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Where To Find Aluminum Cans

Updated on February 15, 2018

Where To Find Aluminum Cans

 Aluminum cans can be found just about anywhere especially in certain locations. Certain locations tend to have more aluminum cans in them than other places. This article will show a few places that you may want to try to find aluminum cans.

1. Trash Cans and Dumpsters- May be disgusting to many but a lot of aluminum cans end up here. Make sure you have permission before entering a dumpster and check legal issues in your area.

2. Rest Stops- Many times people will toss aluminum cans out of their cars or leave them laying around.

3. Parking Lots- Aluminum cans get left around parking lots often.

4. Along Freeways- Can be dangerous!, But many aluminum cans end up here.

5. Sporting Events- Lots of aluminum cans can be found after or during a sporting event.

6. Schools- Go after school hours as to not get into trouble. College or University campuses are an exception to this rule. Just don't go in the middle of the night or other suspicious hours.

7. Camp Grounds- Campers bring beer and pop regularly on outings.

8. Apartment Complexes- Check with the landlord to make sure it is OK to collect aluminum cans on their property. Many will be happy to let you but you may want to get permission to be safe.

9. Parks- Anywhere at a park is a good location to check for aluminum cans. Especially after events.

10. Events- Go after or during events such as a carnival, concert, sporting event or other event where there is a large group of people. Ones that sell concessions are a great choice.

11. Vending Machines- People may throw out their aluminum cans near the vending machine.


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