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When Satire Becomes Reality: Al Qaeda Agrees with US on 9/11, The Onion Strikes Again!

Updated on October 15, 2011


On September 23, 2011, not longer after the 10th anniversary of September 11 attack, Iranian president Ahmedinejad addressed the United Nations assembly, he used the opportunity to claim that the US used the "9/11 Mystery" as "pretext" for invasion of two Muslim countries: Iraq and Afghanistan. He essentially claimed that the US government is behind the 9/11 attack, not Al Qaeda. He also ranted on about the Holocaust's existence, claiming that the European countries are paying "ransom to Zionists", and all that is what caused the financial crisis. As a result, the US delegation, along with 27 other European delegations walked out in protest.

[ See reports on this speech and its aftermath ]

Which is really interesting because Al Qaeda, a week later, denounced Iran, calling president Ahmedinajad's claim that US government had a hand in 9/11 "utterly ridiculous". This was published in Al Qaeda's English magazine, named "Inspire".

[ See reports on Al Qaeda response to Iranian President's UN claim ]

However, The Onion Beat Them All

A while back, the satirist website "The Onion" posted a "news" (clearly not) interview where a 9/11 conspiracy theorist faced off with an Al Qaeda operative on "live TV" in CNN news talk style (called ONN, Onion News Network) where Al Qaeda called 9/11 conspiracies "demeaning" to Al Qaeda's accomplishments.

[ See the video yourself, you'll be laughing out loud ]

Oh, my! How did satire became reality? This is hilarious! Al Qaeda agreeing with the US! What happened to this world?

Some former hostages claimed President Ahmedinejad was there in the crisis as a young man, though this claim cannot be verified, even by the vaunted CIA.

[ Learn more about this allegation and subsequent debunking ]

Iran's attempt to assert "leadership"

Iran, as a remnant of the once great Persian Empire, wants to lead the Middle East again, and will take every opportunity to bash the US and all its enemies... INCLUDING Al Qaeda.

Wait, aren't both Al Qaeda and Iran against the US and the West?

Yes, but not quite. You see, in the Middle East, "enemy of my enemy" is NOT necessarily my ally. Al Qaeda is an organization, not a nation, but it was able to accomplish an attack (albeit, ten years ago) that hurt the United States no one had accomplished before. Iran hadn't done much of US prestige since the Embassy Hostage Crisis... all the way back in 1979-1981.

[ Learn more about the Iran-US Embassy Hostage Crisis ]

Thus Al Qaeda is seen as a rival for dominance of the Islamic world stage. US did Iran a big favor by killing Osama Bin Laden, but it is also a warning signal: if need be, US will invade even allied countries to "get" our target.

So Iran decide to make speeches instead.

But it's still funny... that a speech would cause the US and Al Qaeda to AGREE on something!


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