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When is it too late?

Updated on September 26, 2017

All Life Reflects Our Earth

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Your Ancestors Are Speaking But Do You Hear?

Dishonor of the Spirit World and the Future of All

I am appalled at the activity of those that have dishonored the Native American ancestors, and who disallowed others to pray for their ancestors at Hickory Ground in Wetumpka, Alabama., and or any other places where this has taken place. The desecration of the graves of the sacred ancestors of the Native Americans, as well as denying sacred prayers for them to fulfil sacred rites of a Native American tribe is wrong. If all of this is for the price of a dollar from a casino or any other dollar making activity that should never have been built upon sacred ground, then you know how everyone feels about what has been done. This is not only directed at the factors that lead there that did this to the ancestors that have passed on, but to all that would and ever have been upon this earth. No one in this world would wish their graves no matter what race or creed nor their traditions to be dishonored. Denying the right for others to assemble peaceably and pray for their ancestors meant to deny the right to pray. All people should have the right to pray in their own religion or faith. In lieu of those that can change all this, then hear the words of my poem. My prayers go out to the spirits, the Native Americans and to those whose ancestors dwelt on those sacred grounds. All our ancestors no matter where they are from should be respected.

I watched this disrespect flow Westward and now Northward in desecration and greed. This is beyond the Hickory Ground Desecration of those ancestors. I am shocked and cannot see how money means more than people's lives.

In 2016, we are looking at a stand that our Native Americans are making for their environment to stop a pipeline from infecting their water. H2O is the essence of life that we must have to survive as a people. They say at no time in history has all the tribes come to gather and brought forth the need to care about their future, families and lives. They are definitely showing a stance and are being forcefully treated and ignored for the right of the corporation that seems to ignore the future preservation of all creation, and of other humans with the possibility of having no water for the future. Is money more important than a secure future and life-preserving things like water? Not to mention ... the fracking of our earth and uncontrollable earthquakes that we are now seeing. I am seeing my own walls shaking back and forth, and now I am told we have a new fault line that cannot be repaired. I am asking that you listen to the people and hear their voices. They come not in violence but in asking corporations and our government not to allow the environment and her people to be destroyed in our future. As an American, I must thank all those who have stood the ground and supported them, but your voices are not strong enough. Our country needs to hear the wind, and understand it will spread until all that is left in time is money. The Dakotas are special to me. I spent my years in North Dakota, and have fished the waters of the Red River with my dad. I remember the times, when it was common to be 45 below zero, and blizzards were the norm. The three years of my life spent there tells me that I do not want to see it contaminated or destroyed.

I once wrote this poem, and when the first signs of destroying sacred grounds started several years ago, and then it spreads across this country across in the name of money making activities, then I must ask our people what will you say, when you have no water to drink, and we are all lying underneath the earth or swallowed up in shame.
Pipe lines are breaking and contaminating water in several states already, and what are we saying about it. If you cannot understand that that oil is like the death of our wildlife and our own people. Where is the real truth of what is important in the end? I sing out to my ancestors and all our Native Americans or Indigenous People across this country. It has taken great fortitude and strength to stand and be heard. Let the wind take your voices to the highest peaks and be heard. This is my prayers for the people and our own civilization. Let ever voice ring out in this nation, and to the greatest strength in America, and let the wisdom of mankind bring forth new changes to respect life.

There are those of fame, and in political places who have stood for the rights of mankind and the rights of the people about not allowing our earth to be destroyed by the forces that put oil and the gathering of our natural resources before all things. If money talks, then listen to the whispers of our people. There is no money more important than a life or the respect of our country and people and our environment.
It is now our country needs to come together and place a hope for the future in our children and for all children.
It is their future and ours. Let our nation lead by example for the future of our existence.

Land Where the Wind Blows

This poem was written for mankind to know what is being done to our world, and now I am adding to this poem to share my thoughts before this country becomes an environment of nothingness. We must stand for all our brothers and sisters of this country, because that is America, and it is our land to be shared by all those that love her. I must think of all those that now call themselves Indigenous People. They have watched over Mother Earth far longer than those of us that came to build a new life from other countries. May we not forget that this earth provides us with all we need but one thing. That one thing is to care about our neighbors and our families, and all our future for the children to come. Think before you harm a living thing or our earth. Our world needs you to be responsible for your actions.

Those that Lead Must Listen-

Listen to the wind!
Silence covers the land.
The trees are calling us.
Do you not hear it?
They are in the shadows of the night.
Their drums beat within our spirit.
Yet some do not hear what others do.
When a dollar means more than preserving who we are.
Then meaningless is our life.
It is being one with what is, and whatever has been.
It is the fiber of your roots.
The seasons that come and go.
Turtles slowly crawl upon the land.
The wolf lingers behind the trees.
Their eyes are deeply looking into our soul.
Can we say we are one with this spirit,
Or do we feel cold and all alone?
For what a man is or a woman,
So shall their offspring be.
Every action..., has a reaction.
To draw the line and step over it....
Never hearing the wind nor the spirit within.....
Where does this lead?
Your heart beats from our ancestors.
Two parents, it took to bring you here.
The spirit of the father who provides for their family.
The spirit of the mother who nurtures her young.
The Eagle sails within the sky watching over time.
The bear wanders endlessly around the earth.
If you cannot see or hear what was and is and shall be,
Then, now you know why dishonor has befallen upon the land.
For we are what we were to carry on a vision.
To desecrate a life is not hearing the beating of our soul.
No man or woman upon this earth...
Cannot walk without the wind in their face....
And forget that we all have crossed the land of many steps.
Flowing into the rivers of time we must go.
The earth is left behind to tell the story.
If change does not come,
Then we will become a whisper in the wind.
Mankind will not survive.
by - ladybluewriter

Originally Written on 02/21/13

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    • ladybluewriter profile image

      ladybluewriter 14 months ago from United States

      I highly respect all those veterans that went to Standing Rock to help stand the ground in front of all the indigenous people protecting their water from oil pipelines. You had my respect, when you served your country, but now you have earned an even higher respect in my thoughts.

    • ladybluewriter profile image

      ladybluewriter 16 months ago from United States

      I just think we need to honor that which is revered by a people to be sacred, and life itself is one of those things that we pass to our generations, and we hope they have a future that is not polluted or destroyed. Our world must be preserved for all. Thanks teaches12345 for your comment.

    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 16 months ago

      I believe people do need to be responsible for actions that cause harm to others and wildlife. I have been through the Dakotas and found them beautiful and peaceful. I pray we see justice for those who need to have their faith restored.

    • ladybluewriter profile image

      ladybluewriter 16 months ago from United States

      Thank you Cheryl for the positive comment, and I know you are thinking of what all is happening and has happened that relates to my article.


    • Cheryl Wadkins profile image

      lady cherokee 16 months ago

      Awesome and very touching