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When You Get In Big Trouble - A Complete Analysis

Updated on February 3, 2013

Have you noticed that the first thing you think about when you get into big trouble, is how this will affect the people dear to you? It's a tendency in person with a conscience, to care not about himself but about the people who really care for him/her and how to save them some grief.

You can be strong as a stone in the face of trouble but when you hear the voice of a loved one, your heart immediately melts and you just want to hug and tell that person all about your problem and how it's so hard to stay strong.

Have you noticed how when you're in trouble, a lot of people come to console you and talk to you about the whole thing, but actually a very few really care and wish they could help you in some way. The rest of them just want to hear your side of the story and how you're gonna deal with it and how it's going to affect you. They try to gauge your mental strength and some will even try to derive some satisfaction out of hearing that one note of weakness in your voice.

But it is also true that when you're in big trouble, you would know exactly whom you should be sharing your mind with and who are there just for the fun of it.

Condolence costs nothing and so everyone would give you plenty. But a few words by someone close to you, someone you know means it, would take some trouble off your mind.

Those of us who never care about family much, would immediately feel the need to have their support at a difficult time. And the strange thing is that a family would actually support you when you need it, no matter if you were there to back them up when they needed it.

When you're in big trouble, it would be natural of you to jump into believing the first person who comes to you, saying that they will get you out of this trouble (specially if they're some authority figure). However, it is important that you realize that such people will seldom keep their promises and the sad truth is that most of the times they will actually push you deeper in the mess by pretending to be on your side. Be extremely cautious with these people, you don't want to piss them off but do not believe a word they tell you. They are not on your side.

You will think too much about it. People tell you "Try not to think too much and everything would be alright", but it won't matter. You will spend sleepless nights depending on how grave the situation is, and nothing will change that. You will have a heavy head and a constant gloom stuck in your mind.

The worst thing someone can say to you when you're already regretting your mistake, is that "you should've thought about all this before you did such and such thing". But be ready for it, because you'll hear that a lot, specially from the people who would decide your fate.

When you're in big trouble, you will think a lot about how if you had gone back in time, you would've done things differently. But that won't give you any relief, just make you more depressed about how easily you could have avoided this trouble.

When you're in trouble, no matter how good you are with people and how popular you are, there would always be some people who would love to see you go down and just quit. I can only tell you 'Never give them the satisfaction of seeing you beat and giving up'.

The people who put you in trouble will rejoice at their success and how they 'own' you now. Avoid them because this is clearly not your time, your time will come. Until then it's best to just ignore the temptation of breaking their skull.

When you're deep in trouble, this is when you'll come to know about who's your friend and who pretends to be.

In these troubled times, you would try to dig up stuff on what happened with people who got into similar trouble, to try to calculate your future fate. Do the research if that gives you peace but remember that a lot of variables are dynamic and the same would not apply on you. It can only provide a rough idea on the protocol of how you would be treated.

When you get in big trouble the best thing you can do, is get away for a short while, from that place and the people involved and basically everything that reminds you of the trouble. This would give you sometime to cool off and think straight.

In these times, listen to your family, your true friend, a dear one, someone you know is on your side no matter what and wants the best for you. Decisions you take on your own while your mind is troubled, are often disastrous, irrational and emotional. So listen to your loved ones.

Some will come to tell you how much trouble you're in and how you could've avoided it and how everyone is talking about you and how you should just quit and take drastic actions. These people are vile and their hearts black. Shut them off completely.

I hope this helps you in some way. I have a knack for getting in trouble and I have learned things the hard way. I hope you get something out of this and recover quickly.



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