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Where has America's morals gone?

Updated on June 6, 2016

Are we no longer a United Nation under God?

I look and research back to when our Nation united itself to be of the people and by the people. Not a government of the government by the government. It has become to liberal and compromising to stay a United nation. It divided itself when we started to allow it's moral to be forgotten and ignored. Then It took bibles and prayer out of schools which led to social dysfunction and then deteriorated families to a Harlot society which will end in doom. It no longer cares for it's citizens but only itself stripping away all freedom from it's citizens and enslaving them. We talk about how other Nations treat their citizens but we are no different yet maybe even worse. It feeds the wants of it's own greed and the instant gratification of self desires that plague our society it the families it was built upon. It's bad enough losing hope in Our God and what He has done for us but to lose hope in the family it has become a Harlot nation. No longer serving it's purpose as a mentor nation but a loose Harlot hanging out in the street corners of society. Why would any Nations want to become like America when it watches America disassemble itself and sell itself off to other Nations to feed it's instant gratification. It will die in it's sin as a Harlot Nation to be remembered as a Nation that could not follow through on what it was designed to do.

America Selling itself!

America selling itself!
America selling itself! | Source

America's design by it's founders.

America was built by it's founders who were immigrants escaping Tirane Nations who kept it's citizens bound to it's beliefs to start it's own Nation as a free Nation by the people and for the people and it's beliefs. They escaped religious persecution to be able to believe as they believe. There were different perspectives as how they believed but those different perspectives led it to be a great Nation protecting it's citizens beliefs and right of the freedom of belief. Not any individual on this earth or has there been that believe exactly same as another. This is the difference that God designed in each of us from the beginning and this is how the Founders of this Nation designed it also. So why did we go and change that? Because they let others come in to destroy it. Whether from another Nation or those from within itself whose intentions from the beginning were to set it up to fail. The latter seems more likely what was the stumbling block put into place. There's no place for our next generation to survive because of the stumbling blocks set in place. To this day they are still adding more to ensure the collapse of America.

Violence in our Society!

The violence of our society!
The violence of our society! | Source

America's difference of opinion.

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Does America still have a chance to be great with morals again?

All the signs show that America has gone to far to return but I believe it has the chance to correct itself and be restored to it's rightful place and standing on this earth. If we could unite for a cause as in the beginning then it has a chance. All it takes is for you and I to fight for what we believe in and stand behind each other, even with our differences of perspectives but untied in the same cause. That cause is a Nation fighting and protecting it's citizens and their beliefs. Living together helping each other so that no one is left out or without. Violence being removed from this Nation and citizens standing together in power and not fear. The hope is in the people uniting together to make this happen. It can be done and should be done to make America and it's citizens great again. Standing for hope and a future. Nothing is impossible if we just believe and fight for what we believe in. It is not about color(race), Nationality or gender or religious belief but people standing together united in peace to keep our Nation from falling apart and being destroyed from within.

Together we can stand.

Together we Stand.
Together we Stand. | Source

To be a United Nation again we must.

To be a untied Nation again we have to stand together even with our differences because in truth we all bleed the same color blood and have the same color inside and the same organs and a brain and such. There is nothing in this earth quite like us and togetherness is what it takes in unity to successful and prosperous. It can not be done alone. It takes us all with our diversities to make it work. That is how we were created from the beginning. To not be untied together in our diversities is never to be but to stand together in our diversities is to become great and successful with prosperity. We are the only ones who can stop ourselves from being what we were created to be on this earth. Peaceful and fruitful taking care of this earth we live on and each other. In order to receive something you must first give what it is you want in return. Nothing is accomplished without work or effort or believing in something or without a plan to turn into an action. To deprive ourselves of what could and is rightfully ours is a travesty Why would we not want this for ourselves? .

We were all created equal!

No one on this earth is greater than another. We were all created equal with diversities to a complete and unified people. It is the diversities working together that will make us a great people. We must come together to learn to be one (unified) together with our diversities to live the ultimate life on this earth in peace and harmony. It takes diversity to make harmony and without diversity we could not be. Working it out together we become one (unified). It does not mean we will not have differences of opinions but we work it out together and so work towards a common cause. My thoughts and skills are just as much a part of this bigger picture as are yours. No one person has all the answers but together we have the answer to solve all the things that come our way. To keep each other lifted up and accountable towards the cause is of great importance. We can not be divided in this cause or it will be useless to even try. We do not want to push ourselves on others because they have enough trouble of their own but together we can help each other and can conceive a peaceful, hopeful and great Nation. We need each others differences to be complete. Without these differences we are a useless people and Nation. This earth can work with a peaceful and united people to help give us what we need. It also is a part of us or actually we are a part of it, being made from it. Even the earth has many different diversities within itself to make it unique and great.

There is no other planet in the heavens that is like ours or houses people that we know of. So we have to work together to save this one from being destroyed by our unwillingness to work together and being unified. It is our home and let's keep it a worthwhile place for the next generation coming up so they in turn can do the same. So let us bring peace on earth and good will towards each other to live in harmony and be successful and prosperous in everything we do together!

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    • txthorn profile image

      Wayne Carlisle 15 months ago from Manhattan

      Thank you Nadine. Yes they do.

    • Nadine May profile image

      Nadine May 15 months ago from Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

      Nice article Wayne. Most people are good inside but many get caught up in the illusions of the drama's

    • profile image

      Carri 19 months ago

      I really appreciate your articles. This particularly hits home with me as This country has taken so much away from those who try to do right or the right thing, only to be beaten down for speaking truth.