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When Did You Last Examine Your Life?

Updated on January 20, 2017

Doing some thinking

Have You Examine Your Life Lately?

The unexamined life is not worth living so said Socrates. A bit harsh one may say, perhaps, very often that we are so busy we forget to embark on the most important personal task, which is Examination of one's life.

One of the most vital purpose in life should be all about striving towards acquiring a better quality of life as much as leaving great legacies. This is not possible if the main foundation which is the practice of looking inward is defected.

We know for sure that life is unpredictable – it has the capacity to throw everything at us, both what we want and abhor. Besides, without a good shock absorber or rather a human app we could be in for the worse.

Self-examination of one’s life is the tendency to reflect on the past, present and project the future.

In other words it is an act of downloading the human software to enable us fight off, plus prevent ourselves from the very harmful viruses that happen to be on our part.

Just as the saying goes if you failed to plan, therefore, you have planned to fail. It is very logical and there’s no two ways about it. However, one may wonder what does the society say or is doing about this?

Apparently, it seems self-examination is not in its agenda. Why? Because with the weekly cycle of working tradition, this does not give room to slow down for proper reflection. A tired mind and body can’t function in such circumstances.

More so, the present society preaches capitalism, and capitalism preys on the unhappy, uninformed, unaware or rather the confused populace.

Which however, result in filing their emptiness from the inside temporally. With the likes of, going out to have a good time, holidaying, maybe going on a shopping spray – (the process of buying new products to make one feel happy and satisfied), getting drunk, committing all sorts of criminal acts, etc…

Though, some of these elements of temporal fix are not bad ideas but the exercise are like when one is drunk with the aim of getting away from his or her predicaments. Perhaps, only to get slapped by it after the effect of alcohol in the system subsides.


The answer to that is 1) Relatively simple and 2) Comparatively different.

Thinking image

1) The former is all about trying to know yourself. Examining who you are by answering questions RELATING to self-definItion. In other words, it's a process of answering questions that defines the Who in You.

In doing this, time and concentration are big factors. It also require the ability to see yourself just as you are, not as others see you in terms of your profession, wealth, hobbies or what have you. But just as normal in the ordinary sense.

This exercise is not going to be a quick fix. It is a practice that requires you to relax, focus, think and make yourself aware of who you really are. Time must be set aside for this kind of exercise, daily if you can or weekly at most.

The procedures takes some time to achieve but as soon as you get used to the rhythm, your long required answers will keep coming in.

Group of friends

2) The later approach varies on the bases that, while some people will try to find answers to the puzzles that define who they are by themselves, others seek informal or professional help.

Informal help in the likes of them asking their friends or relatives for their opinion about their personality. Because, these are the people who know them in toto. Good friends are expected to be candid about their opinions even if its hurts and a friend who doesn't is no friend at all.

Then the professional help entails visiting psychologist, psychiatric, spiritualist, etc. Some individuals are more inclined to listen more and believe the professionals than their siblings of friends.

Despite all of the above, in other to avoid any distortion of any kind, including getting the best result, knowing yourself by yourself, without any external help or influences due to their negative implications, self-examination will be the only ultimate solution.


  • Knowing yourself gives you sense of understanding and that in itself begets happiness.

  • Gives confidence which to a large extent is the foundation for great personal achievements.

  • Brings calmness which eventually shape the way you relate as much as understand other people's behaviours.

  • Knowing yourself enhances a speedy and spot on decision making.

  • Enables you to interpret your world and the happenings around it.

  • Makes you aware of your strengths and weaknesses’

  • Helps to cultivate your spiritual growth including maturity.

  • Opens your eyes to opportunities you didn’t realised that once existed.

  • Knowing yourself puts you on the alert per your past. Santayana a philosopher is of the opinion that, He who does not remember the past is condemned to repeat it.

  • The idea of fun varies and knowing who you are channels you to the kind of fun that works for you.

  • Friends is a big part of human existence and this helps you in the selective process.
  • Helps you to know the right jobs for you.
  • Also gives you that sense of direction when it comes to the kind of business you are good at.
  • Helps in recognising the right partners you are meant to be with.

It doesn’t matter how occupied, rather busy one is but according to Socrates, examining your life is the only game that counts. It's only when you do this self-question and answer that you begin to realise who you are, where you are coming from and the direction of where your compass is heading.

Though we are always in a crowd, and others see us from their own angle, let's not forget that it is only us who could tell of the person inside of us.


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