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Where did all the magic in the world go?

Updated on August 11, 2012

Growing up beyond the 1990's

I was born in the 90's and as such I became part of a generation that was showered with magic. From Disney animated films to "Harry Potter", magic has always been a huge part of our lives. As I grew up though, I noticed some changes that have slowly started to drain the magic out of life and here they are:

1. Media Coverage
The national media has always been a bit on the negative side, but there were always sections dedicated to everyday miracles. From 2001 on (after 9/11), I noticed a significant change in how all media is reported and what is reported on. Mass media became wholly negative, focusing on new drugs, new diseases, murder and crime. Not surprisingly, local media stations followed suit.

2. Science
In the past 10 years science has attempted to squash the magic out of life and has bred up and coming scientists to act aggressive toward others who believe in such "nonsense". From personal experience, I have met many older scientists who still allow magic to exist, even if they know what causes those situations deemed magical. Even more so they retain a sense of amazement in watching rock formation and plant/animal development. Current scientists, graduating now or recently (from my experience), have stony expectations and find little wonder in the world.
In the past 10 years there has also been a huge push to prove the paranormal through scientific means, but because the technology is so new and most of the people using it are not fully educated, it is pushed aside and ignored.

3. War/Recent Events
9/11 was a tragedy and personally, I'm glad the United States did something about it. However, eleven years of war breeds negativity and loss. Losing loved ones across the ocean and waiting in horror for another attack to happen are not helpful to our current situation. I remember when the "Terrorist Threat" colors were issued on the morning news everyday. There were days my parents didn't want to send me to school because of it, it was that frightening. Some today are still plagued by all these warnings and threat meters and so they lead horrible lives, stuck in a house, afraid to leave.

The Course of Action
Here's what I'm going to do, and I think you should too reader. Go outside, plant something, raise an animal (rescued of course!) or just find something that strikes a sense of wonder into your heart. Billions of seeds every year survive through harsh winters and freezing cold to spring to life once the snow is gone and that is magical. The earth ebbs and flows with life and it's a wondrous event. It doesn't matter if it can be explained or that there are hard times upon us. Read a fairy tale, learn to bonsai, or take an art class and discover the magic in life once more. Believe what you want to believe, see what you want to see, don't let all these people in the world drag you down. You have a life to live, now live it.


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    • Dr Billy Kidd profile image

      Dr Billy Kidd 5 years ago from Sydney, Australia

      Yes, it's almost like the whole nation is on a bummer. Then, it's also like some people are living in outter space, oblivious to all things real.

      Magic is different. Magic moments reflect the freeing of the spirit to dance on life's stage, regardless of whether it's heaven or hell. Just watch how children skip, even the kids going to the Dolar Store. That's magic.