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When a leader has not left any will or made someone her successor?

Updated on February 13, 2017

History and epics have several examples.

There is a proverb in Tamil which means, ‘the king will inflict punishment instantly but god waits and gives punishment to the evil doers. One has to reap what one has sowed. Around the world, if we watch the events, sometimes we feel that innocent people, women and children undergo atrocities at the hand of evil minded. But god waits and see that those evil minded are dealt appropriately. This is what the great epics Ramayana and Mahabharata teaches us. Evil doers may play their vicious game until the end but alas, they await severe punishments later. God never reacts abruptly. He will give ample chance to the evil doers to mend the ways. If they still persist on their old games, then disaster awaits such scoundrels. The demon king Ravana was given several chances to accept his sin and hand over mother Sita to Ram. Out of arrogance born of ego, he never cared for the words of elders as well as his own brother. History reveals the sad end of Ravana! Even his wife Mandothari requested her husband to hand over Sita to Rama, but Ravana was adamant. Even after his defeat on the final phases of war, Ravana was given one more chance to return and come back. But fate has distortioned his thinking and he thought he can finish Rama! He never realized that Rama is a divine incarnation in the garb of a prince! Only when he fell to the arrows of Rama, he realized the Divine and surrendered finally to him. His soul reached Rama since he has submitted himself to Rama!

War of Mahabaratha

Mahabarath epic and present day politics.

Similar is the story of Mahabharata wherein Dharma was by the side of pure Pandava clan and unrighteousness in the form of one hundred brothers of Kauravas clan, who usurped the rightful portion of Kingdom that belonged to the Pandavas. Even Sri Krishna intervened on behalf of the five brothers of Pandava. The wicked brothers tried to humiliate Sri Krishna! However Krishna never bothered about their arrogance and returned to the Pandava camp with the news that only war could settle scores. Thus started, the famous Mahabharata war, which was fought for eighteen days. Since Krishna was with Pandavas, in spite of their small army, they could achieve victory over Kauravas and vanquished all the hundred brothers! This is Kaliyuga when evil is most rampant. Hence the intercession of God is the necessity to set right the behavior of human beings. Majority of people are immersed in evil acts.

Hence, from the ancient days, evil was always prevalent in society in some form, but people had fear to commit sins blatantly. Evil is like the bacterial virus which will remain hidden in the system for several months without causing any damage. One day, it will suddenly flare up due to congenial circumstances. Proximity to power is very dangerous. Current or electricity is a power flowing in the conductors. If man foolishly touch or handle power wires, he will get electrocuted in no time. Hence people always were distance away from power politics. What happened to the Kaurava clan ultimately is evident after the war at Kurukshethra. We have heard about the great “Chanakya” who enabled the brothers of Chandragupta to ascend the throne. He has written a book called “Artha sasthra” which narrates the philosophy behind political powers. His political acumen is very shrewd. Shri Rajagopalachari, the first Governor General of India was also termed as “Chanakya” for his political knowledge and moves. Beyond certain period, even he could not succeed in the political situation of Tamil Nadu when Dravidian parties acquired power with the sole slogan of ‘anti Brahmin’ stand and near ‘atheism’. They don’t believe in God in their political version. They understood that such a stand will fetch them more votes in the elections. Many people who were well educated and holding Masters Degrees and degrees of Law slowly migrated to the Dravidian politics.

Formar idols in Political success

Honest rulers vs present day politicians.

Even a honest man like K.Kamaraj could not survive the Dravidian onslaught. Once, a tall and Powerful figure in Tamil Nadu lost an election to a nuance. In such a scenario nearly for five decades, both the DMK and AIADMK occupied the driver seat in Tamilnadu in alternate succession until the matinee idol MGR came into the picture. The party founded by him garnered rich harvest of votes and in the very first election, the mighty DMK lost to MGR. The personality cult saw MGR success in two consecutive elections. His mantle was taken over by the enigmatic Jayalalitha, who had a great following due to her popularity in cinema! A great tug of war between two Dravidian parties, to wrest the power in Tamil Nadu started. Sadly after the demise of Jayalalitha during her fifth tenure, there was a political vacuum in the state. She has not made any political will or appointed someone as her successor. At this juncture, a care taker Chief Minister who was holding the post for four months was allowed to continue in the post. Though Jayalalitha has never nominated any for her estate or political party, an associate of the CM, who has taken care of her household duties, nurtured an ambition to occupy the shoes of Jayalalitha on her death. A clever maneuver by her group enabled her to become an acting General Secretary and with that clout, she aspired to become the CM. Unfortunately, her plans are now amiss.

Keep calm; nothing lasts

Acting GS vs acting CM.

The acting CM says, he was forced to tender his resignation and he will appeal to the Governor! For the past seven days, many plays were carried out to ensure her selection. Ms.Sasikala claims that she never conspired to usurp the party and government. Yet, to save the party from intruders, she was forced to seek election as Chief Minister. The situation is absolutely fluid here. None know for certain that what will happen in the next two days when the Judgement in disproportionate assets case. The acting CM has seven members of the incumbent assembly while Ms V.K.Sasikala parades around 129 members who are loyal to her and support her candidature. There are few riddles in the problem. That Sasikala was not a member of assembly, nor is she a member of the party at present! Political pundits consider her entry as ‘back door and not legitimate’. People await the ruling of Supreme Court and subsequent decision of Governor. The party has the mandate to rule the state for another four + years.


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