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How Much Longer...?

Updated on January 11, 2013

When to say enough is enough to our leaders

For some years my heart has burned by the way our government has carelessly and recklessly used tax payer dollars--they have done so under the guise of necessity and need, all the while looking out for the interests of big business and also their political agenda. For example, health care seems to be on the hearts and minds of most Americans and rightfully so. Did you know that those serving in either the Senate or House of Representatives do not have to pay for their healthcare. It is providedto them for not only the term(s) they serve, but also for life. To add insult to injury, they do not have to file taxes like most hard-working Americans. They are exempt. Hmmmn? Does anyone see a problem with this picture. And if that is not enough to get your pants in an uproar, then let us focus on the issue retirement--which also seems to be a matter of concern and controversy. For years, our leaders have dipped into social security to provide for other social services outside of retirement. They have written IOU's to the account without replacing the money they borrowed. In other words, they have robbed Peter to pay Paul. Do not misunderstand me, I am all for helping those less fortunate than most. However, our government has enabled, yes enabled, people from wanting to work for a living.They have literally crippled certain classes from experiencing the true spirit of capitalism which is unfortunately "greed." And who pays for this--the hard working citizen who is under this belief that their social security taxes is going towards their retirement. Read that very carefully. Most people do not know this, but the money that goes into social security is to pay for those who are retired is not necessarily set aside for those whose paychecks are severed and sliced to pay for such services.

In as far as setting an example as to how to implement and execute a budget, our government has failed and has failed miserably. The last I heard, the proposed budget for 2013 is 2.8 trillion dollars. However, the expected generated income received from personal and business taxes 3.9 trillion dollars. I am not necessarily a math major by any means but based on my calculations there is a discrepancy of 9 billions--not in the positive either. In short, our government is proposing to spend more money than what it is generating. Anybody with some sort of common sense can tell you that that mentality for spending money is ludicrous not lucrative. Is it truly any wonder why most Americans are overspending more than their means? If our government cannot curtail its desire to want to exceed the budget as presented, then what is to prevent its citizens from doing likewise. But, then again, the government can always print more money--it's only paper and the American citizen can always default on their debts. And if that does cure the problem of the financial cancer that is slowly devouring our economy, then let's borrow some money from another nation. Let them control us because of our own desires and lusts. That seems to be the American dream now. There is a problem to this type of mentality. And it is this...if the monies being manufactured do not have the currency to back it up...something is going to hit the fan...A recession, inflation, and possibly another great depression. And guess what? Somebody will have to pay and that somebody is more than likely to me and you.

How much longer must we allow this to continue? When will the people of the United States stand up and say "enough is enough?" When will begin to hold ourselves and our government accountable for the financial mess we dug ourselves in? If something is not done soon, what type of foundation are we building future generations? If change is to occur, it begins by letting our voices be heard. We cannot afford to sit idly by and do absolutely nothing...


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