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That's Life; Good, when our demons aren't dancing...Joyous, when we're able to take back control!

Updated on April 11, 2017
abwilliams profile image

We all go through 'Stuff", the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Hang in there, keep looking up!

It is so nice to hear from friends and family throughout the year, via cards and letters.

The end of the year, around Christmas time, or the beginning of a New Year, often brings another form of correspondence.....the newsletter.

Some of these newsletters are just Boasts and Bragfests from start to finish.

Then there's the "Woe is me" newsletters...Life is so hard, but only for them, only they face trials and no one can possibly understand their plight.

They cannot see that all face hardship!

Some newsletters are actually uplifting and worth the read, a simple and informative update of the life of a loved one and their loved ones, since Christmas Past.

These are the Best.

I recently had a conversation with a friend. She was telling me about a newsletter that she receives every year, which definitely falls into the Braggadocious category. She anticipates its predictable content, each and every year.

That conversation got me to thinking:

We all go through 'Stuff' -

We go through good stuff, bad stuff and the typical day to day stuff.

We also, all of us, Go Through wonderfully fabulous stuff and unfortunately we also, all of us, Go Through difficult, traumatic and even tragic stuff.

These Highs and these Lows, which we all Go Through, connect us all.

If I were to sit down today and write a newsletter to my friends, family and acquaintances, I'd start by saying, it has been a good year, but we've had some struggles. We've embraced many highs; graduations, promotions, weddings and New Life has entered into this world of ours, but we've also faced lows; life-threatening diseases, we've seen marriages end and we've lost loved ones.

We've come close to losing some to the Streets and we've come close to losing some that grew tired, grew weary, lost hope and gave up on Life.

Their struggles got the best of them...time and time again.

Time and time again... their nemesis proved too powerful and beat them down.

Their demons danced this past year and sadly, they danced often.

But, we've also witnessed cancer getting its butt kicked!

We've witnessed the Street getting beat down, we've witnessed Gloom and Doom defeated, as Life not willing to surrender to it, fought back...

Thank God...some dances were over, before they could barely begin!

I'm guessing that your newsletter would read pretty much the same.

We truly are connected in so many ways.

As we enter each New Year, we do not know what our tomorrow, the following week, the following month..., holds in store for us.

Only God knows!

After All...that's Life, right?

We are not Promised Tomorrow.

We are not Guaranteed Safe Passage, as we go through our day to day from day to day.

We just don't know when our demons are warming up for their all night dance or for what may seem to be a never-ending period of trials and tribulations, that will test just what it is, that we are made of.

I believe that each and every one of us are tested, whether we are strong in Faith or lacking Faith. Demons lie in wait, waiting to pounce, wanting to take advantage of us, especially in those areas, where we are most vulnerable. Seeking to destroy any chance of strengthening Faith and taking pleasure in weakening the strong in Faith, a little bit at a time, leading us to question everything.....especially our Beliefs.

We can't dwell on these things and we should not.

Life is too short for that!

We should live Life to its fullest and face down our demons, whatever they may be, whatever it takes to keep them at bay and whatever keeps them from getting the best of us!

Since I do not do Newsletters, at the most wonderful time of the year or at any other time of the year for that matter. I no longer write letters and I rarely send out cards.

I don't know why I've stopped doing so.....a New Year's Resolution to consider?


For now this will have to suffice.

In the meantime, I am praying for you, the person reading this.

I am praying that you can face down whatever barriers are currently standing in your way, stealing your Joy, keeping you bogged down and keeping you from enjoying Life to its Fullest.

I guess this has somehow morphed into a Newsletter to you.

Stand tall.

Be strong in your Faith!

May you win every single battle which you may encounter and come out on the other side...stronger than ever before.

God's Blessings!


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