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When Social Media Ain't

Updated on December 14, 2012

Most users understand that Facebook is nothing more (or less) than a large gathering of friends and acquaintances. It is an opportunity to catch up, be social and even pull out the wallet to show pictures. It’s a large Reception like a graduation or wedding celebration.

But imagine walking into this party, getting up on the stage, grabbing a microphone and demanding everyone’s attention. Instead of proposing a toast, you start spouting your religious or political views or letting everyone know you are selling Life Insurance and vacuum cleaners.

You follow up with a rant against this or that. Against Republicans or Democrats. Against Christians or Muslims. Perhaps you want to join the Obama and Bush bashers in that special Purgatory for those who just know they are right and love to share their opinion.

Maybe, for you, part of being “social” is revealing your passions. In self-righteous angst you are certain that all of your friends must agree. You are certain that they see it your way! Well, guess again!

Sorry, for me it’s no longer social when people ask for my soul, my money or my vote. I give them almost as much attention as the zealots in dark suits who bring salvation to my front door.

Got an axe to grind? There are literally thousands of blogs, web sites, chats, where your opinion would be valued. Want to direct people to a site that reflects your opinion? I suggest that you post the Link. Then your FB friends can decide for themselves if they want to share.


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