you can vote for them or not.


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