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Where Have We Gone Wrong

Updated on August 30, 2012

Where have we gone wrong

As I sit on my porch over looking eighty wooded acres, listening to nature, feeling the presence of God’s creation, I forget about reality. Here in the country it’s peaceful and safe. But yet, not ten miles away, there is a war going on between people, killing thievery, rape, etc…

I wonder where we went wrong as a society; could it be that people as a whole don’t care about all the violence in this world today? Or do they think, “What can I do, just as one person. Well, it’s not my problem!”

Well, wake up! It is our problem! If just one person would go up to a troubled child and try to understand what their problem is, relate to their issue, and talk with the child. Show him/her love that someone really does care. It does make a difference.

A person is born with a pure soul, not knowing right from wrong. We as a society, parents, teachers, neighbors, and friends have the responsibility to teach them what is right and wrong, along with showing love and understanding. If we turn the other cheek, we not only have done harm to that person, but also to ourselves. How can we expect the violence to stop until we start caring?


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