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When the world become too much, where do you go????

Updated on July 26, 2008

When the world become too much, where do you go????

Lately I am so frustrated with life, with the world, and with the government. Ever since my first child was born, I have had nothing but troubles getter her ID, believe it or not it took 4 applications over a period o eight years to get my child's birth-certificate, that's right I said eight years....And even still I had to re register her birth, I lost our education saving plan because I couldn't get a sin card for her and now....I have her birth certificate, health card and I am trying to get her a passport....Yeah right....I sent in applications for my entire family, we all got ours except...guess oldest child....They are now requesting I get a long birth certificate..... URRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR......Why? Why? And why?

She was born in this country as was I, I have all the papers and proof of her existence and what, now we have to cancel our vacation....So all in all after many years of waiting, wasting time and money, over 200 dollars plus time from missed work and what my child seems to not exist. So you see I am so frustrated, we are not criminals or in the country illegally, we are not trying to flea the country, we just want a family vacation across the border with some of our family that lives there. And you know what no matter where we live these problems will always occur.

What is wrong with the government, it seems they have all their priorities messed up, the war is more important then the healthcare of the countries citizens, owning oil seems to rule all agendas, and nothing gets done for the people who live and work in the country they are governed by. I am no politician and really don't know much about politics, but I know the governments of north America suck....If I could leave to the middle of no where I could, If I could spit on the government I would and If I could run for an election I would. And I would say F*** the war, bring financing to the people who need it: maybe just eliminate money and go back to the boarder system...Okay that's a little far fetched, but wouldn't it be nice....

I'd fire parliament and the white house staff, I would put in place peace treaties, I would put in motion the act, to rid the world of it's need for gas, I would, I would..... I would do so much I can't even sum up all the things I would do. I wish we could wipe the slate clean and start over, so people like my child a fifth generation Canadian citizen would be able to live life with out being questioned for being alive.....She exist and I hate the government for making me spend so much time and money to prove it............



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    • anglnwu profile image

      anglnwu 8 years ago

      I know, sometimes, life stinks and we all have our fair share. Reading all the comments make me think that trials and hardships are common threads of humanity. Still, I agree that the government can be insensitive, always so worried about red tape and technicalities that mean so little to people like us.

    • raguett profile image

      raguett 9 years ago

      I am so sorry for your loss, Im not one for comparing but if i listed all the things my husban and I have be through in the pat ten years you would all be in aw how my huby and I managed to survive togther....we haven't lost children but we have lost alot.....this vacation was suppose to be our first together and well Iknow it's sounds petty conpared to some stories....but it was still thoughts are with everyone who shares a sad story whether lossing your child, your legs or just a family vacation....we all deserve happy days.....and happy stories....

      Thanks for your again I am sorry veronica for your loss....R

    • Veronica Bright profile image

      Veronica Bright 9 years ago from Nebraska

      While I understand your frustration...believe me, you do not have the worse luck ever. I buried my Grandmother on Aug 1, 1997, had a son on Aug 9, 1997 and he died August 20, 1997. My Step son died in July of 1998.

      And if you think THAT'S bad..think of the luck of the Kennedy's..everything aside, that is one family that has been through hell!

      My Grandmother used to say: " I always complained that my feet hurt until I met the man with no feet. " When things get tough, I always try to remember that somewhere out there, are people who have it much worse and maybe I can be an encouragement to them!

    • raguett profile image

      raguett 9 years ago

      Thanks everyone....Funride actually we are canadian(thank goodness)LOL, but there isnt much differenc,really... I thinkt he world is already aginst us, i think my family hve some of the worst luck EVER....maybe it's just been a bad ten years....I still love life but man it gets so frustrating....Anyway we may get the Id sooner then later of course it's going to cost a bundle, so we still may not have our Vacation..But I tell you what funride if you and your family enjoy some of that portugal sun for us I will feel so much better...just kidding...thanks again...M

    • funride profile image

      Ricardo Nunes 9 years ago from Portugal

      Oh Raguett I´m sorry to hear about your ruined vacation plan. Those governmental problems are everywhere, here in Portugal it´s frequent to have dead people being charged with taxes and other assesses well after their dead and even worst, people receiving dead person´s pension for several months after the moment of dead :/

      In your child case I would say that there are worst things than not having American citizen ID :D (just kidding). Don´t be too hard on the World you may put "HIM" against you ;)

      Have fun!

    • talented_ink profile image

      talented_ink 9 years ago from USA

      Not at all. We all need a release from time to time. I'll fedex you my heavy bag because it does GREAT wonders for frustration.

    • raguett profile image

      raguett 9 years ago

      Thank yu for your comments.....I know Im not the first with these troubles...itreally just makes me mad......I try to think positive but sometimes I just want to curse and have a tantrum...I'm not too oldfor a I????

    • guidebaba profile image

      guidebaba 9 years ago from India

      Well, this is the story in all countries on Earth. You can only curse the Government and the system.

    • talented_ink profile image

      talented_ink 9 years ago from USA

      I don't have the answer to how to quickly get your oldest child an ID, but I do know that associations and connections are the best ways to deal with the majority of life's issues. Befriend someone in one of the government offices you go to. They might not know how to resolve your issue either, but they may be able to point you to someone who can. Surround yourself with positive people because when life gets so frustrating that every problem is magnified, you need the support of positivity to help you focus so that solutions can be found. I pray that you are able to get your daughter's ID soon and leave a comment when it is taken care of.

    • profile image

      dave2k32000 9 years ago

      Somebody told that if the world cannot change then you have to change world. I would say that it is the best resort for this quadmire.